EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



i dont eat my hand lol


Yeah, not entering. Was going to try entering Susan since she fits the battle environment wise, but not situation wise. If there’s war, she lets it happen. Its not her job to stop it or interfere.

OMG and Susanoo are possible, but same reason. All my heroic characters wouldn’t agree to any side and are against killing.

Luzia is also an option, but she doesn’t fit the theme of the round at all. Just feels-off to enter her.


My character and several other characters just wanna screw everyone, not stopping the war.

Anyway, it’s fine if you don’t wanna enter. We’ll do the Christmas round in a week or two, and that’s a pretty low power leveled round. :slight_smile:


Aquihet wants to find the leaders and take them out, then grip control of their troops through fear, then send em bitches home.


Really hope that we can get one more player soon, otherwise I need to remove myself.

What I can confirm however, we’ll start the battle before weekend, because I got something to do on weekend so I can’t be online at that time.


ricy said she’ll enter if we need one more person

cough @litericy cough


Ricy already entered his character




Starting to regret my submission because I could have submitted a whole team of characters instead of just one overall mastermind


@MistickMage We have several more people that planned to join (a quite lot actually) and I’m just waiting for them to respond to me. The message at #3574 is just me giving signal to them that we really need someone else.

@iamnotasmartguy Well, the submission requirement on the round is still basically one person but they’re allowed to carry an armada or an army with battleships. It’s all optional.


Oh yeah…darn. Damn, wish cupcake could participate X_X


It’s not a problem because there’s many more people who could participate. Right from Jay to Cai, Drakon to Future, Ryan to Sun. If we’re lucky, there’s even Inked. We’re not in shortage of people.


Oh yeah derps


Want me to put Slug in as a temporary place holder?


could always just submit Abaddon Beelzebub MMCMLXXVI :thinking: Hmm…

Imagines how fucked anything inside terrain magic usually is


Yeah we could put him in until someone decide to submit


@Crimson_Scythe This submission isn’t set in stone, it’s only so we have an even number is another person wants to submit their character I’m more than happy to pull out so we don’t have uneven numbers again.


Mkay he’s there now you get to try cracking his shell with that hammer of yours cause I know you’ve been dying to do it xD


radiates Cernul

okay i win :slight_smile:


So you think!