⚔️ EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XIX - Epic battle for your characters! (CHARACTER SUBMISSION CLOSED!!)

Ahhhh you’re right, that sounds kinda Celtic/Welsh :rofl:

Okay now that I’m fully wake up, gonna review Lyn @TheBiologist13 before the summer lord


Checking on Lyn! ^-^/

Now listening to the song… AHHHH BUTTER-FLY!! This is one of the biggest nostalgia song for me because anyone who ever know this song will be sent to the field of feels!! :sob:

So! Lyn is the kind of a child born from prosperous and rich parents, which raised by overprotective and strict life to point that she’ll eventually get distant with her parents. Hmm, I can relate with her to really personal level and my family never even been rich anyway.

Wait, there’s an internet in their world? o.o

Hmm… so this is the story behind whole Sasquatch deal. Now it all makes sense. I actually start to adore the running theme of the GS scolding their master to change for the better. Normally, fantasy story portrays the protagonists and their spiritual guidance in a less humane ways, but the way this story portrays them is more like mentor and guidance, which is wholesome.

Her personality seems good for the round! She loves nature so much that she didn’t want a forest fire to ever happen, but she also learned to care for her team and for her own sake.

Checking on the stock immunities… wow… Divine Retribution is a BAD deal! :joy: Thankfully nothing sort of that will ever happen in such low power level, so no need to worry.

Anyway, base stats, weapons and equipment are all checked!

Moving on to abilities, the “LIFE” and “NATURE” sections seems all good! Seems like her battle will focus on manipulation of nature, outside than being a support.

As for GS Release, this should be acceptable, however Elemental GS Release seems a tad overkill for the start of the round. How about if we keep this for boss only move?

Her pharmacy mastery can transmute even plastic? She’ll be so helpful here! :smile:

And yay she can make magical potions! xD

Ultimates seems alright, though I suggest you to move GS Release & Elemental GS Release just before the ultimates section because I think it would looks better. Though this is honestly not important and just a perfectionist nitpick for better aesthetic, so don’t mind it. :rofl:

LH Bolt is way too OP for the power level! BUT I LOVE THIS!! It looks cool, the dialogues are so emotionally heartwarming and motivating, also it remind me of Atalanta from Fate.

(Wait until she eventually used her ultimate move, which looks like LH Bolt)

Anywaaaay Lyn is pretty much acceptable without any nerf, other than LH and Elemental GS Release, but I also don’t want to nerf them unless really needed because they’re so awesome.

Hmmm… I guess I’ll get back to Lyn in few days to rethink… :slight_smile:

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@litericy Your tuuuuurn! xD

Okay so this is a beautiful lore behind the character. Again, I adore your aesthetics choice and the style of the character form, that feels more like reading a fantasy scroll than a document.

His backstory gives me feels tho :sob: A man only want the best for his people and to achieve peaceful agreement with everyone, got his hopes up and betrayed, left to die alone. The story left in uncertainty of legends, however this vengeful being, is for sure, no less than the victim.

I guess… The man that once seek peace, now only seek retribution…

Oh he looks damn fine tho! :rofl:

Not sure if fire that’s comparable to surface of the sun would be allowed or not… :thinking: I mean, many people overestimate the sun temperature. Scientist said that nuclear explosion are hotter than sun but it deals less damage than the sun that can roast planets. So I guess temperature alone wouldn’t be that powerful, depend on application of the fire…

Well… The easy solution would be to nerf this down to temperature of wildfire or volcanic fire.

Anywaaaay the rest of the special moves are really cool and I love it :ok_hand: some of them sounds kinda borderline too powerful for the round, so I’ll need to think about it for a while.

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Now I’m not sure on submitting Johan or even Reynold anymore! :rofl:

Why would anyone need Johan when Lyn is a vastly superior healer? Johan barely can do less than half that what she did, and Lyn do most of what Johan could did, in better term. Especially when Johan barely could ever fight, meanwhile Lyn did an amazing job at that.

Why would anyone need Reynold when Bhod is a much more awesome pyromancer? With both of their basic moves combined, Bhod is greater. When comparing their special moves, Bhod is much more unique, and much more useful, with much more efficiency too.

