end of the [typical] work week–time 4 a happy thought about yourself


when do you laugh at yourself and why?

it's almost sundown on friday so i'mma be OFFLINE til sunday

Every day. 'cause if I can’t laugh at the stupid things I do, who can?


I usually run into walls and stuff so pretty much anytime I do anything


I laugh at myself for my horrendous memory.

The amount of times I literally facepalm myself in a day. . . Everyone thinks I’ve lost it.


I laugh when I make dumb typo’s.

Or make sentences like this:

“The cool metal was cool”


I once mixed up hand/head so I got a weird sentence like…

“She put her hand behind her hand.”

I have no idea why I did that. :rofl:


That’s such a beautiful typo. :rofl:


When I do something stupid that makes me feel embarrassed. xD Like how this one time, I actually got into the wrong car and sat in the backseat, ready to go. It wasn’t until I realized we didn’t have a baby-car-seat that it wasn’t our car. So I got out, shut the door, and left while also noticing someone was watching me from another car and was looking at me strangely… and I laughed about what I did because I wasn’t paying any attention… Hahaha