EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



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Well you can still enter! Submissions are open!


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But this could’ve gone down into darker paths. That might speak improvement.


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@litericy There’s a truth to that

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Yeah that’s something too much for now. Things that cannot be measured like this belong to an even higher power level. xD

Ohhh I didn’t notice… anyway it’s fine this way then

Not sure because he do could manipulate the dark matter?

Hmmm well it’s acceptable on the power level anyway, just making sure that he’s not going to increase things to like, temperature of the sun

You can keep the whole technomancy I guess :thinking:

Yeah I figured out that his power is purely science, but juuuuust making sureeee~ xD

The range is all fine. I’m mainly just saying that it need to be stated to only affect scientific energy, before someone because there’s several players here with their own energy.

Yeah you’re right about that. It basically said that he can use his abilities without stressing himself nearly as much as without the globe. I guess I was worrying for nothing.

Hmmmm okay that’s no problem

Actually the form said that “Nothing short of island nation damage will even scratch the Globe’s defenses” so that’s why I ask for clarification. You don’t need to lower it down to mountain level, because like what you said, Cernul NEED the globe. So perhaps, we can keep it around island level destruction to at least scratch off the globe. As for the Sentry Mode can absorb more energy and thus being more tanky, that’s fine too.

No I mean, I can let him copies any of those alien technologies just fine. I know that it’s not an instant effect, he need to understand them first. But I think it’s fine now.

Yeah I understand that this meant to be his best, final trump card. xD

Still boy, we’re going to tone down most of his function from the beginning to the end if we want to keep this mode as optimum, because to let him reach this level of destruction (which is acceptable on the round, but it’s on a pretty high standard) then we’re going to limit his other capabilities.

So basically, Cernul is within the acceptable standard of the round, but when all his capabilities considered in tandem with everything, defense and offense, along with other manipulation to shape his field advantage, it push him higher than all. So we’re going to reduce quite many things, not just the Frenzy Mode alone.


Lol and here it almost sounded like he wasn’t going to get nerfed xD


All that I asked are the initial clarification. Once I know him better, now I know what to nerf :3

I’m working on that now


Official nerf suggestion for Cernul: @blue_jay

  • Reduce telekinesis power. The minimum to physically resist now eased to small island level, while the large island scale should be barely affected.

  • A more explicit detail on how much thermal energy he can control at a time. For example, how much time and effort required to create a large ball of plasma as hot as the sun’s surface? If it can be done in seconds with nearly no effort, and he could makes even one as hot as the sun’s core, then we need to reduce the speed on how much thermal energy can be manipulated at time, in order to slow down the process of heating and cooling.

  • Explicit detail required on ergokinesis that, although we knew that he need to understand the energy to manipulate them, he could only understand scientific based energy (regardless if it’s fictional or not) in order to rule out magic from his grasp, even if he manage to study one.

  • Severe nerf on Asterokinesis/Astrakinesis right on the overall quantity of things can be manipulated at time. This means, he cannot spam as much as before, and there’s possibility of his special moves to be nerfed down because of this. You probably know better on what the chain reaction caused by severely nerfing this one.

  • Since his globe already got much more powerful offensive moves, the Atomic & Moon Marble will be nerfed (even though they’re as a standalone abilities are acceptable without a nerf) by reducing the Atomic Marble to Mach 4 and the Moon Marble to Mach 6

  • The Globe Mode will not be nerfed for the speed. However the overall physical defense of the Nialin Globe by default (without interference of Cernul) will be nerfed slightly, so that island level destruction can put a big dent and severe scratching, while a massive island level destruction (or like blowing the Everest) can break down parts of the globe. You can just put this on the first time the Nialin Globe introduced on page 4 (beside there’s lots of empty space on that page), along with an explanation that all its forms shifting retain the same physical durability. This makes it so that that the globe would not be easily destroyed, but there’s now a max damage that it can withstand.

  • Shining Dragon got increased cooldown to 1 hour.

  • Fusion Cannon and Giga Smasher got increased cooldown to 100 minutes.

  • As much as I love to write a scene about him using the Central Matter, he’ll probably need to use this much less often, so 40 minutes cooldown you go.

  • As expected, his last two ultimate moves get nerfed for sure. Astral Blade got 1 hour cooldown, while the Supreme Conquest will require a tricky nerf…how much it require to cast this? If it only required few seconds to gather all the energy, then just increase it. My suggestion would be that it require 10 seconds before he can release the ball of doom.


Based on the voting poll, the people’s choice of the matchup is…

  • Aquihet and Cali

  • Jackson and Watcher

  • Solaris and Jarick

This is what we got so far. However there’s no guarantee that, even if both players mutually agreed to fight/allying together, the matchup will happen that way. There’s lots of factors that may change the final decision, including the preference of another player.


As promised, we’ll start the round around Friday! That means it will be soon. It could be nine hours from now, or somewhere in between.

Keep in mind that submission is still OPEN! However if no one else going to join, then we’ll start the round immediately nonetheless, with what we got right now.


~ Characters List of The Round ~


1. Solaris - The Starcrafter by @GrouchyPotato (ACCEPTED)


2. Calihedra Camilia by @MistickMage (ACCEPTED)


3. Jarick Wurttemburg by @iamnotasmartguy (ACCEPTED)


4. He Who Watches (the Watcher) by @TheTrueTerrydactyl (Accepted)


5. Iris Eloclipes by @Illness_of_mind1 (ACCEPTED)


6. Aquihet, Phoenix Dragon King by @Logia-senpai (ACCEPTED)


7. Centaurus by @TheBiologist13 (ACCEPTED


8. Jabberwock by @ZacKember (ACCEPTED)


9. Ea, the Deep Behemoth by @litericy (ACCEPTED)


10. Dashnek by @Sandcat (Form need to be updated)


11. Jackson Stirling, The Guardian Of Space And Time by @superlegend1 (Technically accepted but will be put on hold for now)


12. Mazell Nexus by @Lord_Killen_King (Still need more nerf)


13. Velcard, Incubus of Cosmic Void by @Crimson_Scythe (Probably still need more nerf because he’s freaking OP)


14. Cernul the Dominator by @Crimson_Scythe (Placeholder character, will be used if no one else submit a character)



Removed Characters

Due to many reason, this is a list of characters that’s been removed from the round, of course, by approval of their respective author.


Zula Oohnrei, Zula the Cerulean by @blue_jay