Enter The Arena As Your Character (Character Battle Royale)

Enter The Arena As Your Character, or simply Character Battle Royale, is a game about characters killing each other.

Well, that’s a simplification.

When you join this thread, your character (who you play) enters the Arena with all the other characters. Sometimes, there’s a condition. Examples include:

  • A giant, venomous snake is loose in the arena.
  • Water is filling the arena, and fast.
  • The arena is a swamp, full of gross creatures.

Your character must kill all the other characters, a la Hunger Games, to win. Winners get recognition in a winners post. People who have won multiple times may get extra benefits, like choosing conditions.

So, this is basically a Hunger Games roleplay with your characters being the tributes.


  1. NO GODMODDING OR OP CHARACTERS!! If they are OP I consider them Mary Sues, and you will be placed on the Mary Sue Wanted List.
  2. NO DEUS EX MACHINA (unless I make it, I’m the host/Gamemaker/President Snow/Whatever). You don’t have control over the arena, I do!
  3. Dead characters do respawn, but only after a winner is declared. (I’m the only person with right to declare a winner.)
  4. You can’t call other players dead. You can call yourself dead, and I can call you dead, but you can’t declare another player dead.
  5. Be chill! Don’t start flame wars.

Happy Arena Fighting, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

This area is reserved for a winners list and a Mary Sue Wanted List.

Sounds fun! How do I apply?

Like this, I guess. You can invite other peeps but as for now you can just try to brave the elements and the conditions.

Condition: The ground is crumbling! Try not to fall down.

Hey there,

Can you tell me if this is a game where people can role play their characters?

Thank you

Katherine :katherinearlene:

Yup! I though that was obvious… I’m sorry if you don’t want RPs in the server. I’ll close it if you want me to.

Hey there,

Thanks for replying! We are not allowing Role Play in the forums. We’re still working on getting everything set up here, so club guidelines haven’t been added to all the clubs. We will have an advertising thread for role plays that you can host in a story on your profile. I’ll send you the link for it when it’s ready and close this for you.

Thanks again!
Katherine :katherinearlene: