⚔️ EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XIX - Epic battle for your characters! (CHARACTER SUBMISSION CLOSED)

About us?

Welcome to Epic Battle game! I am @Crimson_Scythe and usually called Crimson or Crim, the founder and head moderator of the community! ^-^

Epic Battle Game (EBG for short) is a community for interactive game for everyone’s characters, where we fight for competition and to have fun with many different author! This is not just for character development but to see our characters shine, to test their skill and power in our massive crossover!

Each several months, a new round comes, with different setting and plot, with different requirements and to fight different enemies. Check the current story, your characters, and watch them fight with another character from different story, or even to face the super special original boss battles from EBG itself!

Our game continue to evolve through the years. After the old Wattpad forum closed, the game resurrect to a fresh new universe where many excitement awaits! Each round, each month, the system and the gameplay continue to improve for even greater experience. Everyone’s input and ideas can help us to make us better. So don’t be shy to try playing here and express your opinion to the community! Everyone welcomed here, not just to play the game but to socialize, making friends and having fun!

All in all, in behalf of the community, we welcome you to Epic Battle Game!

NOTE: This thread is the main thread for in-game discussion of the battles, and not for random chat. If you want to do an “out of topic” chat that isn’t related to the current game, please use our chat thread below!

The current EBG Chat Thread

EBG Training Ground!

For new players who first tried the game, check our training ground!

This is the simplified version of EBG that designed for those who never tried these kind of game before. It will really help newcomer because our actual EBG rounds can be very complicated for beginner.

EBG Training Ground

Attention, new players!

Be prepared, there’s a going to be lot of information to read on the several post below, in order to explain how the game worked. It would took time to fully understand how to play the game, and it’s not an instant process.

If this is your first time in this community, we advise you to check our training ground before diving straight into the real game. The training ground will let you get the grip of the game by using a simplified version of the rules, which is easier to understand. The training ground also allows you to play the game almost immediately, unlike the real EBG rounds which require a lot of preparation.

Again, we really suggest you to try our training mode first before jumping to the real game, because the real game is much advanced, our rules can be confusing and daunting for new players, which is why there’s the training ground where the rules are simpler and the game is easier, but still about as fun!

      Next comes the rules and gameplay guideline!




  1. Follow the official Fantasy club rules of Wattpad, which you can check on the link below:

Wattpad’s Official Fantasy Club Rules

  1. Respect each other, whether they be the players, moderators, or visitors of the community. The golden rule is to treat others the way you want you to get treated.

  2. No trolling! We do allow and welcome jokes, banter, memes, or any silly chat, but an actually harmful trolling will be reported!

  3. No roleplaying! It should be a common knowledge in Wattpad that our forum is not for roleplaying, and violating this rule might receive direct warning from the Ambassador. The EBG itself meant to be for friendly competition and discussion about our characters, which include getting into their personality and perspective, even creating dialogues and quotes, but not for an actual roleplay.

  4. Be friendly and respectful. This doesn’t meant that everyone must absolutely be cheerfully happy and bright, but the most important is to socialize here with manner. There have been times where drama, toxic behavior, and generally negative attitude upset the players. Some are even an outright attack to the community. We understand that everyone can do mistakes, even the moderator of the game, however those with malicious intent to us are not to be welcomed to our community. We will only gives a friendly warning to players if they misbehave, but for those that actually attacked our community, we will not hesitate to call the official Ambassadors of Wattpad!



Here’ s an advanced law regarding our game procedure. To avoid confusing newcomer, we put this as an optional reading, for those who concerned with our moderating:

Science vs Fantasy?

For ages, back to date when EBG just created, to years later, there have been an increasing conflict of “science vs fantasy” argument that often create unnecessary conflict. Sometimes, there’s a scientifically inaccurate thing in fantasy story. While discussing them is okay, you can’t be rude for people that’s unaware of these error.

Here’s an example of such issues:

  • Those who call out character for moving at speed of light, either bringing the physic on why it’s impossible, or bring the side effect of the physic that will cause the said character to disintegrate, or cause sonic boom everywhere

  • Calling out another magic system for not being scientifically accurate, such as if they disregard certain laws or that they interact with the said law differently than the real world counterpart of the event. A classic example is unlimited creation of water, or fire mage that didn’t abide by thermodynamic law.

  • Break down the specific aspect of a physical material to explain why the effect described by their foes didn’t work, such as why gold being a bad material for weaponry or body armor, or about diamond being very fragile and easily destroyable despite their hardness.

  • Discredit an a story for using the logic of anime or video games as means to imply that their power isn’t realistic and thus wouldn’t work in the real world or with normal human body, despite the character form already state that the said character got superhuman capabilities to handle the side effects.

While discussing science in fantasy can be fun, it’s not okay to disrespect an author with stories and characters that’s not realistic. Every author are unique by their own stories and characters, and not everyone need to be scientifically accurate.

In our gameplay, AS LONG as the character form of the characters properly explained how their power worked in acceptable application, then it’s okay for them to have abilities that defy how realistic physic meant to work. Mostly, it simply worked because of their power too. Not everyone need to go technical with the mechanism and theories. Not everyone could understand advanced scientific terms either, and there’s no need to be harsh on them.

You’re allowed to critique or complain with justified reason, such as when there’s something being too OP that they’re unacceptable for the current power level. You can’t however be rude to other people just because their stories are not realistic and has scientific inaccuracy.

There’s sometimes those that will throw fit over scientific inaccuracy, or worse, they simply being disrespectful to anyone that doesn’t abide to realism, often demanding scientifically correct explanation behind fantasy powers, and decreed that realistic setting means that everything must abide to scientifically accurate mechanism. Let’s take example from our old friend, another community, the Fantasy Character DeathBattle (FCDB) where such issues creates conflict and drama. We wish to learn on not to repeat the same tragedy, which is why we try to be respectful to everyone regardless of their magic system.

Remember, using any form of science is always welcomed. Using science to analyze and makes statistic is okay, bringing real world facts is okay, pointing out what’s scientifically accurate and inaccurate is okay, but enforcing that everything must be scientifically accurate, disrespecting people because of that, and invalidating their stories, is not okay. You can’t make everyone apply realistic science to their story.

We use science to help and support us, but not to dictate, restrict, limit, invalidate, and not to be enforced! You can’t assault, harass or mock people for being scientifically inaccurate! Such offense violate not just the rules but also ruin the game!

That’s all for our ethical mandatory, as we’re a fantasy community. We’re here to accept every fantasy stories, of every kinds. While critiquing and disliking is acceptable, you can’t be rude to others for being not using realistic science, and for not having logical explanation behind their magic. Everyone has their own law and rules on their stories. Each magic system and each universe are different.

You’re welcomed in here doesn’t matter what stories you have, may it be high fantasy or urban fantasy, may it be action or supernatural, science fiction or horror, every genres are welcomed to our game, as everything has their own form of fantasy.

That’s all, now welcome to EBG, welcome you to our friendly family. Feel free to stay and hang out with us any time at all. Let’s all have fun but stay respectful to others as well. :slight_smile:



(Additional disclaimer about content rating)


A little disclaimer that even though the forum is usually PG13 in general, EBG aimed more to teenage and young adult. Our contents may sometimes include:

  • Fantasy Violence: Including the standard violence rating. Since we’re mainly focused on fantasy battles and such actions, any form of combat is possible here, from actual fighting, use of weaponry, magic, worldwide destruction, etc.

  • Blood and Gore: It goes without saying that when there’s people fighting and dying, things like this bound to happen sometimes. The severity depends on the context of the story, which includes many brutal depiction of character’s death.

  • Crude Humor: As characters interacts in many possible situations, much like in the real world, sometimes our sense of humor can go off the scale. You can’t expect everyone to be polite with well-mannered language in the battlefield.

