EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Funny thing about that is that I saw your message about the round haha, so i found my way back.

Anyways… there is? Okay, ill remove it.


Done :smile: i hope you like ea although she might be possible for a permaban


Yeah it’s way back then… xD

I’m reading the form nooooooow~ :3


Take your time haha


Well it doesn’t took long since it’s just like… two pages… xD

Normally I would ban the fuq outta this, but considering the very unique mechanism (she’s sleeping so she’s no threat until awakened) then it’s okay I guess? She’s more like a boss character for myself, only that she’s not one. All you need is to either not to wake her up, or sacrifice someone if she does.

I couuuuuld just accept her like this, but I probably rather have this nerfed? I mean, are you fine with a nerf that will basically modify her power like on those “expansion pack” unless the focus would be basically nerfing her down to heavy emphasis? :thinking:

Because if we just have Ea the way she is, then it’s like the Second Coming of Siren, both only have one OP ability but that one ability is hecking OP and lmao both cannot be truly killed


“The Second Coming of Siren”

@MistickMage Imagine Siren having some of her followers worships her like a biblical figure :joy:



Nope nope not gonna happen

how about the expansion pack thingy because i haven’t experienced it yet


An expansion pack is basically a “character development that never happens on the canon” so basically if you gave me a character with massive potential, then INSTEAD of nerfing OR buffing, we gave them a character development because oh boy who doesn’t love a character development? :ok_hand: :100:

If you want, I can basically makes a reasonable cause of Ea waking up, but her power become something different due to certain case. (In case of Siren long ago, this is possible because the form explicitly said that she can adapt herself to whatever universe she’s in, but of course things gonna be different with Ea)




Booooi get reaaaady

So basically the idea is, Ea is freaking huge and her power is super massive and she cannot truly be killed unless by this certain character, right?

But in this round, imagine if she does woke up prior to the current event, and there’s someone who tried to kill her, and failed, but they manage to forcefully seal her down and that scatter her power to multiple planets to the galaxies, which essentially means it’s impossible for Ea to draw her full power even if she’s awakened, and this makes her pseudo-mortal even if she’s still an almighty god, and that she can now be sealed back to sleep through certain way.

If you like that, I’ll go cook this character development and smash it down real good


Haha I LOVE IT shoot, i’ve never even thought about ea as a deep character to begin with haha (basically she was just one of the final boss in the story) but CRIIIMMM YOU MUST DO THIS


Character development is my hobby yasssss :joy:

Okay I’m writing her “mortalized” mode now


~ Official EBG Expansion Pack ~

Character: Ea, the Deep Behemoth

We’re doing it again, folk!

We did it last round with Reagan, and now with Ea!

An “expansion pack” is like reworking the character instead of just the typical nerf and buff, and it’s called expansion pack because it’s to expand the characters. Basically, a character development that never happen on the canon, but within the realm of possibility. This can only happen if you gave me a character with so much potential, and we can give them a new development just on the round.

I’m going to tag our other mods in order to monitor the expansion. It’s a new policy, in order to prevent the expansion pack from going too far.







(Some of the mods above are not currently active, but I’ll tag them regardless)

Another policy of the expansion pack is that it can only be done ONCE in a round now, so only once per characters. Anything further would be considered buff or nerf, depend on what we need.

Without further ado, Reagan shall be given the reworking!

Reason behind the rework: Ea is a massive being, probably like, the size of the planet. She cannot truly be killed and can kill every life if she ever woke up. The only reason why she’s not permabanned here is because her unique mechanism, that she’s asleep and not a threat until she woke up. Then, she can be appeased to return her back to slumber. The problem is that if she ever woke up, she can be the final boss of the round itself than a player. Without a nerf, she’s essentially the ‘Second Coming of Siren’ considering what makes them OP are so similar.

Solution: A nerf is not enough for her. We need an expansion pack, since it’s the only way of toning down her power, and makes it reasonable.

Goal of the current expansion pack: Makes her beatable without outright stripping her core characteristic as a primordial god of life itself. Also size reduction.

Plot: (Ricy can reject the plot and bargain with me if this does not befit his story)

Prior to the current timeline, a denizen of a planet has awoken Ea and suffered their wrath. She didn’t thought much and start reaping the life there, but it has caused her a curse that she must pay for herself.

While everyone tried to kill Ea, and failed miserable, their leader struck her with words that engraved deep into her existence;

    “For the life that you took from us, you shall pay, for eternity.”

