EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



…You got me wrong. :man_facepalming:

Round ten isn’t by any way cursed. It’s a checkpoint where things begin to change. Our system nowadays is so complex and very story-focused rather than what we are long ago, where the story is only the bonus. People start getting critical to the plot and whatever is in the story, especially with the new players joining since round ten, which coincides that they’re also very critical to whatever happen in the game.

We can’t go back to the old game, and nowadays the writing are tremendously superior, with an actually great stories per rounds, something we never had long ago. However it would be good if some of the players here can stop critiquing whatever… well… so many things. Seriously. It wouldn’t be a problem until you brings it up.


…I’ll just going to change the topic before another blown up happens…


Sooooo considering that we’re having a placeholder now, I’ll going to start the round with OR without the new submission, by the time of Friday. Better if we can start sooner.

Seeing the submission list so far, who would you like to fight the most? Or most interested to ally with? You can change your vote if you already vote, but if you interested to change your vote, feel free to use our new voting poll! :smile:

(We cannot update the old voting poll, so I make a new one)

Anyway, even if you voted, it’s still better if you explain your preference. For example, you can say that you’ll fight [CHARACTER A] because the way they’ll interact, but you also want to fight [CHARACTER B] just because they’re more interesting. It’s optional but helpful to voice your feeling toward the other characters. Plus, it makes the authors felt more recognized.

Without further ado anyway, vote away!

  • Solaris - The Starcrafter
  • Calihedra Camilia
  • Iris Eloclipes
  • Centaurus
  • Aquihet, Phoenix Dragon King
  • Jarick Wurttemburg
  • Dashnek
  • Jackson Stirling, The Guardian Of Space And Time
  • He Who Watches (the Watcher)
  • Mazell Nexus
  • Velcard, Incubus of Cosmic Void
  • The Jabberwock
  • Ea, the Deep Behemoth
  • Cernul the Dominator

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(Note: Cernus is only a temporary placeholder until another player submitted a character form to take his place)




…Is this count as selfcest? xD


I’m currently interested to fight Jackson and the Jabberwock, because the interaction and how amazing it is to see their power clash with each other.

I also has an interest on fighting Ea because I’m just interested on fighting my own modification, although Velcard could have fought someone else who actually react against his attack. Ea either just ignore em, or she’s just blown.

I has bit of interest on Mazell but for the sole purpose of a challenging battle, and a possibility of wrecking him to point where Velcard would relish his negativity and Mazell would unleash his hidden power.

Not gonna try Cernul :rofl:


Idk like I said Cernul’s kinda just there because he needs to be.


Ahh well yeah


Still I shall await the possible nerf because he’s pretty… you know:


Okay so before I’m going for my modding duty (not yet having the right brainpower for nerfing forms), I wanna go ask something that will decide the future of our game…

I’m still not sure about whether we should… you know… having multiple winner per rounds or not?

Some apparently felt like it’s not as rewarding, and it lessened the motivation to strive, to win the round, so it makes something just… lacking, in a weird way.

I know, the competition side of EBG has caused so much needless drama, but without an actual winner, doesn’t any of you felt like we’re losing something essential to the tournament?

Should we keep allowing multiple winner per round, or return to the old time where there’s only one winner per round? Each has their own risk, pros and cons.

Only having one winner is truly the most rewarding ending possible for the round, but having multiple winners means that we gave the attention that many more amazing characters deserved instead on just one lucky person.

Additionally, there’s the third option, that is having strictly just three winners per round, ranking them as the 1st then 2nd and finally the 3rd position winner.

So… what do you think?

  • Keep having multiple winner to ease the wound and gives more reward for those who deserves, as a round would naturally has many amazing characters, not just one.
  • Only have one winner per round for the maximum reward and as the true gold trophy for the round, although it means there’s much more amazing characters on the round that isn’t going to be featured (plus, risking the clash and arguments)
  • Use the three winners system, as it still has the competition spirit (as in to reach the 1st position) while still allowing us to feature much more amazing characters (in the 2nd and 3rd position)

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I feel they the Jackson/Watcher combo would be an interesting and powerful one. They could do so many amazing combo moves and strategies in battle :smiley:




@superlegend1 Would probably way too powerful considering what Jackson could already do, but yeah, they’ll be a good team together. Although there’s several more possible options for both characters. Even I myself interested on fighting Jackson.