  • Mild Language: Realistically, people use strong languages sometimes. That’s just natural and it can’t be avoided, much like on the real world. Depending on the characters, we can go from a bit of cursing to extreme level of profanity.




NOTE: For new player who never tried the training ground before, skip this post, go read the simplified version on the training ground instead. You can go back here once you’re familiar with our basic gameplay.

Here is the rules of the game, including how to play the game, what to do and what to expect before you play the game.

1. The game separated into different rounds

The game separated into different rounds, each with their own story and setting. Usually, a round last a month, but it depend on the gameplay, as each round have their own unique game. You wouldn’t know which characters of yours that you should use until you see what kind of round that we would have, as each round designed for different kind of characters. Until the round intro posted, what kind of round that we’ll have will be a mystery, as the round intro meant to be a surprise.

2. Read the current round intro

Read the round intro once they posted! Each round have their own requirement, from the minimum player required, maximum possible players, the power level, and any other rules that may be applied on the current round. Requirement of the round sometimes demand for specific type of characters, such as villain only round, female only round, or the requirement could be more toward their power, such as a round that focused more on defense than offense. There’s endless of possibilities! So just because the current round doesn’t fit with your fave character, don’t be sad! We’re going to open many rounds each year!

3. The battle begin once we had enough players

The first battle of the round usually start a week after the round intro posted. This will also took an accord of the “minimum players” requirement. Once the minimum number reached, we can start the game. The typical round require even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and more) because a player will fight someone else in 1 vs 1 battle.

4. Learn how to measure the power of your character

Our game used what known as “power level” to categorize the power of our characters, and each round have their own power level. That means, each round have their own limitation, each round have their own standard on what’s too weak and too powerful. The power level determine how high and how low you can go. For example, in some round, destroying a single house would be too OP (overpowered) and destroying the whole city would be absolutely unacceptable, however in another round, blowing a mountain might be completely normal. For more info, read the power level section that also include a guide of damage measurement.

5. Nerf and buff often required

On the game, nerf and buff often required. A “nerf” means depowering/weakening certain parts of your character, such as decreasing their offense, defense, speed, adding limitations or cooldown, setting specific requirements and cost if needed, or even removing certain abilities if we must. Usually, what need nerfed is something that cannot be measured by damage, such as attacks that could instant kill others regardless of how tough their targets. Meanwhile, a “buff” is the opposite of nerfing, basically increasing the power or capability of your characters, including to add a whole new ability that they never got a chance to use on the canon story. Our moderator will help you with nerf and buff, so don’t be afraid to ask for our help! Doing nerf and buff is part of our discussion, so your preference and wish would be considered as well.

6. Unbeatable characters?

By default, unbeatable characters is unacceptable. While being “unbeatable” is arguable depend on the standard of the story, the important point is that if your character is effectively unbeatable by the standard of the current round, then a heavy nerf will happen. A classic example of this case is that your character is only beatable by certain weapons/magic/person that only exist on the canon story. Another example is that you have too many immunities or other type of defense that makes you effective unkillable because almost nothing can hit you without a very specific strategy. Sometimes, in some round, things that are unfair might be allowed, but if the standard of the current round clearly tell that it’s almost impossible for anyone to beat your character, then a nerf is a must.

7. Here's our character form template

After you read the character requirements on the round introduction, you can submit your character(s) by using the character form template that we provided! The character form template is merely an example among many ways to do a character form, and not a fixed system. You can tweak, modify, switch places between the categories. For example, if you rather explain their abilities before their weapons, then you can change the order of categories. Or if you want to add some new sections (e.g about their ultimate moves, or about their relationship with the canon characters of the story) then you can go ahead and do so. For more detail on how to makes a character form, check the official post about our character form template!

8. Important things to consider for your character form

There’s a lot of things to add to your character form. New players that’s still learning the cue would often not realizing that they’re missing something important, then only to remember them when it’s already too late. Missing details in their abilities can be fatal if the said details are actually important for your characters. It’s hard to really put an example to this, but you’ll understand by yourself when we the game begin for real. As for now, new player should just remember that if you forgot something, and only to remember them in the middle of the round, then please inform the mods before you edit your character form. Adding new abilities after your character form get accepted, especially after the battles begin, can be considered cheating, like slipping a hidden weapon in a tournament that’s never reviewed yet. So please, as much as possible, make sure that your form include anything that’s important for your battles.

9. Don't steal copyrighted characters

The character that you submitted must be your own original character. Your characters can inspired by popular media such as anime/games/movies/etc, but you can’t blatantly “copy paste” a character from a story that isn’t yours without permission of the original author. (For example, instead on making your own original character, you can’t literally just submit Superman, or Harry Potter, or Darth Vader, or Naruto Uzumaki, or anyone else that’s copyrighted by their own respective media) It’s good to be inspired by someone else’s story, we all got our own stories that we love, and some people likes to makes reference from a popular show, but for legal matter, your character must be your own character.

10. Multiple characters?

Each person submit one character form per round. Unless the round specifically state you to submit multiple characters, your character form should only focus on whichever character that you’re going to use. Though summoning creatures or even bringing an entire army of soldiers is possible, your character form should focus on its actual character. Anyone else that you include on your character forms are either helpers or bonus.

11. How matchup works

After the game begin, each characters will be assigned with their own enemies On a typical round (a “main round”) then this will be a matchup of 1 vs 1 of player vs player. There’s many more version of the battle, but if it’s this kind of matchup, then there’s something to keep in mind: We will pair your character with the best possible opponent that’s currently available. We analyze and consider many factors in order to create the ideal matchup, as fair as possible. Although difference of power level is okay, it’s important to makes sure that both stand a chance, and not just one-sided butcher.

12. Discuss your battles!

In any of the battle, you may discuss to your heart’s content! Some battles involves more than two peoples, and thus, teamwork is often necessary. It’s good to pay attention not only to your own characters, because everyone care about their own characters, but there’s more than just few players here. Discussion always open to public, any opinion and commentary are valid. New players might struggle on discussing their first battle, but worry not, you can relax and watch how everyone doing the game to learn the cue. Basic discussion including how the characters interact, their general strategies, their advantage and disadvantage, maybe even describing how your characters will act. There’s no limit on what to discuss, so do it the way you like it.

13. Match result

Regardless if there’s any discussion or not, the battle will be wrapped by the moderator in charge of the round, and the battle will be written as a crossover-like story in a Google Doc as an interpretation to how the battle turned out. Writing procedure could took several days, depending on the standard of the current round. After that, we will publicize the ruling (match result) where we will display the analysis of the matches, based on the discussion and the character forms. For more detail on how we do the writing, read this post to see what it took to write a battle scene.

14. Expect some surprises

By playing our game, anything could happen to your characters, and this might be something that happens by surprise. We aim to makes each plot of the round to be unique, unexpected and not repetitive. Typically, the surviving characters moves on, and those that’s defeated simply eliminated. But in some case, they might be integrated into different role of the story. This is true for everyone and not just the defeated characters. Keep in mind that the moderator in charge could use any characters as the plot demands, including modifying them, such as for example, giving them a new power based on the theme of the round.

15. Boss battle and mini bosses

A single round contain multiple battle, including a mini boss, but the final battle of the round will always be a boss battle! The final boss of the round - of any round - will always be stronger than ANY of the players of the current round, for sake to prevent people from “solo playing” against the boss. Any strategy is valid against the boss, and there’s many ways to discuss the boss battle. Keep in mind that teamwork will always be the important key to victory. While it’s possible to fight the boss 1 vs 1 sometimes, winning the boss battle by yourself without the help of your allies, is impossible. A boss battle meant to be hard and challenging, impossible to get one-shot-killed by anyone.

