Want to talk strategy?

Yes please. Sorry i’ve been gone.

Knowing Crim and his battle scenes, Xigon will probably summon Chali at some point. How would Gwyn react to an aevern? They’re pretty much polar opposites.

True. Gwyn’s Fire to her Ice. They actually would be evenly matched, I think. How much would Gwyn’s fire hurt her? Ice wouldn’t have much affected on Gwyn.

Chali is old enough and strong enough that fire won’t do much more than make her uncomfortable, but she’s still deathly afraid of it. Chances are that if she sees fire, she’ll panic until she realizes that it isn’t hurting her, then try to fight back. Chali’s scream is loud enough to cause serious injury to those who hear it, and she’s also got powerful claws and jaws. So even if ice doesn’t affect Gwyn, Chali might be able to at least scratch her.

If Xigon himself thinks he’s about to die, he’ll smash the horn so no one else can summon her. That is, unless the boss ends up being able to reconstruct it and use her as a weapon against everyone.

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Gwyn’s past might make her think that Chali is enslaved, in which case she’ll go after Xigon, focusing all of her attacks on him instead of Chali.

Gwyn’s scales are pretty thick, and a good whap of her tail could cause some bad damage.

Chali isn’t a slave. She considers Xigon her adoptive father, and he loves her dearly.

As a side note, Chali can understand human speech, but can’t speak it. She can, however, communicate with other dragon-like creatures.

Good to know. Gwyn will assume that at first, but she might come to realize the relationship.

Gwyn also might simply fly away if she feels the battle is one she would loose, especially is she figures out Chali isn’t a slave. Gwyn has great respect for human(ish) creatures that treat dragon(ish) creatures well.

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Xigon would be fine with her flying off once he figures out that she isn’t one of his targets anyway.

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That will probably be what ends up happening then. Gwyn dosn’t want to fight just for the sake of fighting.

At the same time, Chali might disagree with Xigon on the best course of action. Xigon could end up in the awkward position of having to convince his incredibly devout aevern that the Iron God doesn’t need Gwyn. Then it’ll be a matter of finding someone else.

If Gwyn does, for some reason, suffer life-threatening injury, Xigon will seize the opportunity to save her life as well as gain a new ally.

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Alright. Sounds like we are in agreement. Is there anything else you want to discuss before I go to bed?

I guess not.

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Hey, long time no see! Anyway this is our chat thread:


Any Nier Automata Fans here?

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Hello! ^-^/

I never played the game but I liked the design and the music.

Oh, then you should!

The game design and the music are the part of my inspiration why I begin writing.

Do you also write stories/novels?

The chat thread is over here :wink:

That sounds nice! :slight_smile:

Well yeah of course I am, as we all sure got our own stories. Anyway we should move our chat to the chat thread, since this is the main thread and not for a chat.

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To the players of the current round:

Here’s a little preview on the battle scene that I made yesterday! ^-^/

The Intro

There was a world of legends, mystifying mythologies of the immortals, of a land under the heaven, prosper in eternal peace, an eastern beauty of sacred nature, where dragons and phoenixes dances above the clouds, where man ascend into grace, blessed by the gods, that was once among mortals. In a world known as Huaxia, what they called as the Grand Land Under The Heaven…

Now torn apart by war between three powerful kingdoms. Mankind divided under different banner, where force gathered in political feud and military tactic against each other, all in one goal that is to unite the land again, and to seize the heavenly power to whomever captured the four sacred animals, that’s currently in possession of each leaders; Liu Bei with the Azure Dragon, Cao Cao with the Vermilion Bird, Sun Quan with the White Tiger, and Dong Zhuo with the Black Turtle.

The three major faction of Shu, Wei, and Wu are still trying to conquer each other, however the threat of a tyrannical villain that is Dong Zhuo might changed the balance now that he spread terror into the realm. The course of battle begin to change, each days passing, and soon the culmination reached…


The intro above is really short because it immediately moves to the characters introduction, starting with my own, Feishun, then to Michael.

Also just to makes sure that I’m writing the personality of Michael correctly, I’ll go share their meeting here and tags @Shadowdrakon99 so he can read the preview. Based on what I seen so far, this should fits their personality nicely, but this writing is not fixed and still could be changed in case if there’s some mistake, or anything that could have been written better. So the scenario still could changes.

