EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



He has literally no radiation protection.


Dem cells go boom.



Suitable Environment :slight_smile:


Hmmm I under who the Anonymous Nyan Cat is xD



Also…Suitable environment only changes heat and can warp the air. Radiation works separately of both lol


Damm terry on that science meditation.

Terry too OP plz nerf


Only because Slug is so op :shrug:


Welp than I’d say Ergokinesis in tandem with Asterokinesis but ey nice job on finding a way to by pass him. Lol


Got tired of reading forms anyway, haven’t looked.


Actually I was gonna say this right after I did the review of Cernul

…That being said, regardless on how much I love Cernul as a character and as a villain…

…The amount of effort to nerf him if he’s there as a player, going to be painstaking… :joy:

But lol it’s not problem since he’s just a placeholder,


Eyyyy ^-^


tbh I’m pretty sure the speed of several of his forms will need to be nerfed significantly and probably the damage needed to damage the Globe.


I’ll do the nerf later, but other than to drastically limit his Omnikinesis, Cernul is not really that broken. And if Cernul survived until the mini boss, then the mini boss will rekt him.

Unless… if Cernul become the mini boss… >:3


eh I’m okay with whatever he’s kinda just a throw away submission tbh


Wait Crim do you think I should do descriptions for Protector and Attacker to help you write them better?


A Cameo AS the mini-boss would likely cause strife. Also, If I remember correctly Jay is the only person you’ve ever given a Cameo.

double strife.


@blue_jay lol okay

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Well I guess? If you think it will help, go on then.

@Logia-senpai We only ever do the “cameo” thing twice, with the other one (Shlumbershleep) is from Ryan.

Not trying to be rude, but I don’t think anyone ever complained about the gameplay as much as you do try to critique this and that, from the ending, plot, screen time, round winner, and much more things. This is why I miss the old EBG where people rarely ever, EVER complain. Things changed after round 10 passed.


You know what.




Maybe stop blaming everybody else and start taking responsibility for it. There wasn’t some mystical curse cast on round Ten and problems existed even before then.

Your carelessness is why I have to be a freaking contingency to every fucking thing I see going on.