16. How we designed our bosses

The boss of the round designed specifically for the round, may they be a completely original characters or coming from another book, they still can be modified in any way possible for sake of the round. Whoever they are, they’re important to the story of the current round, not only just as an antagonist, but as the ultimate trouble for everyone. Sometimes, losing a battle will cause dire consequence to the whole world. Because of this, a boss character will be as strong as the plot needed. A moderator in charge of the round has their privilege to modify and buff the boss to specifically counter some OP characters, for sake to makes sure that the boss remain as an overwhelmingly powerful antagonist. However, we will never change the core concept of the boss. That means, we can buff or nerf the boss, but we can’t change who they are.

17. Champion of the round

For each round, there will be those that crowned as the champion of the round. By the latest standard of EBG, three players will get the win, and several more could get another reward depend on the round. Among the three main winner, the first winner will receive the honor to be the character that represent the round itself and their name will permanently be displayed on our historical list! The way we decide the winner is always a mystery, to makes sure that the ending of the story isn’t predictable. The winner isn’t always the strongest characters, not always the most useful, not always the popular guy either. There’s many factors to be taken into consideration and each round got their own values. The complete analysis will be given after the boss battle finished, where the round winner will be announced.

18. Win streak prevention

After anyone win a round, it will be harder for them to win another round, especially the next round afterward! This system known as “win strike prevention” that will mark you for a single round after you win the last one, and it will still partially affect you until another round. You still can win even with this mark, as the possibility is still there. Basically, this is increasing the “difficulty mode” of the game for the winner. Sometimes, though, the difficulty remain the same, but we simply favor someone else. This system exist to prevent the same players to keep dominating the round, but without discriminating anyone either. We aim to gives those that never win a chance to shine, to cement themselves in history of EBG, and thus we always prioritize players that never won any round before. So, don’t be sad if you couldn’t win your first round. Everyone will get their chance to shine, sooner or later.

19. Consequence for inactive players

Winning isn’t free and those who shows more effort deserve more recognition. Players that are inactive for more than a week would likely missed a single part of the round, either the matchup, the boss fight, or something else. Being inactive for more than two parts (which would likely in between the span of two weeks or a single month) would cause penalty, which mean your character would have less screen time, not being the focus of the story, and higher chance to be killed by the bosses. If you’re inactive until the end of the round, you’re crossed from champions candidate of those who could have won the round. (For more detail, read the “Writing and Game Procedure” section)

20. Sportsmanship

This is indeed a competition, so a sportsmanship is a must. Be respectful for your opponent, be humble in victory, and don’t get toxic when you lose. Everyone love their characters, and we enter the game for some fun time, but we also need to remember that there’s a story to write here and your character is not (always) the main character. Being proud of your characters is good, but you need to learn that they’re not always going to win, and things isn’t always going to be in your favor. We all can be upset or sad when disappointment happens, but try to accept your loss like a true warrior. We should do our best to achieve victory but we shouldn’t be so desperate to win that we play unfair. Remember that this is a game for everyone, not just for yourself. So please, keep a healthy sportsmanship attitude.

21. Everything is an open book

Anything that may happen on the game is an open book for different interpretation. There’s many ways to see the game, and it’s not just about win or lose. There’ll be moment of friendship for some, meanwhile for others, not just heroic glory. Perhaps your characters could achieve a happy ending that’s not possible on the canon story. And this is why everyone can write their own little epilogue on how they picture the ending. So, even if your characters stated to be dead, you can interpret that in your own way. You can even continue the plot of the round and develop an alternate ending and connect it to your own story, if you wish.

That’s all! Please ask our mods or veteran players if you got more questions!

Good luck and hope you’ll enjoy the game! :blush:




In our game, and in any game ever, there’s always a way to measure how powerful are the characters. Since this is not a video game, we cannot just use numbers to measure damage and such stats, which is why there’s something called the “power level” as measurement.

The power level meant to be classification on the current level of power, including our characters, or any characters on the round. Which mean, a power level exist as guideline to makes sure nothing went too OP for the game. Which also mean, how powerful your characters can be, that also depend on the maximum allowed power level.

Usually, the most typical measurement of power level is via damage measurement. You might heard of terms such as “planet busting” before, and it’s one way to measure damage. For example, piercing through tanks, breaking boulders, that’s just few among countless options to measure damages. You can compare it to nukes, grenades, missiles, lightning, volcanoes, tsunami, meteors, and many more disasters that you can imagine. On lower power level, we usually just compare things with firearms, sword slash, car crash incident, and such attacks that are more achievable even by normal human being.

Anyway, here’s our newest standard of power level based on damage measurement, explained in summarized, simple graph with explanation for each categories. (We usually stick around between Low to High, since they’re the most common rounds)



For new players, click the button below to read more explanation regarding the power level!


So, what’s too OP for the current game, depend on the current game. For example, if we’re in the middle of medieval society with no magic or other super power, no dragons and any other fantasy beings, then suddenly there’s a godlike character who can nuke the cities, then it’s obviously very OP. However in another setting, for example, where there’s many who can control natural disaster to point of delivering meteors and break open huge mountains, then nuking towns would be pretty mediocre.

Keep in mind that in different classification, the same damage measurement might used. For example, a character in “Average” and “High” round might both be able to blow buildings, but for those in Average round, that might require their full power, while those in High round could just destroy thousands of buildings easily.

Anyway, destruction is merely a simple way to measure power. I’m very sure that there’s much more type of OP powers that isn’t about destruction. There’s countless ways on determining the power level, on what makes a character powerful, not just strength or speed, not just offense and defense. Something can be measured by damage measurement, some others cannot. Something are OP because of their nature, on what they caused to others or themselves. Some are OP instead because of how they used, as there’s those that favor cheap tricks and dirty advantage.

There’s endless ways to be powerful. Offense isn’t everything. For example, immunity against poison, able to regenerate body parts, supersonic movement, mind control, spawning monsters, manipulate the environment, buffing your stats, weakening your foes, and many more unique ways to be powerful without just physical damage.

So, to determine how OP are someone or something, that’s not an easy task. What seems acceptable could have been OP in some circumstance.

The power level is not a fixed system. One round to another might be focused on different thing, as each has their own requirements. So, try to pay attention on what the current round got, because what’s acceptable in one “High” round might be different to other “High” round.

(NOTE: If needed, I’ll use a Google Doc to explain our list of power level in details)


[ Additional details that have yet to be decided ]

  • Very Low is not actually applicable as a standard for EBG rounds because it’s too low for any games at all, since this power level is for literally powerless people. The Very Low category only exist as comparable base for the lowest in the hierarchy.

  • On the contrary, a “Screw Everything” round doesn’t actually exist. In fact, it’s not an actual power level measurement because there’s no power level at all in there. We might do this kind of round as a separated concept, not part of the main round, not part of the mini round, but as an entirely different gameplay system. Something without a story or plot, which might allow a round with no nerf, buff, and such limitations.

  • There’s also a plan on expanding the power level category. There’s HUGE gap between the size of our planet to large planets such as Jupiter, and there’s an even more massive difference between our sun to other stars out there. Even more, there’s an unbelievably colossal void between galaxies, to the supercluster. Most importantly, maybe universal destruction should be on the Ultimate because it’s still measuable. The Screw Everything would be the best for what goes beyond.




Every game need a moderator, the same with our game!

Our game can be complicated sometimes, with many logical factors comes to our analysis, where we measure, where we try to balance things up. Newcomers might struggle to grasp our gameplay mechanic, but fear not, as the community will help you!

Though, Crimson as the head mod is the leader, he’s a normal human being with flaws and weakness that could sometimes makes mistakes. That’s why he’s not working alone, as the communities works together for greater good of the game and the community!

So, who’s part of the modding team? They’re veteran of the game, with some of them being one of the most earliest players, when it all begins. Some of these moderators are inactive or been retired, however to honor their deeds, their name remain here as part of our family.

