EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Oh no i made it thirteen the unlucky number


Do it, we need one more player so the round can start


There’s also some other player with a chance to join in, such as Jay, Cai, Drakon, and Future.


You can do it. I totally forgot.


Alright, all good then.


Crossing my fingers


Gud luck babe! :heart_eyes: :heart:


you better join what would i do without you haha


I’m only going to join if another player is needed lol.


babe fite me. the line up is at an odd number now. :joy:


or maybe my maths are just playing with me and i forgot how to count


I’ll swoop in if a slot needs to be filled. But I mean maybe you could convince me otherwise? :smirk:


well i can’t do anything sexy. maybe me just bugging you with random messages might do the trick :joy:


a bigger lie has never been told xD

anyway chat thread?


okay haha


BY god this is just as annoying as “no, you hang up”! Just submit if you want and dont if you dont!


Sorry for snapping…I didnt mean to be rude.


lol you’re fine. the thing is though is I really don’t have much desire here, the character I made was just in preparation if I needed to. And I shared because crim wanted to see him :3


gasp You played with me, good sir! I have no choice but to change my name to Catherine, and go into some forest to avoid the shame. Good day.


Terry stop eating ur hand. It just hurts. Trust me, ive tried when i got annoyed too.