Checked it has no cooldown :open_mouth:

Well good then you notice me about this! xD

Makes it once in a battle use. Cooldown doesn’t matter as long as he only used this against once per opponents, in case we’re going to have a back-to-back battle later.

Zing Qi: “… You looking for Cao Cao?”

Lol okay I’ll add that after class xD

That would’ve been bad to just spam tf out if such a dangerous move xD

Imagine people been fighting and Syn just doing a kill steal outta nowhere :joy: :rofl:

Teammates: “Report Syn for KS!!”

Syn: “Git gud”

Michael:shakes head I got this guys.

freezes Syn draws a mustache on him

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lmao yeaaaah that would’ve been bad xD

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Oof this dead

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Yeaaaah this is dead… xD

I’ve been trying to write the battle scene but oh boy I procrastinate so hard.

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@Crimson_Scythe hello to everyone I read what happened I got nerfed out… and my character is totally weak lol :sob:

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It definitly needs more work!

You’re not nerfed, just that you never responded to my questions about that she’s very underpowered and will survive on the round. And since you’re late beyond the deadline, the game already begin. She’s not part of our battle right now. However as mentioned on the matchup opening, she’ll still be available to play on the round once her character form is accepted.

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ok so I just have do a review over my character, by the way it’s a he.

but don’t worry about it.

I’m going to sleep now, so you can take your time. xD

Also try to catch up from you’ve left because you’re missing a huge chunk of the game.

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ok i read through a little bit I saw the part where you guys tottally through some anvils on my character, I think my back is hurting a little bit because of that lol.
Anyway I’ll take some time and look over my character and thanks see you soon. :grin:

We did? I don’t remember… o_o

She’s not currently part of the game, so I don’t think there’s any discussion about her, other than perhaps some mentions for once in a while.

Anyway please take your time to read what’s left behind thoroughly. The game is not just about the characters but the actual story behind the current game. :joy:

I’m still waiting for @MistickMage.

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@Crimson_Scythe sorry for going AWOL for three months. Broke my phone(which is my only means of online communication)and only got a temp today.(Also I’m not sure if there’s a chat thread for EBG or not.)

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I’m here. Mostly. For a few hours at least.