      Head Moderator



      Senior Moderator

@ImperialSun (Retired)


@Shadowdrakon99 (Status unknown)

@BookRyt (Inactive)

@Logia-senpai (Retired

@FutureStories123 (Currently busy)

@thegreatcycle (Inactive)

@ZacKember (Personal assistance only)

@blue_jay (Retired)

@Aero_Gottesbesitz (Retired)


      Trainee Moderator:

[ None currently being a trainee mod ]


What are mods and what we’re doing? What’s our job? How to be a mod? Wanna learn more about how we work, how we manage the game, and to help us? Just click the button below!

How EBG mods worked

Everyone in here work together for sake of the game. Not just the mods but the players.

Any other moderator are trained veteran players that’s seasoned with our past rounds, as their experience may help to guide the newbie to start the game, and to help with any modding duties regarding the game. Those that played our game long enough will get used to the system, and thus may help to improve our game.

Everyone can help with the game, including a player, not only with the discussion, but also doing voting or in general sharing their opinion. A moderator however got a further authority to directly support the game, such as reviewing the submissions, beta testing the future rounds, and managing much more sector of the gameplay.

To be a mod, you’re first entered as a trainee mod. Right now we don’t have an official training system yet, so their duties are mainly just assisting the game and given tasks as tests. Any players can apply to be a trainee mod once they’re experienced enough with the game. The standard is to play through three rounds, however in special occasion, someone could be accepted as a moderator if they displayed the right skill and talent in the job. Once you’re experienced enough, you’ll be given the standard mod rank.

Normal mods got the authority to nerf and buff to the submission, however they still need to report their job to the head moderator, on what nerf and buff applied, and whether the characters already acceptable to the game or not. A moderator is also allowed to beta test the future round, and to discuss the plot of the story with the head mod, including on designing the boss characters. They might also ask to help the head mod to write the battle scene. If they’re feeling like starting their own round, they can even do that! :wink: (With my approval, of course)

Finally, the head moderator of the game is the leader, the founder of the game itself. My responsibility is not just the game, but the community itself, including any issues presented on the community. The head moderator is usually also the one to post the official stuff, such as the round intro, the battle scenes, the result analysis, and alike. Any other moderator could help with the game, but only a head moderator could modify the rules of the game.

      And most importantly…

Keep in mind that we’re not perfect, we’re not an all-knowing almighty beings, we could be wrong, our judgement could be incorrect, our analysis could be inaccurate ruling, and such mistakes. We’re just human. We got our skills, we to got our weakness.

We value everyone equally. While we do favor some characters over another depend on the plot and the concept of the round, everyone have the same status of the game. Just because someone is a moderator, they’ll not gain a special privilege to have higher winning chance against non-mods. This includes the head moderator, that could have lose his battle just like anyone else. The game should be fair for all.

And everyone, regardless moderator or player, are encourage to contribute to the game, to speak out, even if it’s just to share an opinion or posting comments.




NOTE: This post is not mandatory to read as it is not part of the gameplay, but exist as reminder, on how the moderator write the game.

EBG is more than just throwing a character and to see them fight. We did more than simply debating on who’s strongest, not just arguing who will win or lose. We did discuss our battles, but we’re also here to see those epic battle becoming reality!

Each EBG round got multiple battles, each shall be written on their own scene. After we’re done discussing our battles, the moderator in charge will write down the “battle scene” which portrayed how the character fight and interact with each other, and with the world itself.

Since each EBG rounds set in different arenas, it means each got different stories, and each stories have their own plot behind their concept. Sometimes we might struggle to portrayed everything accurately and correctly since the stories might not align with the characters, but nevertheless, we will do our best to write the best battle scenes for everyone!

So, how did it started? How it worked? Come in and learn!

An advanced explanation on how our battle scene worked

When EBG started long ago, we never thought on writing the battles. It started as tradition, as a bonus for the most interesting match on the round. However, soon it became core segment of the game itself, to see how our characters get into the action, and how the story unfold.

The writing is done by the current moderator in charge of the round. The writing will depict the characters and the battles, so we took consideration of the discussion, but we’ll use the official submission as the main material. Which mean, it’s important to pay attention when you’re making your character form.

Why’s that? Because, we need to know about your characters! :slight_smile:

It’s not just about their power, not just about who they are, but also about their personality and appearance. We’re talking about writing, so we need to describe them, and they’re going to interact with other characters. How we write them, what course of action they’ll took, that depend on your characters AND how much we understand them.

Remember, when you introduce our characters, unless if you ever introduce them in our game before, then go with assumption that no one ever knows them. Because we know nothing of them, then we only know them based on what you put on the character form. So if the official EBG writing did not reflect your characters, then you might ask yourself first and see your character form, if you already introduce them properly or not.

What you might think optional could sometimes help. Quotes, their likes and dislikes, and such could help us see them better. It’s the kind of things that usually only seen as you knows them better throughout the stories. The less we know about your characters, the more bland your characters will be on our battle scene later.

That’s not all! When writing action, you need to visualize the action too! We need to be able to imagine how their power looks like, not just what their power do. Some people will use pictures to describe their characters, weapons, magic and alike, however when there’s no accurate picture available, just gives the necessary description of them. We’ll took the liberty and creativity to imagine their power, from the colors to the shape.

BUT don’t go excessive as well! Be mindful on making your character form, don’t makes it unnecessarily long with overwhelming details everywhere, because it will makes it harder to read the form, especially when people need to read MORE than one character forms, as each players got their own form. For the moderator that write the battle scenes later, they need to portrayed ALL the characters! Not focused on just one or two people. Portraying a character with overwhelming character form will only makes their job harder!

Please understand that the writing is not easy. We need to write characters that isn’t ours, that we never knew before until we read the character form. It’s like we need to make crossover stories by just reading the Wikipedia pages of each characters, without ever actually watching the show. Most likely, we’re not familiar with them.

Just so you can imagine the struggle… Can you write a fanfic with ten characters, each are the protagonist from different show that you never watched?

But people got expectation over us, many are looking forward to read the battle scene, and we’re doing our best to write everyone as great as possible. However, it’s not possible to focus on just one character. You can’t have all of these characters in just one chapter and expect the story to focus on all of them at the same time.

Everyone would want the best for their characters, everyone care about their characters for sure, but we’re not writing this for just your characters. We’re writing for EVERYONE! Which is why, when reading a battle scene, be respectful, appreciate not just your characters, but everyone in the story. Your character might got some awesome scene sometimes, but a single character will never be the focus on the whole story. Even if they’re a big player on the game, we still need to care for those that’s not so lucky on the round.

It’s important to enjoy the game, but remember that writing this isn’t easy, and you’re also responsible on this when you submit your characters. You’re the one who provide the information for your characters, so if they’re not portrayed like they meant to be, if things are different from the canon story, if there’s something missing, then look back on your form.

In the end anyway, we want everyone to enjoy our work, and we’ll do our best in it! :smile:


[ Penalties & Disadvantage for Inactive Players ]

In the recent year of 2019, there’s a surge of inactive players that went missing for weeks or even months. Some players are actually online but only lurking, only liking (gives hearts) instead of actually replying, let alone discussing the battles or contributing to the game by any means. This is something quite frankly saddening, and it’s been an issue for a while.

We receive critique for allowing such thing to happen and as suggested by many, we’re implementing new rules in order to make things fair. As what I said on the gameplay section:

As you can see in the “advanced explanation” section before, it’s not easy to write so many characters at once, especially when everyone want the best for themselves. Though that might be understandable, we can’t just gives free treatment to those who didn’t even tried.

While we wouldn’t expect a minimum standard on how good you are at the game, we expect that you put some effort. Those who abandon the thread and only respond when they get tagged shows little attention to the game, which is definitely not a positive attitude.

Everyone can get busy with their life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to acknowledge that there’s a consequence of inactivity. We’re not going to ban anyone just for things like this, and your character isn’t going to be disqualified, but you’re going to have less than those who shows effort, who shows passion and love to the game, and be here for us.

