EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



I think they’d be more curious about Viridium than the war per se, but the war would interfere with their research so they might fight off anyone who tries to take it from them


@superlegend1 Hmmm so yeah they’ll research about the mineral. (Also, the Watcher is not absolutely all-knowing, they only watches their own plane of existence, so they didn’t know what happened in this current universe until they arrived here)

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Ahhh okay that makes sense.

@blue_jay Cernul is way more OP than Ea so yeah he need more nerf. xD

It’s just that if a character got less of things that they can do, they can focus on that fewer things so they only have few OP things but that those few abilities can get super strong to the max. However usually, the one who ended up being more OP are those with less stronger abilities but there’s excessive numbers of what they can do, which makes them to be OP because they’re so good in many situations and it’s really hard to beat them. In comparison, those with fewer abilities are far easier to be handled.

So it’s not really about defense or offense, but there’s many factors.

As for their status as a wild card, that’s one way to say it. However by the near end of the matchup, both Cernul and Ea (assuming they survived that far) will probably be against the rest of the players since they’re like, global threat.


@Lord_Killen_King Okay so in order for me to allow Mazell to use his Hidden Powers right now, I’ll put severe nerf to many things at once.

Before we go to his final forms, let’s nerf the Darkstar Vanisher especially at the Darkstar Nexus Obliteration Beam because this is the key to nerf his ultimate forms. Instead on obliterating the Everest, this could have obliterate a significantly smaller mountain, but still a big one. How about Mount Denali? That’s the largest mountain in North America, so this should be sufficient.

We’ll start with Ancestral Vampire Bloodline Unsealed with the Vampiric Blood Magic Amplification only amplify the effect of his magic by 2x and same case with the G.M. Magic Guns Dracula Duo Custom that only amplify the elemental bullets by twice.

Finally, to the Will of the Dragon - Duo Dragons Advent! The only nerf needed is that, his physical strength, speed and spells are amplified by 5x instead of 7x amplification.

There’s more possible nerf, but before that… questions…

  • Prime Dimension of Endless Artillery only shoot the basic elemental bullets, right?

  • Mazel can no longer use Darkstar Vanisher or the Blue Demons of Doom and their spells when using his Hidden Moves, right? Because if his final forms also amplify these guns, then oh god no, 5x amplification of these guns would be far from acceptable.

Depend on the answer of the questions, perhaps there will be no more nerf~ :blush:


@Logia-senpai Anything you want to talk about?


Well… there’s - Oh, remembering that this is the game thread. That wasn’t personal.

Idk, you would have to lead anything other than battle strategy for now - I’m not very useful right now…


It’s actually the other way around, babe, but I’m guessing Ea and Cernul will have a go at it once they reveal themselves. Everyone will, pretty much, become a victim to Ea’s anger.


Sounds fun.


You know it!


Nerf Done…:laughing:

Prime Dimension of Endless Artillery can only shoot elemental bullets not the Gun Spells

Technically a much older version of him is capable of doing that but the current 13 year old him is incapable of using any of his Ultimates while hidden powers is active. The ultimates for his hidden powers are already Blood Lord Progenitor Custom and Overlord Dragon Arcane Custom:laughing:


Alright, then no more nerf needed! :smile:

You can remove the "BOSS BATTLE ONLY! At minimum should be the mini boss!" on top of his Hidden Forms, since you can freely use it now.




Is Jackson accepted now? :wink:


That is where Jackson’s time viewing is helpful :wink:


Jackson is accepted :slight_smile:

Honestly I would rather not have neither the Watcher or Jackson having these abilities because I need to keep the plot a secret, but it’s not a big deal anyway.


Phew, finally done with the necessary information of the round! Here’s all the details about the battleships of humanity and the aliens!




Lol idk but once they do I’ve already thought of a few way Cernul could help ;3

Btw @Crimson_Scythe so does this mean Rofy amd I are doomed to be killed off this round???


Would Jarick ever get to meet Solaris in the first place? I think he would be far more busy threatening/negotiating with the humans than to really care about him, if he does ever see him. Jarick would defend human ships from alien ones at the same time. Seeing that the humans are so warlike, they would probably accept his help in exchange for letting him have access to viridium.


Not really. I actually said that some players are allowed to join force with the wild cards, and whether the wild cards will go against the rest of the players, are their own decision. So there’s a chance for the wild card to survive along with the players, depend on the alliance of the players.

Those such as Velcard would probably be allied with Cernul if he can survive long enough. There’s several players who didn’t wish for peace, so allying with Cernul is logical.

Ea is something different since even if she’s defeated, she wouldn’t die anyway. That’s why I said to Ricy that if he can kill enough players, I’ll gives him a prize.




Hmmm I’m not sure, but in my imagination, here’s how the intro of the writing.

The leaders of humanity been discussing, negotiating between each superpower nations, which then revealed that Jarick is already in contact and making agreement with them. However then one of the large battleship ignited in fire, explosion comes from the hull and Solaris appeared as he start taking down the ships regardless of whether they’re from alien or humans. The negotiation broke as they recognize the threat, battle happens, with the alien coming closer as well. On the second part of the battle scene, Jarick’s guards are defending against Solaris, that which able to infiltrate deep enough until the two confront each other. From there, the battle truly begin.

That’s just one way to write it, but it’s the way I imagined it.

How does that sounds like? Would Solaris aim for the ship that way? @GrouchyPotato Or perhaps he got something else to focus on his priority?