Oh well… I think think whether I stay with Johan, Reynold, or choose someone else. :slight_smile:

UwU thank you :two_hearts:

And like i came to the conclusion that even if my characters are oofed, I should make their forms pretty hahahaha

Should I nerf them now?

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You’re welcome! And yes they’re pretty! xD

It’s your choice and we can discuss how much should we nerf for the round.

Yay! Thanks! :smile:

Because she’s so related to a butterfly. :wink: Actually LH Bolt theme is supposed to be Brave Heart, but since it is already Leon’s ulti theme, I just slip in Juri - Leomon’s theme. Can’t help it because Leon’s GS Release is pretty much transforming into Leomon, though he is unaffected by that sacrificial lion running gag in Digimon. :rofl:

Yep, it’s Urban Fantasy. :slight_smile: The main transportation in Lion’s is a train similar to the MRT system, and there are also mechanic and gadget/hacking extracurricular to pick.

Totally. :slight_smile: GS - human relationship is generally summed up as mentor - apprentice in canon, and they serve to guide their apprentices to be a better person. But some mentors are just crazy mentors when not talking about life lessons. Like, telling a six-year-old to hunt a zebra with nothing but bare hands (Leon’s lion), dig up worms with hands and feet (Neil’s rooster), etc. Some mentors are always fantastic, though, like Douglas’ wolf (introducing pack dynamics), Lyn’s butterfly (observing nature and plants), and Edwin’s polar bear (swimming lessons and adventures across a frozen tundra).

Will note it!

The basic of pharmacy. Can’t create potions without some sort of containers. :rofl:

No prob. It does look better when moved, so I’ll keep them in mind for the rest of Lion’s people.

That’s very much like it. :smiley: It’s just that it’s coming down in the form of Leomon’s Juuouken/Beast King’s Fist. The damage can be nerfed if needed; I think I just overshot it again.

Also, heartwarming, yeah. I once intended to slip in Leon’s extra thoughts on it but since it’s in his mind and not recorded, I removed it. After recording the speech, he’s like, “Meh, I hate this.” :rofl:

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I want to submit something to this round, but I haven’t even finished main EBG round strategies yet. I should get into that now.

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My friend, your submission is Aschis. Aschis. Since when Aschis need strategies? :rofl:

Okay but joke aside, good luck with that! ^-^/

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I finished it already. :joy: Hazel can’t do much against Aschis, lol.

Now that’s off my list, who can I submit here, I wonder? I can do another Guardian but I’m tired of submitting super background characters.
Should Syl make a comeback. :eyes:


You’re welcome!

Oof Leomon’s death hits me hard… xD

Hmmm this is interesting! :smile:

Awww these are actually wholesome and genuinely helpful for everyone~ :blush:

Not the crazy part though, but they’re fun too! :joy:

Well you’re right. xD

Glad to help!

Sounds good! Will wait until the form is updated! ^^

Leon reminds me of Inuyasha. They can be nice and caring, but they always act like they’re cold and not caring and they’re just like rawr rawr I am fierce and badass but then suddenly they kinda went tsundere with their love interest. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Submit whoever your heart desire! Think on which would be the best for the round! :slight_smile:

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Updated. Thinking of bringing LH Bolt down to a shopping complex/mall, or maybe it can be lower?

He is a big tsundere as an adult (his young version has a lot of little Gohan in him). Spares nobody from his snarks, not even his GS.

Lion GS: My lionesses always hunt for me.
Leon: You’re such a gentleman.

Neil: Yay! Roasted corns!
Leon: What a corny taste.

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Several large buildings such as that, should be acceptable. :slight_smile:

I would love to see this snarky tsun in EBG one day! xD

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Hmmm dead thread dead thread how to revive hmmm… :thinking:

I think I can discuss my characters. This is something related to what I post yesterday:

I’ve been thinking on alternative characters to submit, and there’s actually more characters to use that I didn’t mentioned yet! Here, I’m going to make a list~

  • Isabelle Dransche: A priestess of a local cult of Blightsmire in Crossing Illusion, which is the antagonist of the said arc, though not the final boss of the arc. She’s a balanced fighter, though mostly focused on defense, with nonexistent mobility. Her specialty is manipulating trees and other wood-based material, though the manipulation is very simple, only to create hands out of them. What makes her strong is actually her magic barrier, eldritch creature summon, and a death rune for last resort.