Even if you’re not good at discussing the game, at the very least, be present and be active. The mods who worked on the game are NOT paid to do their work. We spend days and sometimes weeks to write the battle scene, so at the very least, shows appreciation. Even a single comment, or replying to the chat, is better than not posting anything for a long time.

Ultimately, winner candidates decided by many factors. The effort you put to the game, might contribute to a chance to victory. It’s not always about skills and smarts here.

In the end, those who shows more effort deserve more recognition.




      Welcome to EBG community!!

Here’s our current taglist, which also includes some of the old members from the previous version of the forum (which already closed long ago) though we keep the old members tagged here, even if they never visited anymore. Some of them didn’t made an account yet, that’s why the tag didn’t worked. The tag will automatically spring to life when they decide to make an account.

@ZacKember @Royal_Rebel @mxdnightstar @Tim_the_Enchanter @Bronze-Metal @ImperialSun @BookRight @Yasinthus @R15K3R @Makewarnotpeace @brizingr1 @alternative520 @Knight_AdamThe2nd @FutureStories123 @Shadowdrakon99 @Kyle1029 @TheDonnster @MadHatterAddy @Canislupus54 @Zythe @LifeAsTheMoon @TheFantasyIncentive @Nightgraydawg @princesscamillia13 @GarrettJoe @HisHighnessRicmar @some_aspiring_writer @Sandcat- @Redhairedsniper @9GhostWriter9 @Capitandelasnubes @galaxi- @Nightfright136 @timewinder_ @describethesunset @thegreatcycle @BookRyt @crimson_mystery_cake @iamnotasmartguy @HadianClarke @WyvernShadow @FayfayAhmadi @suanlt @Ramenraged @Chaaruzu_Corner @bloodyrogue17 @emberkitty @DarkLordSpada @Leon_desmelenado @Lucky_Lightning @MistickMage @blue_jay @TheTrueTerrydactyl @Lord_Killen_King @RealBiWizardGavilan @CMGrey @-Leyza- @user26423447 @Takira_The_Only_One @cupcakesparkles101 @IJustWannaChange @Logia-senpai @TheBiologist13 @Illness_of_mind2 @litericy @Aero_Gottesbesitz @AAJamesOFFICIAL @nighted @Spider-Hawk @Oblivionyx @Eternal_Foxglove @DannyH31 @chillaxsz10 @Roak_G @NoseDeep @MainsGrills @Benxall @merlifan @shadowsettle @14DragonTime @Inked_Insane @lst-my-shp-sil @GlitchandGlitz @Maverick48 @Serene_Breeze @Ariador

Please note me if I missed anyone, or tags your username incorrectly.

And don’t shy around! If you’re still not here, feel free to ask to be added! We’ll be happy to welcome you to the community anytime! :smiley:




This is our basic character form. Use this as a template for your form.

Remember, this is just the base. You can modify them to your liking, adding and removing sections whenever needed, or just to rearrange the categories.


Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Base Stats: (Natural stats of your characters without their power, which mean, their durability without their protective spells, their base strength and speed. In general, unless stated in here, we’ll assume the physique of your character is normal human being, not superhuman. Please read the note below for further explanation about characters stats)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armor and ability)

Equipment: (Anything other than weaponry, unless if their equipment is their weapons, then both section can be merged. This section is NOT for describing the fashion of your characters, that will go to their appearance section)

Ability: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)


(You should remove the description of each sections, such as the “please describe how they fight” notes on those categories when you fills them with your character’s information, since those are just the instruction)

NOTE: Base stats is your character’s statistic such as strength, speed, and durability. An example of strength would be able to lift one hundreds kilograms, or able to bend steel plate. An example of speed would be running as fast as cheetah, or can attack faster than bullets. An example of durability would be as tough as boulders, or withstanding something powerful such as explosives, a car crash, or whatever else you wanna use as a comparison.

Additional note: Keep in mind that base stats are your character’s default capabilities, so it would exclude their special moves, final forms, magic empowerment, or such upgrades. You can however, include them or mention them in your base stats section, such as for example:

“Without their abilities, they’re not much stronger than ordinary human being, though they’re still exceptionally skilled and well-trained in combat. Their base stats automatically accounted their natural abilities (which would be explained later in ability section) which makes their default form able to easily resist anything weaker than a boulder-breaking strength of attack. Their strength, offensively, also could break boulders, trees, cars, and alike.”

That’s just an example of doing base stats of your characters. Another example is explaining those supernatural feats of your characters in an ability section. We consider them as a passive ability, which is an ability that are automatically worked without activation, such as:

Enhanced Strength: Although he’s only an ordinary human being, their supernatural power enhanced their strength to monstrous level. They can easily break down boulders, trees, cars, and such objects. Their body is tough enough to shrug swords, bullets, and most of mundane weapons. It would took something as strong as rockets to hurt them.

Regeneration: Heal much faster than normal human being. Can fully recover from scratches and such light wounds in minutes. Would need hours for heavy wounds.

Magical Resistance: Due to their magical enhancement, they’re slightly resilient to harmful magic of others. Though they can choose to disable this to let their team cast supportive spells on them, or to gain benefit from other kind of magical powers.

That’s all for quick tutorial on base stats and passive abilities!

Anyway, there’s going to a lot of explanations behind the character form. For new players that never played on EBG before, click the button below for a complete guide of making a form! :smile:

A guide on making an EBG character form

In general, there’s two part of your form: the information of your characters, and the combat section. The first one will be their name, introduction, appearance, personality, backstory, and such personal aspects. The combat section will ALWAYS be put after you’re done introducing your characters, such as their weapons, armors, abilities, fighting style, and alike. (People usually add quote at the end of the form or at the start of the form, but they can be put anywhere else, just not on the combat section)

Combat section is especially important. We need to know more than just their power, but how powerful they are. (Read the “power level measurement” section above for detail) Sometimes, extra detail might be helpful, even the obvious one. You don’t always need to explain every single thing, but it’s often helpful for the discussion or the writing.

Remember, that we’ll use your character as the main source of information for your characters! If there’s anything important for the current game, then please makes sure to explained them properly. This is especially true for the combat section. Some type of power might ended up being accepted without a nerf, then later turned out to be very OP because we misunderstand how they worked, or because of a misleading information.

Anything outside of the combat section cannot be included on the battle, unless mentioned that they’re usable, or unless with approval of the moderator. That means, just because they said to destroy their homeland on the backstory, doesn’t meant they could do it here on the game, unless if your combat section include the power they used on that backstory. That means, your character doesn’t need to be 100% accurate to the canon story! You can adjust their power with nerf and buff if needed.

And remember, anything that’s not explicitly mentioned, cannot be used. Just because you put an implied message on their fighting style that they could break the unbreakable, doesn’t meant it will be something taken literally, unless stated explicitly on the combat section.

If needed, you can add new sections. For example, you add “Biology” section if your characters got a unique organic function. Another common example is dividing the ability section in several classification, such as passive and active abilities. This is not just for the combat section. Some people want to add their relationship, some people want to insert a theme song based on random videos on the internet. Basically, you can add, remove, and rearrange the categories of the form as you please.

A character form might be long, expansive and detailed. Some people create character forms that went beyond 10 Google Docs page, although the length of a character form depend on your content. Some people like to have so many spells and special moves, some people like to have so many weapons or other features. Try to include all that you might need, be clear and be throughout on explaining them, their capabilities and the likes.

By our today’s standard, everyone use Google Doc to publish their character form, instead submitting directly on the forum. This proven to be the most effective method, for a clean, neatly organized, and aesthetically pleasing. You can learn how this worked by reading the forms of the veteran players, however not every veteran players should be taken as exemplary, as some character forms might goes too far with extensive list of abilities. The basic is about font type and font colors, while some prefer to add images as well. After several months in here, you should be able to figure out your own original style. Please don’t be intimidated or felt pressured by the standard. Everyone got their own style, and you just need to be yourself.

