EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Lol, I’m a new player too.

Christmas round sounds interesting! I have a few candidates when it comes to lower power level. :wink:


Low power level xmas round would be perfect for me to submit Candy Man


Criiiiim can i still join or what? If yes, then can i bring a whole fleet of warships with several characters manning them? Of course, only one character shall participate in the round. The others will just be there for the wow factor. Alien ships will know the might of the Elderdast warships like yaaaasss




Omg omg omg


Mine would be an alien merfolk…who gets owned by the MC right on the chapter he appears. :joy:


:open_mouth: tackle hugs Hey babe!



:open_mouth: babe! I missed you so so much :heart:


I knooooow been so lonely without you :cry:


Lol you shouldn’t be, you have me in your heart haha


lol maybe xD

I tagged you on the new chat thread btw since idk if you knew about it. :3


Most likely i didn’t. I was so busy throughout the time i was gone here im so sorry


Lol well you should’ve gotten a tag notification for it I hope??? (Goofy message awaits you there xD)


I… hadn’t… :slightly_frowning_face:




Yah haha but i believed i blocked the notifications on this site from my phone.


I gave you a link to the thread because you said you didnt get the notification…


Oh thank you :two_hearts:


Okay a change of plans, no armada because im tired and no elderdasts. Im sending in a new one for this round.

Meet Ea, the Deep Behemoth



Heeeeeeey Ricy! xD

It’s been a while, missed having you here! Not sure how you didn’t get the notification but that got me worried since I never seen you anymore.

Anyway I cannot open the doc, it require permission.