@litericy This could be a good plot point tbh, like those greedy peoples wanna mine the viridium but they suddenly comes alive and become the maidens


Well… that’s a stark difference… xD



Wrong vote sorry


It’s okay dude

But if you want, you can re-vote


Those people would be like: omg look, statues made from viridium! Let’s get 'em! breaks and destroys the maidens and takes some away whole.

Still those people: oh shit we’re fucked


When they see the behemoth awakens, it would already be too late.

God, I can’t wait to see whose going to fight Ea.


Ea’s fighting every body (she’s like the mini mini bossu in this round) haha


@blue_jay Soooo we’re going to smash down Cernul just to be safe. :3

Since the telekinetic can be used defensively, and since some of the form already boost his kinetic power to a notch, let’s reduce the base telekinetic. To resist, even blowing a small mountain should be sufficient, while to nearly completely resist require strength of destroying a small island.

Atomkinesis honestly makes it possible to do… many things. Just to make sure, other than the thermokinesis, he can do stuff like disintegrating people by ripping their atoms? Or the likes?

As for the thermokinesis itself, it should be acceptable if not for his caliber that can manipulate temperature so effectively, achieving miraculous result instantly. Against certain things, I can imagine him just heating them up, or remove their heat, and that already can counter many things. Is there’s a way to downgrade this ability severely? Perhaps, the rate of how much thermal energy can be controlled at once? (Like, the more heat, the more time and effort required)

For now, aerokinesis is safe.

Ergokinesis is not safe, of course I know this is the hacky one. We really should limit this by range, and to makes sure that his manipulation of energy only affect scientific energy + his own energy. Otherwise he would just go viridium plasma ham on everyone.

Asterokinesis/Astrakinesis is the broken one, but require for him to spam his moves. So I guess we’ll just need to severely limit this, such as by how much things he can manipulate/shift at times, which limit his ammunition and defensive mechanism. Otherwise, with this alchemy-like power at unlimited usage, every physical stuff, even theoretical stuff like dark matter, is under his absolute control.

Mégethoskinesis is fine the way it is.

Technomancy got the potential to be really broken if he find the right technology, but I’ll just let this happen since I’m in control of the technology within the plot.

The way he create his suitable environment is necessary but I’m going to be cautious, in case, if he can just warp a magma into an ocean, and an ocean into a magma. Perhaps even turning the air into massive globe of hot plasma, or the earth into radioactive primordial soup. Is that possible? Because it said that he can even wreak havoc on another person’s body, so can he just turn their body into slime or something? Or, is this ability work fast enough that if there’s a projectile reaching the 100 meters radius, he can just melt them?

“Doing this allows him to be able to quickly determine the shape and basic function of machinery thus allowing him to create his own variation of it with his Asterokinesis” I don’t think I should allow this.

Atomic Marble is all okay anyway, so does the Moon Marble. Even though it’s very fast and highly destructive, we’re on a round that meant to be lax on them.

I’m not sure on how much the globe enhance his kinetic function, so I’ll ask… all the stuff mentioned on the omnikinesis section above, are they already under amplification, or that’s just what Cernul can do alone, and thus when in the globe, it get boosted much more? If yes, how much?

Hmmm… do you think we need to reduce the speed of the globe a bit?

Although the speed is not my main concern. The maximum damage of the globe, right back at when the Nialin Globe first introduced, was not stated. So before further nerf, I’ll ask, how much damage required to blow this, if there’s no interruption from Cernul?

I’m going to assume that the globe’s durability is the same with all the other forms?

I’m definitely worried about the Sentry Mode that can reconstruct things, but I guess it’s okay. There’s no way he could just create identical replica of everything.

The rest for the Sentry Mode are extremely powerful, but within the acceptable range.

Now to the Frenzy Mode, first of all, reasonable hax so that’s not a problem. However the sheer power of this mode is already like a mini boss of the round, so even if his defense become nonexistent, it’s still pretty dang OP anyway. They’re alone are acceptable within the limit of the round, but considering that Cernul already can do a lot of non-direct attacks, or massively powerful manipulation for not just defense, but many more application, then I’ll nerf the Frenzy Mode later.