EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Ea? Like Gilgamesh? :open_mouth: lol jk babe


Okay everything on the form seems all good, though… who caused the war? They’re not in the battle though… wasn’t it that scientist guy who started it, lol.

I support the expansion. :+1: But why is one of the moves here and not on the form?


The irony is that right now i’m working on a short story where Siren’s checking in on the LOTR universe, lol.


Heeeey I’m back and imma reply to all that soon. XD


Well I think the form is fine now anyway. XD If there’s a moves that cannot be used, it’s just for the information purpose.

The one who caused the war? Yeaaaah that guy

The last move, Liberation of Life, is a rejected idea because Ricy said that she’ll never forgive. You can backlog to find the explanation, but basically, she’s one bitter gurl lmao


@ZacKember Hey there, take your time~ :3

@MistickMage Oh god, this will be awesome. xD

I can imagine a terrifying Balrog coming to her, and she’s just like…

*waves hands*

*Balrog blown*

LOL :ok_hand:


I dare you to use an expansion pack on Jackson :wink:
Just kidding lol


I actually don’t mind doing that, but Jackson doesn’t need one anyway.


I’d say so, yeah. He mostly teleports instead of running anyway.

Yeah, it’s probably best for you to do that. I just wanted to make the distinction between human and dragon form, that’s all.

Ok, that’s fair. ;u;

Oops, my baaaad. XD I’m sure you’ll find a way to nerf it later, but I personally can’t think of anything yet.

Ok. ouo To me it’s just like a regular Earth tornado, lmao. I’m not sure how strong or weak that would be in the fight.

Adding cooldowns would probably be a good idea. XD

Hehe. eue

Well like I said, it’s basically him unleashing hundreds of magic scythes like shurikens or sawblades, lmao. It’s basically a buffed up version of his barrage attack, since it’s embedded with death magic and would cause more pain and destruction than a regular weapon would.

He has two giant swords, yeah.

He’s meant to be powerful, lmao. But he only activates this form when he’s low on health, and since he’s a huge target (unless he casts Vanish) he’s more like a glass cannon.

The best part is that this isn’t just a round exclusive thing, this is totally canon to the story. XD

It’s supposed to be his last, most powerful attack. Like…imagine he was ravaging a city, his other attacks would cause heavy destruction while Meteor would reduce the city to ashes, and probably others that are around too. XD

That picture is really cool! You can add it if you want. owo


Boi, this reply is as long as my -gets shot


Nah I’m pretty sure yours is longer. eue


You should see me and Crim’s PM’s.

Long messages are what we do. XD


I Updated the font and stuff :3
Also, sorry for all the ability changes I kept making, I’ll stop now :sweat_smile:


Got some nice, fellow OP people here.

@Crimson_Scythe I’m gonna have to increase regeneration rates for Magic on Aquihet’s items, as 100% of his magic is already rather low considering this power level. (Only enough to destroy a city twice)

It would take 45 minutes to regenerate enough magic destroy a city, and so using that relation I want to cut that time down to 22 1/2 minutes by doubling regeneration from the sword; from 1% to 2%. And also increasing magic regeneration on Orihalcum talons by 33%; from 3% to 4%.

I’m also going to make the final form a boss classification. Aquihet wouldn’t go that far normally due to his pride. With that, I’d be comfortable.

Do you object to any of this?



Best maid.

@Crimson_Scythe Lol


See I told you, geometry is OP :3


I’m actually starting to wonder if Jabberwock is too underpowered now. XD


No no you’re fiiine

realizes that i’m probably the least powerful character this round

Yeah im good


I wish we can team up
It would be so much fun!


You can team up if you have the same goal.


I don’t recall Terry’s character having the same goal :sob:
… Do they?