EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!



I hope you’ll be ok
And I’ll read the battle later! :smiley:


Wow… Can’t wait :heart:


I liked the general cinema-esque perspective, but I got a question. What happened at the very end? With the two boys, I mean.


I’m back home now :slightly_smiling_face:

@DragonFruit606 For the boss battle? :3

@TheMimikyu Thank you~ As for the boys, they entered the final stage earlier than the rest, because the boss got a special interest on them. You can say they’re kidnapped.


Oh wow…:flushed:…Calamity’s entrance gave me goosebumps…Really nice…:smile:


Thanks! Glad it was great :3


I just realize that I can do this battle writing another way if Damien and Help didn’t run away, they could join fighting Carnage as well. I kinda regret I didn’t do it now.

I also just realize that I originally wanna do Carnage vs Nightmare but I changed my mind because the Nightmare transformation is an irreversible choice.


Awww, that’s a pity.

I would’ve loved to see my boy getting to be the villain, for once.


The Nightmare will and would still happen, and everyone will get a taste of the darkness anyway, soon in the boss battle.

However I’m also thinking on making a “bonus scene” based on the alternate scenario of the battle scene, on what happened if Damien didn’t run, and Nox fight, then Nightmare comes.


More like Crim has a special interest in then amirite


Shhhh dis is for da plot


That was really nice Crim I’m a bit surprised Ogichi got involved though lol. You should’ve said that you planned on it i would’ve given my take on what it was he could’ve done :3

That being said I liked the portrayal it was pretty close to how I’d imagine he’d be. But mah goodness I’m amazed he used so many of his summons :open_mouth: lmao


Thank you, I’m glad that I could surprise you, even if it’s not my plan at all :3 I think it’s just natural that Ogichi would seek to beat the evil spirit on that mask lol

Really? Well that makes me happy :slight_smile:


Is it weird I picture Orlando as the Afro Samurai?



Probably kinda similar in a way or two :rofl:


Alright, here, this is a personal writing for fun.

Originally, I want to see Carnage fight the Nightmare back then before the battle written, but things changed for sake of everyone, so this scenario must be abandoned. However I still really liked the idea of Carnage fighting Nightmare, so here you go!

Consider this an alternate scenario on what happened if Damien didn’t run and was there fighting Carnage, and if our heroes failed to stop Carnage. The Nightmare then born.


EDIT: I’ll also put this below the official battle scene as a bonus.




I’m going to post the prologue to the final boss soon, maybe tonight, but I’m also working on the next round at the same time :slight_smile:




Awesome! I loved it!