And with that, with rage that she never once felt, nor ever would again, the behemoth experience myriad of life screaming as they infuse themselves upon her, tainting her godly status and rips her power into countless of stardust, that each scatters through the galaxies, lying deep in their core, while Ea forcefully sent into a stasis. with every life that she reap, become the chains that will accompany her to her very end, 'till the day where she paid.

The Ea in here is cursed, bound to the very soul that she reap, into the chains that act as her compass to keep herself stable. She’s extremely limited due to her power being split apart, and her being chained. She’s like pseudo-mortal now, as she still retain her godly mighty status, but can be defeated through several ways.

That, and she gain a more creative way to use her power. She got no choice, since her massive power dwindle down into this fragment that she is now.

Her new power and feature shall be listed as…

The Chained Behemoth: Ea shrink much in size, only about 1/3 of her original size as the unfathomable giant that she was, although still large enough to dwarf the Mount Everest, and still somehow larger than Earth’s moon. She still retain her godly quality, that is cannot be killed by normal means, but now she’s bound to many ethereal chains that are actually the soul that sever her into this curse. Any magical/spiritual/metaphysical attack that she received will cause the chain to be pulsing with power, forcefully shredding her shape back into an essence, where once she’s fully shred, she will be put back into stasis, sleeping in her previous planet, imprisoned once more. In order to do this however, a power greater than blowing Earth’s moon is required.

Awakening Scream: Ea is as temperamental as she is, and will not be happy if she ever awoken, which will happen in the same manner as her original self, that is, if the stone maidens are disturbed. Her scream lessened much, but still can cause catastrophe to continental scale, with the minor side effect could reach global scale. This is identical to her original self, that cause life in the planet withers, and dies and the ground will shake and break spewing molten lava.

Grieving Empathy: For each life that she took selfishly, especially for the innocent who cause no evil to the planet, her punishment will backfire to herself, adding even more weight to the chains and accelerate her shredding.

Life Reap: Ea could forcefully rip away the living, up to a massive scale, but cannot be done all the time as her capability degrade much. She could do this only up to 10 kilometer radius around her, with best effectiveness should be focused to numbers less than 100 targets. If the targets are weak living being with no supernatural/spiritual/magical protection, the process will be done in matter of seconds easily. The stronger the power within the soul of someone, the more effort required, due to the life within them will naturally resist.

Wrath of The Behemoth: The moment as her being getting close to be dragged away by the chains, when her silhouette start to disintegrate, she will pour in all her wrath into one light, raising all her arms to form a sun-like ethereal wisp, seemingly made by glow of fireflies until it reach its culmination, that which shall explode into shockwave, traveling across the globe, and will destroy whoever has caused this war.

Liberation of Life: If by certain miracle Ea does actually learned that she couldn’t just destroy every life on the universe as if it’s her playground, the chains no longer has a purpose, and will evaporate into glowing lime-colored mist, and Ea will return back to her freed state, where she can rest once more. Although this means she couldn’t participate on the round anymore.


Crim… YOU OUTDID YOURSELF THIS IS TOO GOOD LIKE BIIIIIIIHHHH :two_hearts: Ea is like a different person here but haha, this is not in the canon anyway so it’s GOOD.

However, you can remove the last one of her abilities which is the chains. Literally Ea is angry because, in canon, the life that she gave was accidental. It was not supposed to happen, but then she became curious to the worlds one of her kind created and suddenly found that the planets Eol made were sucking her life energy. Once a godly amount of life was drained from Ea, she fell asleep in one planet with a lingering feeling of anger for Eol which turned into anger for all that was detrimental to her state of mind. I would even say that she’s not a sentient being anymore, but just a presence.


EDIT: lol not the chains. The liberation of life i mean cause she’s never apologizing. Evah


Awwww yiisssss I’m flattered~ :blush:

Ohhhh yeah that makes sense. She’s one vengeful goddess, ain’t she?

Yeah we can totally remove the last one lol because that’s not really needed. xD

Now, you can add all of them into the form. Like, right from the start of the plot, until the end (minus the Liberation of Life) and adapt them into the aesthetic of your form. Feel free to reword them to your liking as long as the core concept remain the same. :3


Will do :smile:

And yes. She’s bitter than a bitter gourd




I look forward to write the bitter big gurl

Also the form looks good, so you’re all good and accepted! ^-^/




First, why are moves that won’t be allowed use on the form? since they can’t be used anyway

I’m not done but I can’t imagine the first and last abilities of the original ever being used.