EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



I don’t know I’m just reminding you.


Thanks :smile:


I thought that was what we agreed on


Meanwhile I kinda made my character impossible to team up with. XD I cri


I doubt that that’s true. ;u;


Really? What’s their purpose?





Is it: Kill everything?

edit: not sure why it quoted


Nah. He just kinda wants to fuck the world and it’s rules up. XD


Oh oh, I wanted Aquihet to fight another dragon but I’m already teamworking with Mistick.

This is the first time I’ve ever had someone specific I wanted to fight other than Zula. :thinking:

Best part is they are both Dragon-morphs.


raises fists

F I T E M E M 8


Imma slep soon tho, so we should fite in the morning. uwu


Except that we can’t :slight_smile:
Gnight tho. Imma log off too.


Ah well, maybe someday. XD

Bye then!


Hmmmmm yeaaaah I think that’s all fine, no problem

Although he’s not underpowered and already very hard to kill, so you don’t really need to worry anyway

Also yes Velcard best maid. What. Even. :joy: :ok_hand:


Nah, like what I said, you fit in just fine. If you’re underpowered, I would not nerf Jabberwock, which actually somewhat more OP in certain stuff more than my expectation. xD

He would looks way stronger after the nerf/buff done, because his form was simply lacking the necessary detail. Either way, he’s a nice character and you use a really interesting character for the round. His form simply need to be tuned up, which is what we’re going to do. :3

Now I’ll reply~

Okay no problem :+1:

That’s all good. I’m just doing this so he’s as strong as what he meant to be. Without the detail, it’s hard to see whether he’s as strong as peoples or far stronger.

I’ll handle the nerf, don’t worry~ xD

I think the max possible strength that he can acquire is to lift a several hundreds tall mountain. That way he’s REALLY strong physically, but it’s fine since it only work against physical object. This balance his power much, making Jabberwock to be good at melee and strength, durable and pretty fast, but not too OP either.

Well a regular tornado would be far underpowered, but it’s fine if you want that.

Although a massive boost in area of effect would be sufficient to keep this being useful. Even a regular tornado would be helpful if the range is big enough. :3

Okay that’s actually pretty good, I didn’t expect that. xD

I’ll go explain that to the form later.

Same goes with this.

Yeah I know he wouldn’t use this until he’s low on health. I just need to makes sure to measure his power properly to makes it clear.

That makes it better! :ok_hand:

Yeah I know that it’s a last measure, and the power is all okay. Just asking so I can get a proper idea on how truly powerful it is, in order to makes sure the form reflects how truly powerful he is.

Great! I’ll go add the pics and update the rest for the form. :3


New character added, several others being updated.

So yeah, we’re on the 13th submission and we need another one before we start the round. Hopefully a new submission will happen soon.


~ Characters List of The Round ~


1. Solaris - The Starcrafter by @GrouchyPotato (ACCEPTED)


2. Calihedra Camilia by @MistickMage (ACCEPTED)


3. Jarick Wurttemburg by @iamnotasmartguy (ACCEPTED)


4. He Who Watches (the Watcher) by @TheTrueTerrydactyl (Accepted)


5. Iris Eloclipes by @Illness_of_mind1 (ACCEPTED)


6. Aquihet, Phoenix Dragon King by @LxOxGxIxA (ACCEPTED)


7. Centaurus by @TheBiologist13 (ACCEPTED


8. Dashnek by @Sandcat (Form need to be updated)


9. Jackson Stirling, The Guardian Of Space And Time by @superlegend1 (Will be checked)


10. Mazell Nexus by @Lord_Killen_King (Still need more nerf)


11. Velcard, Incubus of Cosmic Void by @Crimson_Scythe (Probably still need more nerf because he’s freaking OP)


12. Jabberwock by @ZacKember (Currently updating the form with the nerf and adding the new details)


13. Ea, the Deep Behemoth by @litericy (Already accepted, but we’ll wait if we need to do something else to the form)



Removed Characters

Due to many reason, this is a list of characters that’s been removed from the round, of course, by approval of their respective author.


Zula Oohnrei, Zula the Cerulean by @blue_jay



Oh well it’s okay. xD

I actually checked the form, and it looks far better now! :smile:

You’re acceptable now, but I think I’ll keep you on hold until I’m sure on whether Jackson still need more nerf or not. :slight_smile:


Also I just remember…

@Sandcat Are you available yet? If you didn’t have a free time to fix the form, I can help you. Perhaps, since we already made the review and you agreed to it, I can add it to the form myself. Then, when you got the free time later (whenever it is), you can edit the form yourself in order to perfectly fits in the new information to the form in your own style.

If you still wish to update the form yourself, I’ll help as well by giving you the link to my review here, so you can find it easier. (CLICK ME!)


Seeing if i can enter…