For the most part, Michael would be honest. He would tell Feishun he wants to unite the sacred animals. But otherwise you nailed him on the head

Nice! Also would be better if he’s being honest, so it’s less awkward xD

I will rewrite this later then

Crim is being lazy and I’m sorry xD

No but seriously I’m being really lazy and I gotta go back to my schedule

I wonder what round it is?

Round 17 :slight_smile:


:smiley: cool! It’s a Chinese-themed round.

sad to say I only have 2 Chinese characters in my world so far (the other one is half Chinese and the other one is pure)

both of them are decent in terms of skills ~ .

Hmmm I think one of them is the kawaii waifu? xD

(You showed me someone with a pic of Nico Nico Niiii)

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I forgot her name xD

It’s been a long time since I haven’t updated her story :<

she’s a pop idol in China ~

It reminds me with my Yukonyan xD

Okay so unlike my expectation, I am legit struggling with writing several of the matches, because we’re not sure where and how each characters going to face each other. :confused:

The one that I know how to write are my own match because I already gathered all the points, Blucher vs Imperia is easy because one is an army leader and one is coming for assassination, maybe even Syn vs the Wise Woman because I can picture their entire fight…

…Meanwhile I don’t know when Gwyn and Xigon will meet, how they will interact and if there’s any reason for them to even fight, because I don’t think Chali will appear at the beginning and I don’t think a misunderstanding will cause their fight. Then there’s the Karate Dude and Katrina that can just spar for sportsmanship, but I’m still struggling on writing their interaction. Lastly, there’s Da Ji and Zi Qing that… will mostly get to drink before they fight, but are they going to meet in a tavern or something? If they meet outdoor, outside of the city, then it’s kinda awkward unless if they just happened to bump into each other, which is unlikely.

I can try to work on all of them, but right now I just want to tell the public that I’m struggling with writing how to start the battle, the interaction. I’m NOT struggling on writing the actual battle, but I can’t ever reach that part even after brainstorming for the entire day.


could I be added to the tag list? I wanna join in when the next round starts

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Of course! I’ll make sure Crim does it soon. But would you like a tag on our chat thread as well? It’s kinda dead rn but I think it’s because everyone else is asleep lol

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Yes please! :slight_smile:

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Sure I’ll add you now :slight_smile:

Actually, KD and Katrina are easy to write if I skip their introduction… :thinking: I mean, their premise require them to know each other because it’s a fight to test their skills.

However Gwyn and Xigon is something entirely different. I’m still not sure if there’s any reason for them to fight unless if one being provoked first, or threatened, which is unlikely.

Da Ji and Zi Qing… well… I just need to find the right place for them to meet, and it’s all good.


Katrina herself entered a meditation course (from a martial arts school no less) to calm her mind, so she has a keen interest in various martial arts in search of a peace of mind. You can probably base her motive of approaching KD and the sportmanship duel on her interest.

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Considering KD has lost his entire family he might be able to help her cope too :thinking:

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I meanwhile don’t actually know Syn’s motivation here other than he’s being used to assassinate lol.

Well if Zi Qing is on Cao Cao’s side, maybe a palace since Da Ji is looking for him? Drinking happens afterward.

More idea of how’d she act: Airheadingly Flirty and Playful, but Mindful. I’ll add more things she’d say.

:notes:Hit me baby one more time!:notes: Don’t worry. It won’t bother me.”

“You’re cute, you know? Why must we fight when there’s other things we could do…like dancing.”

“Come on, gorgeous. I won’t bite THAT hard.”