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Resolution for the Round 10 argument was Crim saying he’d do his best not to have a plot based boss.

The same round 10 it was actually me that started that big riot. So to say “we” have nothing to say to him is incorrect. If you wish to continue for your own resolution then do so in private.


I’m not even talking about round ten why doesn’t anybody realize what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about how Crim behaves, interacts and reacts.

Do you guys even realize why you’re so comfortable with it? Because it doesn’t affect you. You know who it affects and WILL affect, new players?

Old players are bound to leave, and that’s just reality. If you only care about the old players then you’re going to run out.

But as nobody would expect. This is my last stand.
Once this fails, and everything remains the same, I’m just done.


Okay :wink:


Please guys…PMs…

let’s not air our dirty laundry for everyone to see


The past is the past though, you starting a riot 6 rounds ago doesn’t mean anything right now because you’re acting very differently. All you want to do is push problems aside, which is why you and I cannot avoid clashing because you’re trying to do the exact opposite of what I am doing.

We all have things we stand up for, and that’s why I’m standing up. But unlike you for example, I don’t discriminate who to stand up against - I just do it. I don’t consider who they are, I just do it. Doesn’t matter if It’s Crim or super or you or anyone else - rest assured I would stand up against it.

That’s clearly not appreciated here, but there are places where it is, and times where it is. If I don’t belong here then that’s that, I’ll leave so the people comfortable here can stay exactly the way they want.

It would be selfish of me to force my unsolicited concern on this game or the players.
Though, it’s a bit late to realize that.


Completely agree, tho I still don’t see why you’re rehashing it publicly. You actually think people still care?


I can’t be bothered with typing in DMs with the BS character limit. I deal with things where they occur anyways.


You’re gonna get shit on by everyone anyway when you’re in here, this thread is definitely not the best place to air your grievances.


I don’t actually care, I don’t hide things, I don’t whisper, I don’t have two faces.

Also, it would be kind of you to flag my last few messages so that I can delete them.

The last bit was very derailed.


You can only delete them if they arent flagged…actually, if they’re flagged, that means you cant delete them if you tried.



Okay so… apparently there’s a BIG misunderstanding in base level here.

You think you’re responsible for making sure that the game smooth sailing, and much more aspect of your concern, which is very helpful and I admit that you indeed help us much, but there’s a misunderstanding in the value of our mods, that you think it’s your job to do this.

Here’s what I explained in the front page:

The job of the team varied depend on the moderator status, although the difference between the trainee mods and the real mods is mostly just about the authority level given to them. Trainee mods mostly just suggest things and being asked to help us with our decision, while an actual mods got the right to do an actual nerf, buff, and other task freely whenever they want, as long as permission given by the head mod.

Meanwhile, as the head moderator, my duty is to manage not just the game, the players, and the thread, but also the community by itself. The head mod will decide most of the things in the game, such as approval of new system, or adding new features, so does modifying them. Only the head moderator allowed to edit the rules, and allowed to start their own round.

Although the mods could assist the game, everything in the game is still my responsibility.

None of the mods have that much of burden in them. Although they’re having the authority to do nerfing and buffing, assisting the game in many ways, EVERY single responsibility of the game itself is in my shoulder and no one else. By mixing yourself into what meant to be my field, you’re creating clash because it’s not what you should take care.

Sure, suggesting and discussing new change to the system, or providing statistic info for sake to improve the game is possible and welcomed, but the game by itself and whatever happened is my responsibility. Your help is appreciated, and sure it’s legal to nitpicking the system and critiquing my decision, but you don’t really need to do that unless if it’s necessary. You never ask for my permission first before you bring statistic and critique to the game, which supposedly, something that fall under my authority.

I repeat, although the mods could assist the game, everything in the game is still my responsibility.


I took it as a personal duty to do what I did, I never once thought you asked for that help.

What I said still stands, if you’re going to have a problem with it that’s just that and I’m gone.

I asked you to remove me from the mod list out of formality, I’m just going to leave If things remain the same. Because everything that happens here affects me, and If you don’t want to pay attention to these important things - then I will be tormented to do so, and If you’re going to complain when I do - I need to leave.


You need to understand that it’s not your responsibility. I gave you the authority as a moderator, you can help us with the game in many ways, but this is like you’re in my office as an officer, yet you try to handle the presentation that meant to be the responsibility of the manager, what meant for me to handle. You can’t do this without my permission, even if you have a noble intention for the better good of all.

Again, it’s not like I’m disrespecting nor being ungrateful to your duty. It’s just that you’re taking over what isn’t your responsibility, mingling with things outside your permissible authority.

Your suggestion is still appreciated, any of your help IS appreciated and it does help us. It’s just matter of attitude, really. You know that I should be the one who manage the game. Unless if any of the mods given a rise into the “vice captain” rank (secondary head moderator) then otherwise, it’s not your duty to bear so much burden.


Oh, was that how it is?

Anyway, I have DMed you.


Again, this is really simple. That’s the role I will fulfil unless there’s someone fulfilling it. If you had a Vice Captain or etc. then they would be worrying about this - thus I wouldn’t have to worry about it. But you don’t.

So there’s really no difference, as long as I am here and it’s not being done I will not be able to stop myself from doing it. So I move and save myself the trouble.

I leave and I protect my peace of mind.

