English as you main subject



Lol! It is the exact opposite here. Most of my cousins have ‘non professional’ degrees. Because that is what is BA and MA, so they want me to be an engineer or at least research in science.

I’ll just do what I want.


All through high school I passed STEM classes with C’s. But I excelled in the arts and history. I knew from childhood what I was meant to do and there was absolutely no stopping me once I started applying for college! lol


Relateable. When my science and maths are in 50s and 40s English is in 80s and 90s (%)


Apparently when I was in kindergarten the teacher read a story out loud to the class and we were supposed to draw something based on the story. Well mine looked nothing like it, and apparently featured some death or some other morbidity.


There was one time when we were given an outline. It was basically just the outline of the story tortoise and the hare and many people just wrote it while I made that into some kind of epic battle between the two races (I might have deviated from the outline. Unintentionally of course)


That’s fantastic. When I was younger I wrote this story, and it continues to haunt me to this day by my family shudder. It was called Anna something, and there was a Pope of Alaska, and Anna drowned and ended up in China.

It was this whole big mess and my family likes to bring it up whenever they deem it funny.


What do you learn in creative writing classes?


A lot that I never really thought about before.

Character development, outlining, pacing, world building, and a lot of general stuff dealing with motifs and themes, and how to add those into your story.

An exercise that’s stuck with me to this day is to find a photo online, of anything really, and write a short story about it. The picture I chose in class was of a bunch of sorority girls in college (probably taken in the 50s-60s), who were smoking. I turned that into a short story about a family who smokes but is trying to keep their daughter from it. The story is absolutely ridiculous and pushes to the extreme but it works and I love it.


Seems fun. I heard about it in a video once.
Maybe l’ll learn it this hols :thinking:


Definitely look into it. My English professors and basically everyone in the English school at my university have become my idols to look up to. They’re amazing and I’ll never forget what they did for me and how much they helped.


Lol, well that is definitely something!
You, my friend, are indeed ‘lucky’ or perhaps ‘blessed’,
but in any case, that is a great supportive family that you have!