Ohhh riiiight i DID forget to give speech examples huh?

Well he’s really not too talkative, but when he does talk he’s a bit edgy. Unless he’s making an attempt to be friendly then he’s just awkward lol.

His response to Cao Cao’s question would probably be something along the lines of “What meaning does a name have for the dead?”

Or he’d just answer plainly “Syn.”

Would you like some dialogue for reference? (Is going to add it anyway)

“Syn… that’s my name.”

“Every fight, no matter how difficult is just practice.”

“When the shadow falls- so do you.”

“Honor? Honor is an excuse for the weak to fall on when they fail.”

“You’ll have better luck catching the wind and smoke with your palms then catching me.”

“Don’t move, and I promise you won’t feel a thing.”

“On my name I will not fall, my rage lives on. Only the death of another will bring my life to a close.”

“You wish to know about me? Why? I don’t have a lot to share. Nothing of importance at least.”

“My- my father used to train me. He was- very thorough, but I’d like to learn if I could. I’m still just an amateur after all.”

“Friends? I think I have those. Maybe 3, they’re very nice. I like spending time with them… How about you?”

“I’ve never felt affection for another no. There’s no room left for anything but- darker things…”

“Thank you… Sorry I- should probably bow my head right? No? I’ll pay you back… somehow.”

That help you get in his head?

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Ohhh yeah this will help me writing him! ^-^/

Also his speech are like how I pictured him, which is pleasing for me xD


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I’ll probably add Sorsogon or Esgen depending on the theme of the round xD

Yeah the round progressed slowly, I’m sorry I’m being lazy lately xD

no bro. it’s okay.

I mean it’s friggen hardwork so take your time. of course don’t be like me who takes time and literally uploads a chapter after a month unless I’m on hiatus or vacay xD

I’m the same tbh I only upload one chapter every few months :joy:

Also right now I’m working slowly because I’m multitasking for Shadow Spyre too

@MistickMage @Sandcat I decide that the reason behind Xigon and Gwyn to fight is that when Gwyn arrived on the world, humanity immediately tried to hunt her because she’s a dragon, so she was defending herself. Xigon tried to speak with her, and I don’t think there’s a misunderstanding between the two, but I believe Gwyn will still be upset enough to start a fight.

Here’s a snippet of the dialogue. Does this befit their personality?

The Conversation

The silver dragon turned to her, sensing a wicked presence… A power that tamper with the law of life and death.

“So you’ve come to taken my life as well?” The dragon finally spoken, hoarse and reverberating, yet her tone belong to a young lady.

“I am not here to reap anyone’s life, however I would ask you to cease the attack.” Xigon replied. Even in his calming, soothing voice, his pitch-black eyes glares back to the great silver dragon, right into her silver eyes.

“It is not me that started this war. All I was is to enjoy the sky.”

“Is that so?” Xigon lowered his blade, and he exhaled. “Then my advice is to not travel by the sky. Perhaps it might avoid their attention.”

The silver dragon tilt her head, leaning closer down to the man.

“I refuse to have my freedom taken. If they wish to hunt me down, then… I shall teach them on what happened when they disturb a dragon.”

Xigon moves back, readying his sword, sensing anger in her sight.

“They believe they may bring me down? To enslave me? To use me? And I should hide from them? A dragon to cower in fear, hiding away from mankind?”

Her voice gets deeper, darker, much like how the sky suddenly lose its light. A storm is coming, as the dragon’s wrath brought down.

“A fair warning for you, swordsman… I rather not kill anyone… But I have no problem in knocking out just anyone…”


I like it!

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Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

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Yes, that matches Gwyn’s personality perfectly. She prizes freedom over everything else.

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That’s great then! :3

@blue_jay Sorry I am being super lazy so my progress is super slow xD


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To be fair, I was expecting my work going to be really slow ever since weeks ago… :thinking:

You know that I’ve been addicted to online games lately, but even so I tried to balance my time. That is unless if they’re doing special event that got limited time. When it happen, most of my time, for few days, will be spent mainly for the game. The most early special event of the year didn’t obstruct EBG since it happen on February to celebrate the Chinese new year. However when they suddenly add another event at the end of March for April’s fool, then that completely overtake my focus of writing. Just when it’s done after early days of April passed, just yesterday or two days ago, another event comes and I’m still busy with it right now.