For now, this is what I made:

Feishun Meets Michael

In one peaceful corner of the land, surrounded by a bamboo forest, a wise old man is meditating. The sound of waterfall and the wind that brushes the leaves gives tranquility to the evening air, soothing for those that seeks clarity. It’s a sunny day, the birds is chirping and flowers blooming. This woods is away from the battlefield, or the society in general. A great place for a meditation, surrounded only by nature and animals.

Among them, an old man sit with legs crossed atop the boulder, aside the lake, with eyes closed and ears listening to the sound of the wind. His attire signify that he’s a martial artist, and a grandmaster at that; loose and long white garments stroked by black and gold streams. He appears like any old man, oriental in his frame, every single strand of hairs are white.

“Hmm… I sensed something…” His voice is crackled yet gentle. He stroked his beard, seemingly thinking. This presence is certainly human… most likely human, however the presence is much, much strong than any human that he seen in the entire realm so far. An aura that’s so overwhelming, he’s surprised that it was under control of the user.

He can’t help but to worry… The presence carries mixed signal… There’s light and darkness, somehow, in harmony. The person appeared from the shadow, out of sudden, without any spell being used, and without a trace. An adept user of the shadow… an assassin? But there’s no one here but himself…

…He need to makes sure by himself, then…

The old man stand up and hop down to the ground. He must be watchful but not in haste, as the mysterious figure is yet to be revealed. The man is here, just at the end of the sloppy steps, on the meadow. Sunlight shines through the bamboo poles, and in there, he sees it… Many creatures gathers together, flocking around a single person.

In a mere glimpse, anyone can tell that he’s not a local. His sweet chocolate skin, with the complexion of his posture are stark to the oriental ethnic. His curly and fuzzy hair, the glasses and headphone gives him a nerdy mood. However the grey-black wings that swept the ground from his back definitely speaks something else. His aura is strong, yet he appear so friendly, especially as any animals naturally gather around him; from sheep to deer, even wolves and tigers, to the smaller critters.

“Ahh… Good evening, young man. Are you in search of someone?” The old man said with a welcoming smile, although he keep his distance safely.

“Nah, just chilling. Who are you?” He answered nonchalantly.

“Feishun Zhao, that is my name. I’m not from this world, but for the time being, I am in servitude of Shu.”

“Oh cool, call me Michael. Not in side of anyone, not here to fight anyone, just here to protect the innocent, like these animals.”

Feishun nodded as he move on to one of the rock and hop on to it, sitting comfortably as he observed the younger man.

“Are you sure you’re only here for them? I sensed intention. You may mask your mind and heart, but your eyes seek something. Please, tell me if there’s something that troubled you.”

Michael stare at the old man, plain, a poker face of someone that knows how to play his card well. Obviously he didn’t trust this stranger, yet the old man seems friendly, so it’s only fair to be nice too.

“You know, it’s not really your business, but if you wanna hear me out, then I’m here to end this petty war.” He decide to tell him what he need to know.

“…And how…?” Feishun changes his tone. He’s ahead of the talk. He knew something, and the younger man also knew that the old man is prying.

“Take a guess.” Michael decide to test his intellect.

“Defeat all the warlords and to seize the power for yourself?”

“Nah, not bothered by that, but close enough”

“…So you DO plan to take down the four warlords, for any reason?”

Michael scoffed. The old did a good job on sniffing his footsteps.

“Yeah, problem?”

“Not really. However I AM in servitude of Shu, and so, this is my business.” The old man begin to amass his energy, gathering the flow of his qi as they emanate in verdant glow. “…I believe you’re not a bad person. I know you have your reason. Please, if you will, tell me the truth.”

Michael sighed, and a translucent black-red aura swirling from the man, and an armour materialized, encasing him in spikes and blade. “Hey old man, you sure asked a lot about my personal stuff… What you gonna do after you hear my plan? Kill me?” He shrugged, in a tone of a jest.

“I hope not. I wish no blood to be shed, however if you’re going to threaten my lord, Liu Bei, or the heroes within this kingdom…” Feishun pointed his right hand, and in ethereal sheen, a sword summoned in its mystical edge and golden sheen. “…Then I’m afraid that you’re going to face me. Let me test your strength first, to see if you’re worthy!”

Michael didn’t respond to the proposal. He remain standing stationary, showing no hint of fear, anger, or weakness. Whatever going to happen, he’s prepared to adapt just like water that keeps on flowing doesn’t matter the obstacle.

“You asked for this, old man! Don’t blame me for hitting you!” Michael warned his opponent, waiting for him to come.

“I will not. Now, begin!” Feishun leap above!