Ending a fight scene

How would I end a fight scene when there’s so many ways to end it? I’m writing a scene where my demon character is fighting a troll and I have no idea how to end it or wrap it up.

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I mean…there are endless possibilities based on the outcome you want. Is your fight dangerous and tense or more comedic in nature? Does the character defeat the troll? Barely get through it alive? Do they kill the troll or simply render it unconscious? (That’s going to elicit different levels of guilt, humor, or viciousness after the deed is done depending on so many different variables.)

I’d suggest watching how different fight scenes are executed - just scroll through youtube action scenes for a few hours and you’ll find your tune. Usually a fit one-liner or observation appears to do the job. But it all depends on your character and the narrative you’re trying to write.

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What do you mean by ending? Do you mean how does someone win a fight scene or what do you do in the aftermath of a fight scene?

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Like how to bring the fight to an end with my main character winning the match. I don’t know rather to have him knock the troll out of burning him to death.

Is your character the type to kill or to try to end a fight without killing his opponent?

He’s more of both well maybe he the killing type when things annoy him and this fight does annoys him.

Rip an arm off and have the Troll surrender under pain.


Well, if killing when annoyed is what he does, killing the troll would probably be more consistent with his character than knocking it out.


You gotta know your characters well enough.

For instance, my MC has several stages that influences which form of assault they will take as a finisher.

If the enemy is worthy of redemption, they will have a normal enough death.

Nothing brutal

Now if they are unworthy of such, they will be completely annihilated.

There are several forms depending on the level of the enemy at hand.

Lower ones will suffer a normal electrical assault from above.

Mid tier

They are barraged with a flurry of attacks, then launched into the air where they are then impaled with lances.

From here two things can happen

Mid to higher tier

The MC will barrage them with lightning.

Higher tier

The MC will barrage them with lightning, trapping them in an electrical prison, then hurl their weapon, impaling them at the center. This is where the built up energy within the prison of electrify compresses, and releases violently.

Then the absolute worst

The MC can morph their body parts, and will devour the enemy, taking all of their abilities as their own.

So I have different ways to do this.

It is important you know your character inside and out. Plan ahead, and you should be good.


Well what’s the point of the fight?

Otherwise if you’re looking for like a cool finishing move I can’t help there, that’s the job of writer to decide those sorts of things.

The point is to pkeep my main character busy instead of looking for the human girl his enemy took. I’m not looking for a finishing move. I don’t know how to end it like here’s the scene:


The troll throws his large fist at Nicholas causing him to dodge by leaping in the air. Nicholas falls through the air landing on top of the troll’s fist which were buried in the ring.

(I don’t know how to continue it from here. Before this scene Nicholas fights three other opponents, so this is longer than this small bit."

How a fight ends depends on the context of the fight and the characters. Some questions to consider:

  • Is the character the type who lets go of his enemies or simply kills them off? (It’s answered above; he’s both, but as said by @LigerCat , killing off the troll will be more consistent with his characterization)
  • Why does he want the human girl?
  • How important is the human girl to him? How does the character feel about the human girl getting taken away?
  • What does he feel at all the distraction? (Also answered above)
  • If he decides to let go of the troll, why? If he decides to kill the troll, why? Consider the decision’s impact on the plot too.
  • Is the troll a mook or a boss? If the troll is a mook, maybe the character (brutally) kills the troll to warn the boss that this is serious business?
  • How will killing or letting go of the troll impact the plot? For the latter, will the troll come back to mess around with the character? Befriend the character? Etc

If you’re stuck in the fight choreography, I suggest making an ability sheet for the character and noting down his fighting style/experience. Otherwise, watching a few vids can also be inspiring.

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It depends on the rest of the story! Maybe one can die, or be hurt, run away, then seek revenge after… There are so many possibilities! :smile:

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If it’s a scene with effectively no purpose, other than to keep things busy, then I can’t help. Mostly sounds like you’re just looking for cool ways to end a fight or have him fight someone, and that’s just individual author creativity and decision. There’s a million ways to do it, which one you pick is what makes it your style and not mine.

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