Beside, there’s a reason why I was promoting Drakon’s Shadow Spyre few days ago because I know that I’m currently being very slow, and I thought that while people wait for me, they could try to visit another game, so they wouldn’t be bored by waiting for me.

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Okay now I can focus on doing my EBG writing again :rofl:


Done with the special events of my online game, so I can focus back on my writing. For now, there’s not much progress yet, but here’s some preview of my own battle. :3

Also tagging @Shadowdrakon99 to check if I got Michael’s personality correct or not. Here’s two different scenes from two different part of the battle, with the first one depicting his ice form and the second scene depicting his beast form. Also a question to the second scene, where Feishun try to trick Michael by showing vulnerability, but Michael’s intellect is much above humans so he seen that coming, and yet he didn’t care because it doesn’t matter. Does that sounds like him?


First Scene

“Anything else, old man? Not to be rude, but this is a waste of time.” Michael said, seems bored.

“Haha! You’re a strong man! How about YOU show me what you can do, then?” Feishun turn back the question.

“Okay, fine.” Michael disperses the black and red aegis of his body, revealing his skin again, that begin to turn pale grey, and his eyes glows in icy blue. Cold air of winter felt in the skin of his opponent, and he can see how layer of frost began to form in the environment.

Feishun steps back as blizzard blanket his opponent in blurring white of the snow. The bamboo forest freeze at nearly instant, temperature plummet into subzero. Feishun keep his distance, jumping backward to avoid being frozen. From his hand, massive fireball formed and enlarge before released to the icy one. The flame merely warms the surface for a second, before the orange light extinguished, and the frost regrows.

“Not even fire worked, huh? Then…” Feishun said as he land down, with his sword sheathed back and hands pointing toward his opponent. His qi gathered, intensifying from bluish to verdant of neon glows. Then from his hands, the energy within expelled!

Michael simply extend his hand, only his right hand, and the blast absorbed like water sapped by a sponge.

“You can do that too…? Oh boy, this battle will be a long one…” Feishun lowered his shoulder, sighing.


Second Scene

Half of the bamboo forest is freezing to ice cones, while the rest is in wildfire. Then spiritual aura slice open both of the side in crispy sound of charcoal and frost. Bamboos fallen, rolling, and the battle goes on. The cold no longer lingers, Michael has shifted into an entirely different form, and right now, running around like a beast.

Feishun is running out of breath, his stamina is at its limit, meanwhile his opponent only goes faster. The old swordsman lowered his guard, focusing his power to his sensory and agility. Seemingly defenseless and exhausted, a beast lunges to his prey!

“…Got you!!”

Feishun spins his sword in style of blooming lotus that springs in circle, cleaving and ripping anything that caught by the blade. The white-haired swordsman end his spin at the next second, while his opponent landed further away, but the lotus dance grazed against his chest. However even without his spiky armor, his clothes remain intact. His posture is reminiscent of a large cat, with nails protrude into claws, his eye colors changed to sandalwood, muscles is noticeably buffed, and his wings streaked in bright blue. Michael quickly evolve, entering his first then the second Beast Form in a succession. He adapt to his opponent, once he learned the physical limitation of his target.

“Dang, even without your full metal suit, you’re still so tough, eh?” Feishun chuckled.

“I seen enough of your moves to measure your strength. You can’t harm me with your basic attack.” Michael dully replied.

“…Does that means you’re testing my blade against your unprotected body, just now?”

“Nah, that’s stupid.”

“Then why didn’t you dodge? You’re faster than me.”

“Why do I need to dodge when it wouldn’t even hurt me?”

“…Fair enough.”



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Yours also currently in writing. So far they’re just exchanging blows.

@Shadowdrakon99 Alright good xD

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