Just remember that the higher he is in his beast forms the less he will speak. In Balance Bringer he will mostly only growl or roar, and when he does speak he has two voices, one his and one Griffons, a female.

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Ohhh okay that’s something to keep in mind :3

Blücher’s entire attitude to Imperial should be completely condescending. Just think of the biggest asshole you’ve ever met and model him after that person.


On a sidenote, Katrina will hardly talk when fighting. Mist-verse is where “You Talk You Lose” policy applies in fight.

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Ohhhh I didn’t expect that. Thankfully I didn’t write much of their dialogue yet so I can avoid erasing too much scenes since I’ll likely going to makes them talk.

@iamnotasmartguy Anyway that should be easy.

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@TheTrueTerrydactyl A question about Karate Dude:

I guess prematurely ending the stance and switch to another is fine? Otherwise I’ll do it anyway because there’s a scene where he need to use his one stance, then he need to change to another stance on the next minute, despite the form states that each stance last for 5 minutes.

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Yeah, he can switch to another Stance before the current one ends, but the previous one will still be put on cooldown

All good then :3

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Hello everyone, how’s going? Sorry that the battle scene been taking so much time. Other than my sudden business with special events in my online game, I also been helping the Shadow Spyre recently. I’m mostly done with it, but I’m still there to help. In fact, last night I need several hours of editing my character form and it tires me enough to makes me fall asleep afterward. :rofl:

Anyway our EBG battle scene been going steadily, smoothly, and admittedly slowly, but everything progressed nicely. I’ve been writing bits by bits since few days ago, and I can say that a large chunk of the battle scene are done written. Hopefully I can finish it in few days. :slight_smile:


@blue_jay @litericy Both Syn and the Wise Woman seems going serious now :3


His eyes of body and mind concentrated into a single task, the power of Manifest brings out the nonexistence into reality, by his sheer will, he creates a new blade; his favored, personal masterpiece, the Silver Sin. A katana constructed from the tip of its edge to the handle, shining in silver as its namesake. A metallic ring comes as another blade shoot out from the handle, now becoming two-ended katana, unbreakable as long as he desire to keep fighting.

“Well, well… looks like he’s not going to go down yet.” Said the warlord of Wei.

“It appears so. Then allow me to brings him down.”

“With pleasure, my lady.”

Finish le fight and no one gets hurt!

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*continue to play online game for the rest of the day* xD

@iamnotasmartguy @shadowsettle Just wanna make sure if I got the personality of the two characters correctly or not, so I decide to copy paste the entire scene here:


A lone soldier is sent to infiltrate a city of Wu, alone, one man army against a literal army of the state. Ironically, no one so far able to spot her. She’s there among them, hiding in plain sight, can be seen so easily, yet in their eyes, they’re only looking on a bird. A crow that patrols the city from the air, scouting the city as she gathers information.

Imperia, known as Domina Viribus, is a shapeshifter from another planet, a hunter, protecting people from monster known as Tenebri. Now, she’s under the banner of Wei, rising among the rank of their superhuman soldiers. While their leader, Cao Cao, lead the main force, she decide to take the graceful assassination path. Her target for the day is the leader of an army from another world, Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, with additional bounty of his chief of staff, August von Gneisenau, and their quartermaster general, Karl von Grolmann.

So far, no need for brute strength yet. She gradually took a grasp by influencing the nearby soldiers, tampering their memory and mess with the enemy formation, triggering chain of events that could lead to mass confusion, perhaps even fatal error that sewn internal conflict. Imperia couldn’t fight as she modify their memory, however in her incognito guise, she only need to rest atop the rooftop and controls the soldiers like she’s playing a game.

It doesn’t took long — an hour or two — that their leader sniffed that something’s fishy going on…

Blucher finally seen as he walk out from the castle, and seems to steer back his army to the right path with sheer determination. Or so it seems. In his mind, he already seen through the cause of this misinformation: There’s a spy, someone infiltrated the city, and his eagle’s vision spotted a suspicious creature lurking at the corner…

With a new order at hand, the soldiers regain their senses as confusion dissipates with their great leader lead the formation.

