English as you main subject



I am not sure which club I should put this in, so I am putting it here.

So, I am soon going to finish my high school and I have plan for higher studies. Till date I score the most in English at school and I love to read and write.
Which is why I want to take English as my main subject, for higher studies.

But most of my family members are discouraging about it, cause they think that taking English means I can only be a teacher. And author is a risky business.

So can someone tell me what all job opportunity an English student can have.


You can do more with an MA in English, but a BA? Not much, honestly.


What all can I do with MA on English?


A teacher, freelance worker writing and editing, running a tutoring center, running a children’s center…

That’s what I’ve come across with my BA. It’s not a lot at all.




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You can have a look at this link for more info-


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You can teach at college, which you cannot as easily do with only a BA.