NOTE: To submit your character, post the link to their Google Doc on the forum. If you don’t know how, go to the upper right corner of your screen, click the blue “SHARE” button, then copy the link provided right below the “anyone with the link can view” area.




The Story of the Round

It’s always summer in the world known as Somerset. Ever since the glacier melt due to an inevitable global warming, the sea level rise and earth are now underwater. The only islands left are the back of gigantic turtles known as Zaratan, also known as the world turtles, as the shell of these creatures can host an ecosystem on its own, essentially becoming a moving island.

The harmony last for millennia until the greed of humanity summoned yet another calamity. The quest for fossil fuel leads to irresponsible exploitation that cause irreversible damage to the ecosystem. When the drill pierced the earth, something else other than oil leaks to the ocean. An ancient creature of the old world, prehistoric predator that meant to sleep for eternity, now awakened.

The Petrolith, or so scientist refer to the black monsters of tar and slime. Fueled by their hatred to nature itself, they corrupts the cycle of life, tainting everything that was pure with their poisonous ooze that spreads like plague, which toxic for every known environment to the earth. The ecosystem collapsed as the green of trees slowly withers, changing to the yellow of autumn, as if signing that the eternal summer is coming to an end.

The Zaratan, the home for many beings are now threatened. The blight began to infect every organism in the ocean, including the food source of the great turtles. Starved while the oceans rots around them, the poisoned zaratans are gradually dying, and so they wish to migrate to cleaner ocean, untouched by the corruption.

Now, every races and every creatures in the world of Somerset desperately delays the impending extinction and death of the ecosystem.

Because when the turtles dies, there wouldn’t be any land left to call home.



This is just the preview of the round intro. To join the round, please read the full detail of the round here, on the official round intro!

Summer Falls Mini Round




Gives the greatest cheers for the brave heroes and warriors that sized the victory! Here we proudly showcased the achievement of those among the best that strive beyond, for those that we recognized as the champion of the round!


Round 1: Lan Lei by @ImperialSun

Round 2: Mary Tanaka by @Makewarnotpeace

Round 3: Zentaro Okano by @alternative520

Round 4: Skia a.k.a Deep Shadow by @Shadowdrakon99

Round 5: Oida, the Blind Prophetess by @FutureStories123

Round 6: Fen and Eden by @ZacKember

Round 7: Samantha Asura Walker (Daywalker) by @thegreatcycle

Round 8: Braum Torsfill, A.K.A Boogeyman by @Leon_desmelenado

  • FFF Round 8: Serena Aeterna, the Rularian Seraph Guardian by @ProjectMyst


Round 9: Kaosaan, the Destroyer by @Sandcat


Round 10: Frey Gavriel, the Archangel of Justice by @DarkLordSpada

  • FFF Round 10: Sable the Archer by @blue_jay


Round 11: Ventus Rios and Xian Ya Zhi by @ImperialSun

Round 12: Mattie Simmones by @R_U_Okay / @MainsGrills

Round 13: Siren by @MistickMage

Round 14: Adalyn Rosaline Halstead by @BookRyt

Round 15: xXxMemeOverlord420BlazikenxXx by @TheTrueTerrydactyl and Example-kun by @LxOxGxIxA / @Logia-senpai


Halloween Mini Round: (No winner on this round, just featured characters)


Round Sixteen: (Starting from here and onward, we’re using three rank winner system)

Wild Cards Rewards:


Christmas Mini Round:


OC Mini Round: (Also no real winner, each rewarded with their own achievement)


Round Seventeen: Heavenly Woman / Wise Woman of Wei by @litericy

The Big Three Award:


Round Eighteen:

For complete info of each champions, the bosses and the round itself, with links to the original character forms, please click the link below:





Behold, the powerful bosses of the game! Here’s those who reign above the heroes, monsters and titans, dragons and demons, mortal or gods, villains or not, they’re those who pose as the final challenge to the game on each round!


Round Zero: Town Square

  • (This is just a beta test round, so there’s no actual boss here)

Round One: Rocky Valley

  • Boss: Meganite Guardian

Round Two: Fantasy Rainforest

  • Boss: Thalia, the Forest Fairy

Round Three: Land of Blizzard

  • Boss: Kravonus, the Elder Dragon of Ice

Round Four: Volcanic Zone

  • Mini Boss: Sacred Flame Phoenix

  • Boss: Iblis, the Imprisoned Ifrit a.k.a Shaitan

Round Five: Floating Islands/Continent

  • Mini Boss: Roland Grandus

  • Boss: Vajrayana, the God of Sky and Storm

Round Six: Dark Lord’s Castle

  • Mini Boss: Mordred the Skeleton King and Melaina Vampire Queen

  • Boss: Onyxus, the Overlord of Shadows (a.k.a Wraith King, Lord of Darkness)

Round Seven: The Endless Desert

  • Mini Boss: Asmedh Khidars, the Desert Pirate

  • Boss: Cleora Amenhorus, the Immortal Pharaoh, Seeker of Knowledge

Round Eight: Flooded Planet

  • Mini Boss: Sri Ayu Kaditha, Queen of Southern Sea

  • Boss: Mal’zagub, Predator of Primordial Blue Abyss, the Tyrant of Abyss, Eldritch Leviathan

Round Nine: Cosmic Continuum

  • Mini Boss: Cherubinel, Celestial Moon Seraph

  • Boss: Xerome, the Cosmic Guardian (a.k.a Will of Universe, Sword of Stars, Celestial Spirit, Spirit of Galaxies)

Round Ten: Mainworld / Carmelia (Scarlet Realm)

  • Mini Boss: Aklos, the Bloodshot Beholder

  • Boss: Eve Scarlet, the Second Sinner, Incarnation of Insanity, Demon of Madness, and Embodiment of Evil

  • Extra Boss: Dr. Veruckt (Albert Eisen Verucktessen)

Round Eleven: Palace of Destiny

  • Mini Boss: Daiki no Okami and Yamato

  • Boss: Chitose Haruka a.k.a Shirokami, Fox of Thousand Years, The Ageless

Round Twelve: Novae Terrae

  • Mini Boss: Aile a.k.a Player Killer

  • Boss: Pytharis of Numerus (Codename: Zero), the Gamemaster, Philosopher of Ascension and Reincarnation)

Round Thirteen: Qamaris

  • Mini Boss: Itzhak Yahalom, Prophet of the Holy Land

  • Boss: Hubal al-Asnam, Lunar God of Divination and War

Round Fourteen: Sector Deadborne

  • Mini Boss: Sharaj Devabrata

  • Boss: General David W. Garland a.k.a Demon of the West, The Dead-Hearted Soldier, Half Blind Hero

Round Fifteen: Amusio a.k.a Happyland

  • Mini Boss: Ronald Sanders Mac Ramsay, the Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Chef

  • Boss: Pierrot / Jester / Joey, the Black Joker, Masquerade of Mayhem, Laughing Menace, Mad Jester, The Fool

Halloween Mini Round: Celtic’s Samhain Night in Ireland

  • Special Enemies: Shadowmorph, Great Lycan Warrior, Witch of Omen, The Butcher, Swamp Dweller, Ghost Bride, Kenshi no Akuma, Cursed Dragon

  • Boss: Charles, the Headless King of Otherworld, Horseman of Death, Messenger of the Underworld, Dullahan King, Pumpkin Horseman, Servant of Donn, Inheritor of the Evil Eye

Round Sixteen: Alpha G Viridis

  • Wild Cards: Cernul the Dominator and Ea, the Deep Behemoth

  • Mini Boss: Gertërmark Wildersick, the World Eater of Omnimateria (Demoted to become plot character because we decide to implement the wild card system to replace the mini boss)

  • Boss: Vessel of Valadia, Heart of the Planet, Will of the Extincted, Viridian Sentinel, Protector of Peace, Advocate of Balance, Ecosystem Obliterator, Lifeforms Annihilator, Planetary Observer

Christmas Mini Round: Northend, Yule

  • Special Enemies: Jack Frost, the Heartless Cold of Winter, the Edgy Winter Spirit and Krampus

  • Boss: Hulda, Grandmother Frost, Mother of all Winter, Old Mother Frost, Goddess of Snow, Queen of Ice Age

Self-Insert Mini Round: Duality of Mind

  • Special Enemies: The Scum, The Bully, The Griefer, The Manipulator, The Vainglory

  • Boss: Revilo Cryme, the Personification of Negativity, Shadow of Self, Dark Doppelgänger

Round Seventeen: Huaxia, “Grand Land Under The Heaven”

  • Mini Boss: Xia Jie and Di Xin, the Two Demon Emperors

  • Boss: Youlong the Dark Dragon of Disaster and Calamity, also known as Yinwang the King of Hell

Round Eighteen: Aeternum, the Valhalla of the Void

  • Mini Boss: ???