“Forwards! I hear you say it’s impossible, but it has to be done! Push yourselves, my children, and we’ll have victory!”

With his trademark passionated speech, Blucher rally the morale of his army!

“Our enemy is no longer Napoleon! Now we fight for humanity itself, against an impending doom! Today, we will hunt a witch!”

The Prussian army spread out, seeking a certain shapeshifter as the location of Imperia is finally spotted. She was occupied with the memory reading that when the first fire comes, she almost get caught by the musketeers. She quickly escaped the volley of bullets, mingling with the rest of the scared crows. The musketeers shouted to each other, informing the nearby troops that their target has fled to the nearby block.

Imperia landed on an alley, shifting herself to the appearance of a cat. That’s a close one. She could have just use brute strength to decimate the soldiers, but her mission is to assassinate their leader, not mass murdering the entire rank. Now, as a feline, she could waltz away and and the soldiers didn’t realize that the stray cat is their enemy. Successfully bypassing their defense, the black cat sneaks further into the city, searching for that man…

There he is. Just ahead of the bridge, the Prussian Field Marshal is patrolling. The black cat trails him from behind, awaiting for the right moment to execute him… It must be graceful, it must be clean, without crossfire, without the need to drag around the bystander…

She watches carefully, making sure that her whereabout is unknown and undetected. Half a minute or less, that’s what she need… Hiding behind stacks of boxes, the cat shifted back to her human form. The cat became a young adult woman in mid-late twenty with wavy black hair reaching her hips, fairly brown skin and heterochromatic eyes; one of them red and one of them dark brown. She wore thigh-length red-gold dress with black leggings underneath, belt across her waist that holds her weapons and a dagger, pair of black vambraces on her forearms, red breastplate, and a pair of knee-high black boots with wedge heels.

Seems that her target didn’t move yet,… Imperia grab a dagger from her belt… Then she step out from her hiding and throws it with inhuman precision!


The dagger sink into the wooden plate, while the Prussian veteran ducked down. He readies his bayonet, and face the opponent that he’s been waiting for.

“I’ve been looking forward for the day when I’ll finally taste the glory of a real warrior, for a challenge beyond what they can provide back at my world…” Even with his old, wrinkled body, there’s no fear nor hesitation, only determination. Perhaps, arrogance.

“Now face me, shapeshifter! My blade will rip through your lies!”

Even after weakened by an old age, his passion for battle never change. Once a hussar, always a hussar.


As for Imperia, it would be her style, strategy, and choice. Does her current action and reason befit her personality? Or would she did something else? I know how she fight, but I don’t know about her preference. In there I portrayed that she’ll rather no commit needless bloodshed and sneak around so that she prioritize on killing just her target.

As for Blucher, I mainly just need to makes sure if I got his speech pattern correctly. I know that he’s passionate, determined, and arrogant, but not sure if he’ll speak to his opponent in such way and whether he’s fine on facing someone so powerful by himself.


First off he would probably be armed with his own saber instead of a lowly bayonet. And second I envisioned him to be more arrogant than that, like “Foolish girl! Don’t you know how many have tried to kill me already? I have seen through your petty tricks!” And because he probably would not face her alone, troops would come to surround her.

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Sounds pretty good to me. Also I plan to have his troops to come soon anyway.

Oh crap, no wonder why my progress is super slow! I didn’t write while using the right music! Should have compiled all the best music for the round! :tired_face:

Anyone got a song that you think would befit the round? (Also I think several people recommends me a song weeks ago for the round, but I forgot the song)

I’m trying to find some good Chinese-ish battle music, like from Dynasty Warriors, but because it’s hard to find a good song for the battle scene.

