But do we know what the battle is like yet hehe?

More preview will come soon :3

Ahhhh I’m sleepy as hell so I’ll continue the writing tomorrow. Before I go to sleep, here’s some little preview for each matchup that I didn’t shared yet! :wink:

First, we have Xigon helped someone, then Gwyn suddenly appears! @Sandcat @MistickMage

"Meanwhile in a certain village..."

He approaches the refugee and took a pity on the victim. Soldiers looking back at him weakly, and a smile greets him. A gentle breeze felt as the mercy of Xigon tend the wounded. The villagers looks at the stranger, they witnessed wonder, like a miracle, a savior has arrived.

Then… a disturbance comes…

A powerful roar heard, terrifying, draconian howling from the sky that startled the villagers. Eyes opens wide as a silver dragon soared, passing just above the hills.


Next, I wanna share the chat of Katrina and KD! @TheTrueTerrydactyl @TheBiologist13

"A meeting in a certain temple..."

Karate Dude descend down the staircases, and Katrina too move forward, both entering the training ground in front of the temple. She bowed down, to which the man replied with an equal gesture.

“Can I help you?” KD asked the weird creature.

“Much appreciated. I’m looking for a monk and a monkey.”

“Never heard of one.”

“Oh, unfortunate… But may I ask for something else?”


Katrina step back and prepares her body in a fighting stance. In a glance, the man knows that she’s a skilled martial artist as well.

“Mind spare me your time for a little training?”

The karate-looking dude took his stance as well, with a smile.



Lastly, this is a summary of what Blucher’s army has done, which took some hell of re-reading through his character form AND the discussion. No real action happened yet, but you can see that Imperia makes her entrance at the end of the writing.

Anyway, @iamnotasmartguy @shadowsettle A special exception for you two, I’ll share the entire scene instead of just a snippet, because idk if I’m developing Wu’s setting properly here.

"What happened in Wu behind the scene..."

At the eastern region of Huaxia, Wu faction, a new general is rally up victories as they come to the world with advanced knowledge in warfare. Leaded by a man known as Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, a Prussian Generalfeldmarschall that used to fought Napoleon I at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig in 1813 and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, is now in charge of the entire campaign to expand Wu’s influence, and in preparation of a decisive battle to end the tyrant Dong Zhuo.

In matter of three months — more or less — his leadership has successfully revolutionize the technology of Wu, from manufacturing of gunpowder, creation of explosives including grenades and bombs, even added flamethrower, and their ammunition supply. Not only the industry flourished, but the agriculture and infrastructure, and to some degree, influencing the system of the military system itself. Blucher’s passionate in leading the battle to victory gained much favor of Wu, while his officers including secure the intellectual route with Lu Su and Lu Xun.

It was rough to accommodate the right place on the right condition, in this strange fantastic realm, especially when about 116000 Prussian soldiers brought into the world, now serving Wu as well, boosting their manpower by a ton, successfully pushed the southern barbarians, and new land conquered. This is more than a massive development, but also triggering economical change in Wu itself. Of course, the government wouldn’t change so easily, not so quickly… not until their priority tackled first…

Right now, more than fifty thousands of the Prussian army are busy crafting and engineering, mass producing guns and siege weapons. Blucher is confident in his military tactic, although as usual, Sun Quan and largely the majority of Wu’s upper class warriors are in doubt. Why do they need matchlocks when their finest of fighters already pack the force of cannonballs in their sheer strength and speed? Nevertheless the advancement of technology is welcomed.

If there’s anything that separate Blucher from a mere soldier, is his ability… The reason why he could outsmart every single one of enemy strategist so far that he earned the trust of Wu, despite possessing no impressive combat capability. It’s his power to see beyond the eyes of man, a vision of an eagle on its prey, unbound by physical barrier. No walls could hide what he seek, as anything in his priority list shall be unveiled, unraveled. This is why he always accurately manage his men for the upcoming battle, because he knows beforehand, because he can see his goalpost before they appear.

His vision however, only fixate on his priorities, and something slipped under the radar today…

An assassin sneaked into the city, not in form of man, but animal. Avian, to be exact. A raven watched over from a tree, with a bloody red eyes, observing from the distance. No one would expect that this bird is a harbinger of death.

Imperia, Domina Viribus, is here…


Oh also, the two first scenes above (Xigon and Gwyn, KD and Katrina) are done yesterday. The only thing that took a heck amount of time is Blucher’s scene with Imperia, which just finished just now. Unlike the rest, writing Blucher isn’t about the combat, and he’s only about military strategy.

Anyway more preview will comes later. For now, I’m going to sleep. :slight_smile:


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Yeah it’s a good change of pace. Especially before the next round.

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honestly the wise woman is giving me yoda vibes

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Now that you mentioned it… I can’t unhear the Yoda voice from her :rofl:

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That’s REALLY calm for a battle scene 0_o

Not yet the epic battle part, still on the intro of each characters xD


More preview will be ready soon, but the writing is still far from done. I’m sorry that I’ve been very slow on this one, as from the beginning I always been busy with something else. But I promise you that the battle scene progressed steadily and it’s going all good. :3

Meanwhile waiting, I want to help another community with their own game. @Shadowdrakon99 on the Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena just launched their very first round few days ago, and there’s barely anyone joining, so I want to inform everyone that they’re open to submission, in case anyone would like to join. Here’s the round intro!

Perhaps this would ease the boredom while you guys wait for me with my writing. xD

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Since you’re on the taglist then you should be tagged when the new round comes :slight_smile:


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@blue_jay I know that you’ve been waiting for me to finish the battle scene and I got some preview for you to check here. I won’t put a preview to the actual battle since they’re the main dish to enjoy later, so for now I just wanna let you read a certain part where… well I’m not sure if this align with the personality of Syn or not? I don’t know how he speak this way, or if he’ll even introduce himself to his opponent, so just to makes sure here…


Wind whispers like a flute from the distance, as the horizon darkens. The twilight has passed and night is looming over the world. At the edge of the grassy plains, the fire is still burning, and brighter they shall be…

Cao Cao, the warlord of Wei, what they revere as the hero of chaos, faced an unknown warrior from Wu. No one knows his name, no one knows who he is. A man without fame nor reputation in a world that isn’t even his own, challenged the infamous Cao Cao - and the mysterious wise woman that lead Wei to great height - by his own.

“Tell me your name, warrior.” Cao Cao said as he readied his flaming sword. His opponent shows no hesitation, his stature displayed unrivaled skill of swordsmanship, and his cold violet eyes hides an unspeakable dread, as if he raised through bloodshed and massacre.

“My name is Syn, and my golden dagger shall be your demise.” His tone is deep and threatening, cue to the flaming one to smirk at his claim.

“Bold of you to speak so. Then come at me, Syn!”


Tbh was just about to repost this gif because frustrated Kermit is hilarious xD

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