Yeah and then you made me be a boss and fight everyone xD

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No crim, you’re not a bonus


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The boss is just part of the gameplay xD

It’s just that the boss need to be super powerful that many could have died. But that doesn’t meant that I’ll ever attempt to win the round. Ever. Not even once.

In compared to when other people discuss their match… let’s take an easy example that everyone should still remember: Cernul. The way you use his resource to the fullest of creativity is amazing, and that you really makes sure to use everything that you got.

I’ll never going to do that because I’m always going easy for everyone. Even if there’s some dirty trick that could makes me easily win my match, I’ll not take it.

The only time ever I won a matchup it’s because my character just happened to be a really good counter on my opponent, that is Velcard vs Mazell…and even for that one, I did my best to not kill Mazell and makes sure he survived, which he did.

And there’s also the time when I reject my own victory with Yukonyan

…Why the topic changed to this? xD

Sorry let’s get back to the current matches :3

Anything you want me to read and discuss?

So like can cao cao be trained by the wise woman?

Yes, but in what way? Is it about strategy? Mindset? How to use his power?

Hopefully everything

And that can she also influence wei’s government, military, and economy as well

“Everything” is a vague word… :thinking:

If you’re going to influence an NPC and a place in the round (like what Blucher did with Wu) then you should be more specific on your plan on what to improve.

I guess the wise woman would improve cao cao’s leadership skills and diplomacy skills, giving him a more thorough breakdown on what rulership is and what his responsibilities would be. She would then go and help him in training with his powers and how to manage them effectively than before. She will then use her influence and her guidance to empower wei’s military and economy so that the state will become powerful and be able to take on the others as well.

Good points. I’ll makes sure to include that on the round. :3

It wouldn’t affect the matchup but hey it makes Cao Cao and Wei improves :joy:

To be fair you kept me in range of the power level though lol

I learned that even if you’re not on the OP tier, you’ll still use your potential to the fullest that doesn’t matter how OP the bosses, you still can deal with them. :3

I don’t have any problem with that, of course.

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Jay the Boss Slayer?

Lmao jk

Wear that title with pride, until I brings you a boss that you cannot deal, ONE DAY! xD

lol jk actually I think you’re just simply really good at discussing your strategies :3 And it’s not really specifically just about the boss, you just know how to use any characters to the fullest potential

Hey btw I’ve been meaning to ask you for a nerf on Syn

Reason why you think he need a nerf? He’s not even as OP as Michael.

Cause Kaleido Blade doesn’t have a range on it lol. It breaks space for an instant so it could be the same issue as Mal’s Fabric Folder where Syn could just hit you no matter where you are.

But isn’t that thing a one time used ultimate? Beside, just because it could hit from anywhere, doesn’t meant that I’ll use it unless convenient, right?

Idk I forgot if it had a cooldown or not xD

But yeah I suppose so lol It was like my main counter for the avatar of Kings or WW’s barrier