(And before anyone ask, yes I tried Kung Fu Hustle music too, but it’s too cheesy for the serious scene since it meant to be a lighthearted comedic action movie)

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https://youtu.be/gXCakfBrL08 Japanese, but still cool to listen to

https://youtu.be/loSj5Iy1OOs Theme of the Tiger Warrior

https://youtu.be/xxnPM-1CBLQ Theme of the Herald of Gargos (anti-tiger warrior basically)

Ooh, some from the MK Movie soundtrack not bad either

Thanks! Will check them all later! :smile:

I said I’ll not share the battle scene for the preview unless for what need confirmation, right? Well because I’m already a week late, then screw it, I’m going to share it anyway! xD

This will be the biggest and most epic preview that I can share for the round, without actually giving any spoiler to the upcoming writing. Here I present you…

Da Ji by @The_Mad_Fox versus Zi Qing by @The_Twi1ight_Prince


The fiery kitsune has set the palace ablaze, several roof succumb to the flame, but the storm extinguish them each time there’s something set on fire.

The witch general of Wei bend even the weather to her will. The droplets of water intensify into heavy rain in minutes, smoke rise into the dark, cloudy sky. There’s an odd reaction seen in Da Ji as her body seems to aches in stinging pain. However unlike what Zi Qing expected, her flame only return brighter as water doused her body, that the droplets evaporates from her skin instantly.

“Hehe… It hurt… Felt so good…” She raise her face slowly, her body shaking with exciting delight, and her grin is the smile of victory. Her hair that was red changes its hue to orange, and now slowly becoming blonde. Temperature rapidly worsen as golden flame erupt into explosion, as the fox girl charged toward her opponent! Zi Qing readies herself and her weapon, parries the gourd skillfully and slices through the clothing of the flaming one, leaving a red mark on her side. Like a maniac, she didn’t even hesitate to grab her sword with bare hand, disabling her armament.

“You better be ready, because this will get hot!” Da Ji laughed before she kick the girl, creating a distance, showering her alchohol like a fuel. Zi Qing wipe her head from the stinking stench, and as she opens her eyes, a yellow ball of fire sent out.


The witch general thrown with debris and dust as she roll out to the wet road. Smoke and steam engulfed the fox girl as she let out a thrilled laugh, letting the rain keep pouring down, showering her every inches. The contradiction of fire and water that could not exist together cause each to cease upon their meeting, yet the fire strengthen in return. The rain only subjected the kitsune to everlasting torment that she derives as pleasure, a bliss that never ends.

“Come on! Hit me harder!” She taunted as her tail spins, the golden fur start to deviates into green, and lime-colored small fireballs whips out, detonates like grenades upon reaching its destination. The demonic steel remain unscathed, however the persistent kitsune push on the attack as she put her hands to the floor, feet to the air, and Zi Qing kicked out from the ground. Da Ji grinned as she goes back to her feet, then explode out like a rocket on its take off!


She headbut her opponent, their collision suspend them in the air for a moment, then the fox girl locks her foe in grip of her hips! They spins down in a spiral, straight to the earth! Bricks breaks by their impact, bones of the two cracks as well, however the demonic armour remain unbreakable. Zi Qing strangles the girl that pins her down, struggling for dominance. Da Ji laughed as she wrestle her back, ignoring her broken bones and let the stinging sensation to fuel her flame brighter.

The temperature rise high and Zi Qing can feel it as the kitsune’s hair and furn blossom into green, gradually brighten further into the shade of blue. The furnace spread wider and Zi Qing felt like being burned alive, her skin reddens as the metal that wraps her body become scalding like a frying pan. Her scream echoes before her mind snapped, and the air implode into vacuum, with both of their voice dampens, and no more breath comes. Da Ji loosen her grasp as she clings for an oxygen, her flame weakens, then a sharp pain struck her chest.

The general’s jian impales the fox girl, blood flows down and bathe her in red. The vacuum ends as Zi Qing push the dying kitsune aside, as she crawl out from the crater, coughing. Under her breastplate, some of her ribs must be broken, along with several other bones. At least, she won the tug of war…

…Until she felt a threatening presence from behind. She turn around and she see the kitsune goes back to her feet despite the fatal wound. Her hair and fur returns back to blonde as she struggles, but the flame heats up rapidly as she forcefully shut her wound, and the pain only stimulates her power to burns brighter! Her voice howled as her golden flame shift furiously from emerald to turquoise, now shines into a perfect amethyst, the indigo that melts even her surrounding world.