EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



Yeeeeee boi dunno how I’ll write this… :rofl:

So everyone either fighting each other, or been teaming up, annnnnd then Ea start wrecking the place. By the half end of the battle, everyone will probably either try to stop her, or they just GTFO lol


Ooooo Ea, the Big Party Pooper, only appearing when things start to turn out great for the good guys and starts bitching on them with her bitterness haha


This will be lit :ok_hand:

I would be amazed if Ea manage to take down several of the player. I would gave her a special reward if she could beat at least two players before she get ripped apart.


Challenge accepted crim, although i’ll probably eat this certainty when the round starts haha


We will see, we will see~ xD


I’ve been reading their forms - one moment Velicard seems to be able to one shot kill Jackson, the next moment it seems that Jackson could counter most of the major stuff that Velicard can do
This is confusing :sweat: lol


In theory he could yes. Cannon he could and does. This version though I figured that’d be too much so I limited it to himself, his globe, and non organic things. (Atomic Warp)

Didn’t it say he only achieves things rapidly not instantly? Hmmm… Either way I’m okay with saying the hotter/colder he goes the longer it takes. Tbh it’s really more of a defensive measure so he isn’t boiled alive or frozen soilid and shattered.

I thought that was implied since it said he needs to understand the flow of something in order to manipulate it. He’s a scientist so scientific energy I figured was just a given :3 Oh also outside of his size manipulation I’m pretty sure I said everything else has to be within 100 meters of him. But for this one I guess we can lower the radius?

Not that I’m going to fight you much on this (cause you already agreed this one is fairly necessary for him) but didn’t it say he controlled dark matter too?

Sure he could do things like this. But like his thermokinesis this is more of a defensive measure. He could probably make things more difficult for someone but nothing overly crippling.

Lol okaaaay but can I at least keep the cleaning function? Also remember the technomancy ability literally states it’s not a guarantee that his version will have the same power.

I’m okay with saying that everything listed is him already inside the Globe. But I THINK what the form said is it doesn’t make his abilities any stronger it’s just easier for him to do it (not as much strain) because the globe acts like a conducted/amplifier for his brain. (Not sure if that’s the best wording.)

Lol well I was thinking probably since he can go from Mach 1 to Mach 15 depending on the Mode hes in with the potential of going Mach 33 if he can get some distance and a straight line. Especially considering the defense it has.

I know I put it on there SOMEWHERE that you need Island levels of destruction to even scratch it… But I think that should be reduced to mountain level. Hmmm Sentry mode says it can only absorb twice as much energy as it can use (enough to destroy an island 4x) so maybe that’d be a good start? My only thing is his Globe NEEDS too be tanky af because someone can just jab Cernul himself with a finger and it’ll kill him. As for your question yes the Globe has the same durability in all modes some are just easier to deal with than others.

He needs to understand it’s parts and what they all do in order to reconstruct something so no he can’t just be like (i want that gun or sword) and just automatically make it. He can make the shape but unless he understands how it works it’s just a paper weight.

Look forward to the debate lol just remember this mode is supposed to be his best one that focuses on damage and speed above all else.

Orb Mode = defense and speed

Shenlong Mode = Speed and some attack.

Sentry Mode = Attack and Defense

Frenzy Mode = Attack and Speed


Wait how would Watcher and Jackson be too powerful? I mean yeah, working in tandem would be pretty fearsome, but too powerful? Nah.

They wouldn’t have true instant communication like Watcher would with Jarick, the cyborg. THAT would be op, since Watcher would be able to remotely insert his consciousness into Jarick and give him advice instantaneously, since he’s part robot.

  1. You whimsically do whatever you want and you’re never able to see ahead in case it backfires. That’s why I’m the only one paying attention to that, nobody else does anything about it.

  2. I am the ONLY ONE commenting in order to maintain the safety of the game on a regular basis. If you can’t handle One person doing what needs to be done how do you expect to handle anything?? All you ever do is complain when I pitch these things to you. How the hell does me watching out for things equate to complaining? You’re the one who complains everytime everyone around you doesn’t do what you want and feed you with praise. Then you become upset whenever someone doesn’t - that’s exactly how it looks.

  3. Crim,

If this is how you’re going to respond to me for trying to make sure things sail smoothly. Then remove me from the mod list because I won’t deal with that. I deserve better than the BS you give me, the triviality you try to cast over issues I bring up and your general inability to consider the consequences of your actions in this game while complaining about me while I have to take care of it.

Doesn’t matter if you’re not just complaining about me, the problem is you’re complaining about me at all and all the time.


Oh boy here we go again niggas


Pff, there’s no discussion. I’m just making myself clear, I have standards.


Logia please dont make this a huge issue.

Crim actually brought up a very valid point. It didn’t become a problem until it was brought up- which just so happened to be you. That doesn’t mean you made it a problem or you are the problem. Just that it would have been better if you had left well enough alone.

It’s not your fault! You saw and issue and pointed it out. There’s nothing wrong with that. But repeatedly bringing it up? That’s just a little too far my friend. It’s done, thats how it is.



I brought the point to him once and he started complaining. I’m certain you’re lost and talking about something else.

It’s also NOT better for me to leave things as they are when I know there’s probably going to be an issue. Me bringing it up to Crim should be perfectly fine and his REACTION to it is the problem.


Nah man, you’re just asking for another good fight. Don’t you know what Crim is like by now?


That’s not more important than the game to me.


Drop it. People made their points I’m sure they feel better it’s an old topic I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing.

No point in bringing it up again unless people just want to be told they’re right and that the other should admit they’re wrong.

Really though it’s just annoying. If you feel the need to reply to this feel free. It’s just petty amd childish to keep bringing up the exact same thing have it resolved and then bring it right back up.

It’s a song and dance I’m tired of watching just as I’m sure people or annoyed with doing it.


Guys maybe these kinds of issues should be taken to PMs…


Nah man, no one sees it like that when it’s you saying it


Do you even know what a resolution is?

I’m not going to sit here and allow everyone to keep bull shitting me while they let Crim run free. You guys never have ANYTHING to say to him dammit, so stfu and leave me be.

You see me talking to him you back off and leave it as a discussion between men.


Nah man, it’s never been resolved.