EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Name: Dark Founder
Age: 16
gender: man
Species: human

Origin: Alerica, Circle City

Introduction: A 16 year old boy living his normal high school life XD with 2 friends Ronan and Alexa.

Appearance: (this is hard one but i will try) he is white Length About 1.75 brown eyes Has black ssj like hair and he is skinny.

Personaly: A boy who is a pussy can not stand up on his own has a chronic depression rely’s on others to get strength (only counts for the first 2 arcs tho) (yup that about right XD) he can also be funny sometimes and of course has the typical shounen traits He can also can be very confident (but that when Mask Dark is there but that is psychological thingies)

Backstory: okay imma keep it nice and simple. Parents were dicks Dark run away and gets his own house on top of a hill (animelogic) Parents died in car accident. He visits a Psychiatrist and finds out he has a chronic depression. because of the negative energy is was compatible with the sword. So when Dark was watching anime in his house a random dude in space throws a broadsword out of the sky which caused a crater in front of Dark his house he goes outside picks up the sword and Boom in a other world (isekai for the win XD)

Weaponry: He has a broadsword what changed Into a black Giant sword when fighting Wind. (the dark sword)

Armour: Has a pretty Medium Durability in his base he can take a few hits but not more then that.

ability: (i will do the ability’s in the first 2 arcs) Warrior Last Resort: When the sword knocked out of his hands a tiny fraction of the sword its power is transfers to Dark is body making him get speeds around 150KM (speed equals power so getting hit at speeds like that would hurt).
His Signature move: TheDarkWarrior: Slash is a move where he does a 360 spin with his sword and a Black Colored energy slash comes out it takes you up the sky and explodes.
TDW: Secret Arts are move that come with plot convenience and only is able to use 1 time 2 of them are:
TDW Secret Arts: Straight Slash is like TDW slash but then a long shped one who does not fly but stay on the ground.
TDW: Secret Arts: Dark Destruction: When the sword touches you it causes a hugh explosion.
(he has a transformation too but i am not there yet in my book)

Fighting Style: he just swings around his sword but he can do acrobatic moves with it. the sword give you the ability to be good at fighting with a sword.

Quote: I am Dark and i am TheDarkWarrior!!!

(I might edit a lot later on XD)


Quick question but do you see the round intro yet?


what was that again there is so many stuff XD




This is why I said “hold on, I didn’t update the front page yet”…

Anyway I’ll just go get a quick link. Here, this is the current round.

Just to warn you, we’re on a really complicated round, so this is might be too much for a new player.


my brain is fried XD lol i read it through but i legit need to study this XD


Yeah the current round is having super high standard, so it’s probably too complex… xD

I suggest you be patient for a while and wait until the Christmas round. :3




Good thing I didn’t enter Slug


You can show me the characters form anyway. :3


Heeey, I’m also technically a new player:) Actually, not technically, genuinely.


You’re experienced enough on such battle community at least, I can see it from your form. xD


lmao you’re just curious wtf this slug guy is aren’t you xD


Yes, seriously yes. xD


lol okay well since he’s not an entrant I’ll just post him on the chat thread. I’m still drafting up the form though so be patient.


Yay! ^-^/

I’ll be patient, since I’m still working on nerfing both Mazell and Jabberwock


@ZacKember Yaaaa booooi so apparently Jabberwock DO need a nerf… xD

First, his base speed is undefined. I guess I’ll just say, he’s like, supersonic speed? No need to be really specific with the speed, so I think that’s appropriate.

Although the form said that his human form is his weaker form, I’ll also add that he’s at least on superhuman level. Nothing too specific, but just to gives so people who read his form wouldn’t mistaken him for being in like those weak human warriors.

There’s really no limit for his time stop, so yeah I changed my mind. He IS indeed OP with just that. Suggestion of 10 second cooldown.

Strength Boost… the more I think about it, the more hax it’s actually is… xD Like, really, I underestimate his physical capability. Basically, can be as strong as whatever it require to let him survive. So yeah I must be underestimating him until now. I’ll think for a way to nerf this later.

I just realized that Inferno can easily melt whatever dafuq they use for those powerful spaceship, and that Blizzard cause DESTRUCTION after freezing which will kill any organic being very easily as long as they’re freeze. However I think this is okay without a nerf… probably… XD

Also I’ll go measure the tornado scale alright?

I’ll limit Reversal and Final Hour too, because OH GOD I heavily underestimate this one! It has no limitation and it makes him more troublesome than what I thought! :rofl:

His Anti-Gravity is also, more OP than my expectation. I will nerf this one, but just saying that I just realize on how much advantage he can get with this. Smart move.

I’ll measure the power of Heart Breaker appropriately on how powerful it is on the canon, so I need a comparison on how much damage they can caused.

As for the Ace of Spades, by mean two blades, it means ordinary blades from the Armament act Barrage, or the Hypernova? (Both are fine, just making sure)

The dragon form is waaaaay more powerful than what I thought, considering that regardless of how much powerful, he can easily shrug them down. This doesn’t really need much nerf, but I’ll go specific on how strong he is here, okay?

Paradox is also far more OP than my expectation, because literally any physical objects (unless living being and their equipment) will disintegrate. This means whatever battleships, barriers, and anything else will pretty much get fuq up. However again, I’m fine with this without a nerf, and I’m just saying that this is stronger than my expectation. Good lord you really go all out, proud of you mah boi! :+1:

I’ll go measure the power of his Light and Darkness.

The final Meteor is probably far more destructive than the explanation, considering the “many others” there, so I’ll go measure the damage to prevent this from going too OP, alright?

That’s all for now. Just reply to this, and I’ll go add the update to the form. :3

Also, should I add a pic to his dragon form? Tim Burton’s version of the Jabberwock is legit a dragon, and looks fitting too.




Alright, then we’re teaming up :slight_smile: Coz we have the same goal.


Yes! I really like your character to… we should definetly team up.