  • Lady of the Lake: A minor supporting character in Alter Chronicle series, although hold significant power which revealed later on, because her lore made based on the same fairy tale character from the myth of Excalibur. However she’s never been a character that’s developed, not at all, and if I need to use her, I need to design her entire kits of abilities, lore, personality and appearance, everything from the scratch.

  • Bystah: A lesser godly being in Arcane Edge series, which appear to be a peaceful and gentle deity of the forest in the local region. He also never been much developed, but there’s a lore of him cursing an entire tribe into zombie-like creature in order to prevent them from destroying nature. Not sure about his full extent of abilities, but he’s pretty weak, so he should be good for this power level.

  • Esmeralda Mignonette: Another minor supporting character, this time from Nethergate story that never get written anymore since the last year. There’s barely any info about her, other than for the fact that she’s some kind of a muse who represent nature, and probably also an angelic prophet, or something? That means, I have no idea about her power yet, but I can whip something quick.

  • Olivia Sithrousse: This time, an actually important character, but she’s evil. She’s one of the main villain in the entire Alter Chronicle part 2 where she’s a leader of a witch that worships one of the seven most powerful dark gods of the world, Viriondris. She’s very powerful and PROBABLY need some nerf for the round, but it’s not a big problem because her list of abilities never really been properly made.

(Other than these, I can also use someone from the old voting options)

Almost forgot, but Isabelle is problematic as well. It’s more about personality issues, and it’s rather hard to explain because it’s all about her backstory. Reader of the book should have understand why she kinda hates people and the world. @ZacKember @Sandcat @BookRyt

Though among characters of Crossing Illusion, other than Isabelle, Johan or Reynold… Honestly, Major Meyer Wellgard is great, but he’s a spoiler. What a shame… :sob:


These are all so sophisticated, I don’t know where to start with my character… Unfortunately, I think my Johann would not thrive under tropical conditions, so ima try someone new.


imma read them first :3

also I’d go for Johan or Reynold tbh xD


Take your time and thanks for the vote! xD

@Roak_G ohhhh my god! I just remember that your character named Johann! If you used him, then my Johan would be so confused because no one will know who’s calling who! :rofl:

I don’t think I’ll use my Johan though, and maybe for the better, to avoid naming confusion.

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He’ll definitely join future rounds. :slight_smile: Wondering what theme is most fitting for him. Maybe savanna, animals, or something metallic. It’ll be hilarious to see him snark about pretty much everyone, whether spoken or in his head.

Other options I have:

  • Edwin, a classic berserker with very high base stat but not much ability other than crowd control ice powers and anti-teleport. Most fitting for ice/arctic and perhaps water theme because he is a polar bear.
  • Douglas, a speedy storm samurai. Sky theme is the best for him because he can run and ride on clouds as well as conjuring wind and lightning, or maybe forest because he is a wolf. Also fit mystery theme because he himself is a big mystery: he has identity crisis, and his journey is about finding who he is.
  • Neil, a Bruce Lee wannabe, complete with a nunchaku. Fire theme is most suitable as he packs strong, fiery punches and light abilities. Great anti-sleep support because he is a rooster.

Btw, Isabelle or Bystah sound like good alternatives. Bystah’s abilities sound unique.

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I think Leon would be great in one of the future EBG that’s I’ve been planning for long. I always want something based on the Monster Hunter world, so every players actually given (or they could choose themselves) many quest to take down unique monsters, complete with each of their rewards, including new weapons, equipment, even adding more abilities to their character form.

That’s a lot of characters! :smile: Can’t wait to see all of them in action one day.

Bystah is the least important character on the entire list of selections there, so choosing Bystah would be a good excuse to develops him. Otherwise, Isabelle deserve some chance to shine because her ending in the actual story isn’t a happy ending. (As she’s the antagonist)

Actually, even using Thalia would be awesome… :thinking: She’s the EBG boss of round two, and the least developed among every EBG boss ever (excluding the boss of round 1 since it’s just a random golem made for sake of the round) so this round is a good way to reuse her.

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