I leave and you can keep complete control and you won’t need a Vice Captain or whatever.


Our secondary head moderator have been in a long hiatus, so it can’t be helped.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Although it’s not really something necessary to have one to begin with)

I can see that you see this as a responsibility, but this is not how to do it. Like what we acknowledge before, you bringing these would only incite discomfort on the community, continuously creating blockade to everyone’s joy to enjoy the game.

Again, you DID help us and being helpful, but again, you don’t really need to do this. Your suggestion could help, your assistance could help, but the way you bring it up creates unpleasant conflict that we really would rather not see unless there’s something really important to address.

Whether this will you change your mind or not, it’s your freedom to stay or leave. I’m just explaining my end because it all turned out to be just a misunderstanding after all this time.


@Crimson_Scythe … There’s no misunderstanding. There never was, you just don’t see yourself the way I do.

You not accepting it, is what had caused the blockade, you will say If I never brought up the problem then nothing would have happened. You say that it’s MY fault that YOU behave a certain way when faced with the issue. You are of course allowed to label me as the blockade and label me as the one who makes the game unenjoyable at times.

But I will say this, if you accepted the issue and tried to deal with it, then it would not have happened AND the problem would have most likely been resolved. I label you as the blockade, I label you the one who makes the game unenjoyable at times, the one who is too stubborn to try changing.

Also, you DO need others to be involved in decision-making. So the secondary head moderator is necessary. Most problems here have occurred simply because you acted alone - It’s the honest truth.

Anyways, nothing personal. I’ll be leaving once this round ends.


If you see me as the source of the issues, that everything is my fault, then okay. If you believe that the problems happens because I acted alone, then okay.

However the game and everything is my responsibility. You can’t decide what meant to be my job. And just to say that people already involved on the decision making, only that only the head moderator has the absolute authority over the game.

You said that I can’t accept the issues, but if there’s ever an issues, I’m very willing to solve the issues. I did everything for sake of the game, and the game is not just the system, but the atmosphere. If people keep arguing and making drama, that’s a huge damage to the community more than any flaw in the system. What important above all is that people enjoys this, not about that the game need to be perfect. The friendliness and the joy is what’s important to makes sure that people aren’t upset or offended, intimidate or hesitant to join the game. If people keep fighting like this, then THIS what will ruin the community. The way you do is like asking for a fight, and why that FCDB round ended up into a big fit for everyone.

You see the flaw in decision making, the imperfect in the system, as the problem. But it’s really just about attitude, the social aspect of the game that went wrong because the way you communicate and makes people got upset. Bringing this will makes conflict, which is the issues on why people hesitant to play, because people want to avoid any kind of drama like this, and that’s why I do hell my best to prevent this from happening, so does everyone else.


I’m not discussing this, this was never about what was your responsibility or not. That’s unimportant and your “authority” has nothing to do with me. You don’t want me to tell you how to do your job, yes, that’s why I’m leaving because even mere suggestions offend your fragile authority over the game.

You really don’t understand me anyways because just now, the last problem I referred to was because I didn’t want anybody to feel uncomfortable or left out. That had nothing to do with the system, and most of the time what I talk about has nothing to do with the game and just how you deal with players.

I cared about every aspect and I watched out for all of them. I’m just making that clear. It was never about perfection, it was about keeping the players happy.

Otherwise I would have actually had a problem with the grammar in your writing, which I didn’t - it was something that never made anyone unhappy after all.

No fight needs to happen if everyone is open to hear what everyone else is saying, it is because of those people that don’t want to hear the words of others that fights begin. They ruin communities, not the people who suggest this or that to try helping, the problem is the one who strikes back in anger and upset, instead of accepting what has come to them and reflecting on it.

You don’t avoid drama by starting them Crim. What I said to you was normal, I just said to you to make sure Jay doesn’t get all the cameos, then you turn on me like that. And you still can’t see what part of the problem lies with you.

You’ve only fed drama Crim, and made it worse by telling those who have issue that they should not speak up.

But hey, we’re both right, your method, while causing drama - would allow them to quell out eventually.

While my solution is rigorous prevention and deliberated consideration before doing anything that might upset the balance. Which would not have any drama at all until someone decided to have a problem with the system itself.

You can’t handle the rigor, so you’re fine with some drama.

And I don’t want reasons for any drama at all, so I stick with rigor.

There’s no point in explaining any further. Because this is an inevitable disagreement.

You think only your way can work, and I don’t want to work with your way because it makes things hard for me.

Let’s just let this be the end? No need for anything more, right? Let’s just get back to the game.


Hmm… alright, okay, I understand. That’s a reasonable point. Now I get why you’re like this. Unfortunately, I don’t think people are comfortable with the way you do it, so regardless of the effectiveness, I don’t think it makes people happier.

As for Jay and the cameo, no I didn’t plan to gives him a cameo. That was only a joke, and I don’t think anyone will have problem with it, nor would anyone to took it this seriously.

We’ll get back to the game, but before I end this, I just need to say that I finally understand your reasoning after I read your last message, and I think I’m the one who didn’t understand you. Probably too late to say this, but it’s better to late than never.


…Perhaps all this time, it’s just me that refuse to listen…

Though both side are in the wrong, yet both are with good intention, so it’s two side of the coin.