Ohhh that actually helps with the matchup! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@blue_jay That’s fine his match is basically about assassination of Wei’s generals lol

@The_Mad_Fox Hmmm well yeah that sounds fitting

Also damn I will ENJOY writing her! :joy:


@The_Mad_Fox @The_Twi1ight_Prince Still far from done, but here’s a little preview just to make sure… this is how they should makes their deal, right?

Da Ji meets Zi Qing

“What kind of commotion is this? Who are you?” She asked to the intruder. The other girl made a hiccup and lifted her gourd.

“Hey girl, I’m Da Ji. I’m here for uhh…Cho Cho…or Chew Chew…I don’t know. Some Wei guy who wields a fire sword.” She burps between her sentence. "Excuse me. Know where he is?”

Zi Qing lowered her weapons, slightly confused. “Did you mean Cao Cao?”

“Yeah, maybe. You know him?”

“Of course. What business do you have with him?”

“Something about his bird. Anyway, wanna makes a bet?”

“A bet?”

“You beat me, you owe me a drink and I’ll join your army. I beat you, then YOU owe me a drink, and a sword.”

Zi Qing frowned. It’s an odd offer, but nonetheless, interesting. Seeing that it might benefit her, the witch general agrees.


I love it so far and yes… at least for me :smile:


Anyway I still can’t find a good excuse for Xigon and Gwyn to fight @Sandcat @MistickMage

Any idea on how to makes them fight? As we knows it, none of them would fight anyone without a good reason, and I can’t find a good reason as for yet.


I find it pleasant as well

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I really don’t know, sorry.

Oh well, I will find a way… Somehow… :thinking:

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Dragon flute

Just give Dong Zhou a dragon flute so he hypnotizes TF out of one of them. Boom perfect excuse.

Dong Zhuo isn’t gonna appear so soon in the writing xD

But it’s a nice idea and I could work on something based on this. :3


Maybe something to do with Gwyn’s illusions? Like he sees her fighting soldiers when she’s using her illusions to create the appearance of more dragons?

Nice idea! I’ll consider this and I’ll try to makes a scenario revolving on it.

Anyway I’m positive that the Wise Woman with Cao Cao facing against Syn, is my favorite among all the scenes that I written so far. Here’s a preview if anyone wanna see:

@blue_jay @litericy

Cao Cao, Wise Woman, and Syn

The wind brushed the grasses and leaves in this cloudy afternoon. The sun is about to set down, the sunset has taken over the edge of the horizon, colorize the sky in gold. The rest remain blue, yet amber that rise high is reminiscent of fireflies. The land is burning, so does the houses within the conflagration. Civilians rush away, carrying only what they could save. Warriors died in the flame, and footstep heard through the fire. A man clad in prestigious blue war gears walk past the destroyed city, with a flaming sword in his hand. He’s infamous for his merciless pursuit of dominance, the warlord they called as the “hero of chaos” and leader of Wei, Cao Cao, the holder of the Vermilion Bird.

He look around in disappointment… In his eyes there’s lament for the fallen. He hoped that soon this will end, that no more life need to end by his blade… However until he unite the land under his hands, he cannot rest, as he believes that only a true hero among men worthy to unite the world. It shall be him, or Liu Bei. No one else.

Today, yet another city fallen to Wei, by the flame of chaos. It’s necessary to seize as much advantage as possible before the big battle. If these towns must burn to ensure victory, for the greater good, then shall be it.

“O Wise Woman, are we walking on the right path? Please share me a word of wisdom.” He called, even though there’s no one seen by naked eyes, but an answer heard…

“Truly, my chosen one, the Mandate of Heaven is in your side. Fear not, purge your hesitation and fight with pride, in name of honor, and glory is yours.”

A beautiful voice speaks from nowhere. Almost impossible to tell the speaker’s age, as the melodious voice shift into scratchy at its tail, as if her age bumps around.

“I shall not disappoint you that entrust me with this divine task. I shall conquer the land, and I’ll makes sure so.” Cao Cao regained his confidence and his sword raised, then comes a resounding cheer from the distance, as the army of Wei marches again.

The Wise Woman smiled, she knew she choose the right man…

Then, she felt dread coming from where the sun goes. From the distance, a single man stride against the army of Wei. His hair is white and sways through his neck, as the wind whispers from his back. His violet eyes radiates fearsome ferocity of a tiger, befitting of the black stripe streaking down from his left eye. His pale skins is contrast to his tight, black sleeveless shirt, ended with white wool fingerless gloves, a war-designed snowy white leather skirt, then the black follows again with his pants and boots. There’s no weapons carried, merely a golden dagger.

He’s Syn, the Shadow of Death, the one last child of the Golden Dagger, archenemy of Shard the Vermilion from the Red Hand. In an unexpected twist, his journey of vengeance brought him to this land, and under pretense of familial bonds, he choose to serve Wu, in respect of Sun Quan that he believes to be the strongest of the four leaders. Now, to prove his capability, he took the job of a mercenary, of the assassin.

His mission? Assassinate Cao Cao, or at least, his precious adviser.

“Lord Cao Cao!” One of Wei’s general, the one with an eye patch, Xiahou Dun, comes with a horse. “An enemy is spotted! He taken down hundreds of our men, and many of our officers retreating as we speak now!”

Cao Cao look to his loyal subordinate. His men are not coward, they’re strong and isn’t outnumbered either. Whoever this man is, he’s not an ordinary warrior, and not to be underestimated. A cautious step required, and so he consult with his great vizier again.

“Tell me the best course of action, Heavenly Woman. Should we retreat along with the rest, or should I crush this pest with my own hand?”

Through the smokes and the flames behind the warlord, a woman in white cloak, hidden under a mask of golden rose that covers her upper face, that extend further higher into what seems intended to be a halo. No one knows her true identity, however her allegiance engraves her as the Wise Woman of Wei, the Heavenly Woman of the West.

“I believe the decision is yours. Proves your mastery, Cao Cao! Whichever your answer, I vow to you that my faith is unyielding.”

Cao Cao nodded and smiled. He turn to Xiahou Dun with eyes of certainty. There’s no doubt spoken, not even once.

“Evacuate our force! I shall deal with this by my own.”

“Yes my lord!”

And so the steed marches again, this time along with the entire squad, leaving only Cao Cao that stand in the way of this unknown threat.

“Brave and well spoken, I approve. Now, allow me to assist your battle, as how it should be.” The wise one step forward and gazing at the figure down the hill.

Soon, an epic battle will spark…

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Ironically, that’s probably the most well-written scene on the entire writing so far, because it’s the only one that I written on phone. Anything else written on my computer, which mean, they’re distracted by my online game, that has taken the majority of my free time.

Well, it’s okay, I will fix the rest later… xD

Not bad at all lol.

Surprised af that Syn is just strolling right up to them though xD

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Because the real battle didn’t start yet :3

One of the music that I’m listening while writing this battle scene

when does this battle actually begin?

Actually begin? You mean?

The battle has started, we are just waiting for Crim to tell us wtf is going on

The battle been going steadily, just that I got much more things to do. xD