  • Boss: ???


For complete info of each bosses along with the round where they belong, also with links to the original character forms, please click the link below:





Wanna know where we all begin? Our progress? Want to backlog or just to recall our past glorious battles? Here’s the list of all our threads for any reference, for you to see how our little world go progressed and expand larger and larger as time goes!

First Thread (The very first, original thread)

Second Thread

Third Thread

Fourth Thread

Fifth Thread

Sixth Thread

Seventh Thread

Eighth Thread

Ninth Thread

Tenth Thread

Eleventh Thread

Twelfth Thread

Thirteenth Thread

Fourteenth Thread

Fifteenth Thread

Sixteenth Thread

Seventeenth Thread

Eighteenth Thread (The previous thread)

Nineteenth Thread (You’re currently here!)




EBG Chat Thread Edition 13 - Terry Edition

EBG Chat Thread Edition 14 - Edgelord Edition

EBG Chat Thread Edition 15 - The Council Reunited

EBG Chat Thread Edition 16 - This Thread is Legal

This used to be Mini EBG but then became our temporary chat thread

EBG Chat Thread Edition 17 - We Reborn!




Oh boy, yes! We got our own memes here!

Here’s the compilation of our inside jokes, both old and new, both that are still used and those that already forgotten throughout the years. Some of these are so absurd and vague, it’s unclear whether they’re really memes or not. Some however, spawn so much ridiculous jokes that they’re worthy to be called the dank memes of EBG!

The list below might be incomplete, and I will update the list regularly.

Click to view the meme list!

Epic Yuko Game: One of the very first recognized meme of the community that begin around round 2 to 4, where multiple players having their own characters that accidentally named as Yuko, and the joke is that they’re going to take over the round. This ascended to memedom when @Shadowdrakon99 add the legendary Peanut Butter to the competition.

Peanut Butter: Happens at round 4 when people battle who shall be the lord and savior, Yukos or Peanut Butter? Well of course Team Yuko win in the end!

Team Isaac: Another team challenges the Yuko team at round 5!

Black Hole Math: Still on round 5, Oida by @FutureStories123 can summon a literal black hole, although dwarfed to realistic scale. So then we wonder on how do it worked? The calculation becomes a real deal math discussion when he and his opponent make a whole new Google doc just to analyze things up. (And of course, I was confused)

There’s Always Cycle: On the old days, a user known as The Great Cycle is a meme on her own because she ALWAYS got the most OP characters in any round ever. It become such a meme that when Cycle comes, we all react dramatically to her entrance.

Cycle’s Betrayal: Still about the same user, she ended up being one of the first player who actually betrayed her own allies, and that happen twice in a row. Round 5 with Azonir the corrupted knight, and round 6 with Alexis the manipulative queen that teams up with the boss!

The Nerf Hammer: No one know when it start to become meme, but it already become our trademark before we know it. A term used to refer to EBG moderators delivering judgement to OP characters by nerfing their character form, thus, smacking the nerf hammer!

Fen and Eden are Cinnamon Roll: When the ending of round 6 happens, everyone write their prologue. Then the round winner, Fen and Eden by @ZacKember ended up making us goes awww over the how adorable they are, especially with the cuddles!

Trap Master Race: Round 7 meant to be for female characters only, but we allow androgynous characters, so we ended up having loads of anime traps.

A Plank of Wood / Drifting Wood: Everyone in round 8 got many cool ships, and Reginald by @ImperialSun only got a piece or wood that drift on the ocean.

Water too OP: Actually originated from FCDB, but adopted here when the players between threads joined. Based on an FCDB round where three match in a row ended up being won by the exact same water user, and the said water isn’t even OP at all.

Kaosaan ate the Moon: Our first and most beloved EBG round 9 meme when I decide to make a comic about how the mini boss fight. Read it now!

Alastor Troll Face: Another EBG comic featuring Alastor by @Makewarnotpeace where we contemplate on what happen if his ability did not get nerfed… And you can read it here!

Silver and Golden Blade: Another EBG comic featuring Silver by @Oblivionyx about a joke that a tiny silver fairy meets a gigantic golden blade. Check it out!

A Fabulous Encounter: Another EBG comic featuring Valach Luciferina (a character created by my alter ego) as he encounter the mini boss of round 9, Cherubinel, and get confused if he should be angry or happy. Read it here!

Life vs Death: The last EBG comic for round 9 featuring Kaosaan @Sandcat and Lita by @/crimson_mystery_cake who fought on the round. This is basically how we portrayed their clashing personality, and this comic to know more of them!

Tekaosarome: When Kaosaan @Sandcat ate both Tekeshi @ImperialSun and the actual boss of the round, Xerome, she essentially becoming super OP universal eater in the prologue ending, causing the one and only ever cliffhanger ending in EBG ever… Really though, round 9 is the craziest thing we ever done, in the old generation of EBG…

President Dotar Tramp: The “secret boss” of Round 9’s Fight For Fun minigame, that is the president of an alien planet with dream of building wall through the space.

Snowball vs Sir Vivor: A rap battle between two animals with human intellect, and higher ego than man. Sadly we got no record of the rap battle going on, but it’s still a meme.

Beholder Potion: When a shaman named Akhenaten gather disturbing juicy gory potion recipe by butchering the corpse of the mini boss, and it makes everyone goes ewww…

McMoron: The fake boss of round 10’s Fight For Fun minigame, that’s so stupid, everyone gives him silly nicknames such as McMoo, among many others.

Chitose Cheetos the Overgrown Peacock: Chitose, the boss character of round 11, is somehow ended up being hateable. Not only that he get called as an overgrown peacock for having ten kitsune tails, we also makes Cheetos puns because of his name!

Chitose’s Meme Awareness: Chitose is truly the most meme’d character on the second generation of EBG, especially when he’s a trap waifu that’s LITERALLY aware of internet trend. He continue to make memetic reference through the round, from the Ugandan Knuckle’s de wae and Simpson’s steamed hams. But still, Chitose best waifu!

Chitose Best Waifu: Okay, we might jokes about Chitose being the perfect waifu, but the joke evolved when Fraen by @litericy ACTUALLY try to get Chitose to his harem.

Fraen the Sex God, Lord of Thot: The harem king, the most lewd playboy of all EBG submission. His debut on round 12 is an absolute madness. The flirting train got no brake!

Clarence Card: When Mal by @blue_jay got an upgrade card and ended up using it to summon three headed camel, accompanied with the Spongebob meme “is mayonnaise an instrument?”

Zero Two / Zero Zero Zero: The boss of round 12 got his own joke song of him singing an entire song with many zeroes, and his reincarnation get called as Zero Two.

Just Zero: Additional meme for Zero for his tendency and capabilities on deleting things from existence, which remind us with Monika from DDLC, also because of their sociopath tendency.

