I’m wondering how the engagement chart is calculated. I see that later chapters have more completions than earlier chapters. Is this because readers are skipping ahead without reading chapters in order?


It’s more likely that the readers who do make it past the first few chapters also finish the chapters. :smile:


Is it possible that it’s you doing that? Read count counts you as well


Yeah! I’d like someone to explain this chart, too!
Once the “trend” settles in, the lines on my chart never seem to move (even though I know people are reading because they’re leaving comments).


I’ve seen this mostly with the very first chapter of my book. It has the most views out of every other chapter, yet in the charts, it looks like it’s mostly only read halfway through before stopping.

I think some people started reading but then quickly got bored or something and then left. Which left my first chapter with the most views but with the least amount of the actual chapter read.

If any of that made sense…


Wondering how WP calculates all their stats :slight_smile:

For engagement - I read in one of the numerous ‘how does WP work threads / WP books’ that WP measures time-in-chapter and uses that. My impression is that they do this in a simplistic way: a read of more than x seconds counts as a full read, otherwise not. Or something like that

The reason is that for my novel, the engagement stats are noticeably worse for the shortest chapters (esp. < 1000 words). Now, I’m not ruling out that readers just found them too horrible to finish, but I think that’s not the most likely cause. When I see that twenty chapters into the book, 2000+ word chapters have an engagement of 90%, and one <1000 word chapter sandwiched between them has an engagement of 44%, it suggests to me that readers are finishing the short chapter, but WP isn’t counting a full read. Perhaps readers didn’t spend enough time in the chapter according to WP’s engagement algorithm.


It’s probably also simply people being redirected. Sometimes I end up clicking wrong and get sent to chapter 1 instead of the story front page.