Bromance in Server Room: When Wei by @Logia-senpai and Zero had a private chat after the boss battle, and this get joked as them having bromance in the server room.

Expansion Pack: A new modding mechanism invented on Round 13, which is different than nerfing or buffing, since this is basically expanding the characters, reworking and giving them characters development. It sold like hot cake, as we had about five or seven expansion pack in a single round! It spawned many issues from the start to the end of the round that we need to stop doing it, but nevertheless, the concept was such a trend. The expansion pack return several rounds later, and become a permanent gameplay feature.

Permaban: The first time a character literally get permanently banned on EBG because going beyond OP or broken, but already reached godmodding, practically unkillable by conventional means. The first person to ever achieve this is Morgaina by @/litericy that shall be forever disgraced for committing such a heinous crime! (Despite that, we were willing to accept permabanned character again, by reworking them with the expansion pack)

Tea Party too OP: Siren by @MistickMage is the goddess of life, caretaker of many worlds, and literally the most powerful character of the said author who can instantly kills any living being, which quickly become a meme because she can summon a tea party at will, with lots of healthy benefit. The character form describe the tea for having “unlimited usage” and we comically screams that tea party is too OP because of the unlimited ammunition.

Neko Shota Priest: We got a lot of cute characters since the old days, but everybody’s a gangsta until a little cat boy become a priest. Nori by @ImperialSun is not only adorable, he also keeps making reference to real world religion despite coming from a fantasy world.

You Must Be an Iron God Reader: Linn or Sulinnadar by @Sandcat is literally the scariest EBG submission ever, when she looks just like a smile dog Creepypasta. This later become a meme since the author tend to bring a nightmare fuel from the story, and a meme was born when a picture of a normal looking dog Photoshopped with a scumbag hat. The point is? If you’re scared of Linn, then you must be a reader of the “Iron God” series.

Holy Light Brothers: One of the plot character of the round, Mahdi, ended up being paired with Thaddeus by @litericy for both being a holy man with power of light, and both can fire deadly laser beams! Sadly, they only got a few moment of fighting together.

Itzhak is Jaban’s Dad: Itzhak Yahalom, the mini boss of round 13, is a really hateable, needlessly cruel and heartless man that known as “Prophet of the Holy Land” but is actually evil to the core… However, there’s a joke of him reminds the father of Jaban by @BookRyt which is ironic because Itzhak is a rabbi and Jaban is a righteous muslim.

Team Lumina: Yet another time when many different author coincidentally has character with the same name, creating a new team to challenge Team Yuko

Big Birb Mom: Myris by @blue_jay is a freaking huge phoenix who represent nature, a caring mother to all life, so we start calling her this. She and Siren become one of the meme of round 13, which further amplified when they combine their power at the boss battle.

Big Birb Mom: Myris by @blue_jay is a freaking huge phoenix who represent nature, a caring mother to all life, so we start calling her this. She and Siren become one of the meme of round 13.

Siris or Myren?: When Myris and Siren fused into a single being and beat the final boss, the entire round explode to excitement. This become a meme when we start to debate whether they should be called Siris or Myren? Or maybe even Sires?

Cardiac Azazelation: When Crim is so defensive with Azazel, one of his most powerful character, he easily gets triggered. Then @Logia-senpai meme this like as if it’s a heart attack.

Rosa Team: Right at the beginning of Round 14, we already got three characters with Rosa on their name; Rosaline by @BookRyt , Rosalba by @ImperialSun , and Ann-Rosa by @litericy , which become the new team to challenge Team Yuko!

Adalyn Is Already Dead: One of the character named Adalyne Rosaline Halstead by @BookRyt is human who already died, ascend, and now entering a world of zombie where she called the zombies to be dead, but she too already died… Is she even alive?

Happyland: Literally the entire round 15 is a meme. It meant to be a comedic round for gag characters, with comical stuff everywhere, where everything are just silly nonsense. Would be impossible to mention all the memes here… Fortunately, this is the very first EBG round played on the new forum, so it’s still accessible. That means, you can read the round by yourself! This is the round intro and this is just the beginning. You can continue scrolling down below to follow the story, from the matchup to the final boss!

Yukonyan: An embodiment of EBG’s Yuko Team meme, made into my own character, which almost become the mascot of the game. He’s Yukonyan, an online idol, and a neko, and a trap! The meme evolve further when he gain power from simply cosplaying, thus making reference to many popular anime traps. Check the character form here!

Peanut Butter YEET: Finally, after years of waiting, we got the Peanut Butter by @Shadowdrakon99 submitted! And he’s as wacky as what people expected. He’s an incomprehensible freaky old man who yeet everything do whatever the heck that he want.

Example-kun: An embodiment of example by @Logia-senpai that born from a default template character form, an example for new players for his own game. He manifest to the meme round, and with the Meem of Foerchon (Meme of Fortune), he can transform into many forms that embodies each rounds in EBG itself.

MemeOverlord: When @TheTrueTerrydactyl submits a literal embodiment of meme and chaos. Seriously this is the most memetic character that I ever seen. I can’t even start to explain. His whole form is JUST meme! What a perfect champion for the meme round.

The Spiciest Memelord: Joey, also known as Pierrot, among many other titles, is the most memetic of all EBG bosses simply because his power is literally meme. When a clown is so chaotic like him, everyone brings up Jevil from Deltarune, but that’s just the beginning, because he eventually become Thanos with an Infinity Gauntlet. Just check on Joey’s character form to see just how much meme that he got!

Jay’s Mini Boss Mode: When @blue_jay is soooo good at discussing against many players regardless of the power level, dealing with that player feels like dealing with the actual bosses of EBG itself. This meme become reality when Jay become one of the first to try EBG’s premier “Wild Card” mode along with his bae Ricy in round 16 where they act like an unofficial mini boss.

Slug in a Ball, Goddess in a Bottle: When a super smart alien slug namely Cernul by @blue_jay operates a gigantic spaceship in form of a ball, got the power of science, there’s an idea where he traps a gigantic goddess for later usage. If things pissed him off, just throw the bottle to a random planet, and watch the goddess wreck the world.

The OC Round: Among our mini rounds, there’s this one round that everyone been waiting for, where we submit characters that represent ourselves, thus a self-insert round. Funny that some argues that I should have submitted Yukonyan there.

FBI! Final Boss Incorporated: A long running gag on the community where people imagine what happened if some of our most powerful villains ended up teaming up, and thus born the FBI a.k.a Final Boss Incorporated! (Current members below)

Atar vs Clouds: When one of the arena got so much clouds, the description goes way too fluffy and food puns happen. One of them talk about Atar the solar dragon eating them like cotton candies. Because of that, a new EBG comic is born!

Salty Corvus: The almighty Corvus the Raven by @TheBiologist13 who consider himself superior to human being has finally tasted defeat at hand of a human, a mortal and no less. As a creature of pride, his return is with bitter anger. He’s so salty that he’ll butcher any humans on the arena. Imagine if he get defeated by human again.

Size Issues: On the preview for round 18’s battle royale, there’s a joke about that some of the character is too big to be featured on the arena, thus… “size issues”… Watch as how the joke evolved through the comments below.

League of Kingdom Bros Super: Round 18 got many reference to popular stories out there, from the League of Legends, Kingdom Hearts, to even Super Smash Bros! However, it’s unintentional that the round also referencing Dragon Ball Super and I was completely unaware of it until I researched about it. From there, a new meme is born!


(More memes will be added when a new one happens)


Also in case that you want the raw file of the neko, his name is Bellezza Felutia and these are some of his WhatsApp stickers. And yes that’s a boy. Anime traps are the best of neko waifu. He’s also used as Yukonyan for our legendary meme round!

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Aww yeah time for attempt number three of my being actually involved yes i know a round is running


Can this be the reward for the winner? You don’t even get to keep the neko trap, it just smiles and you and then the will of the void vanishes you back to your dimension