Annnnd here comes another!

This one, this is what I’ve want to share since two days ago. I need to share this to makes sure that I nailed the personality of Xigon and Gwyn perfectly, and I’m confident so. In order to see whether I written this accurately to their characteristic or not, then here’s a preview to check!

Everyone, enjoy a little preview about a classical tale: A SWORDSMEN VS A DRAGON!!

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In another land, in another mountain, another storm was going, with another dragon fought there. Illusion dances, the world sway as reality blurred in the eyes of the swordsman that surrounded by copious number of the silver dragon.

“You don’t need to go through this if only you leaves me alone.”

Her voice distorted by her illusion. Xigon find it hard to perceive her true form as her spell twist his senses. Surrounded, he clench tight his fingers to the handle of his massive sword as he glance around and try to reason.

“I have liven through sorrow, and it taught me that regret over the dead is a greater anguish than death itself! If I let you go on with your rampage, you will only meet a pitiful end, and it will be my remorse to not save you while I can!”

Laughter echoes softly in the stormy valley. For a moment, Xigon swear that he feels sadness flowing from her voice.

“Pititul? Oh, which is more pitirul, brave swordsman? To die in a battle for freedom, or to live in shame of captivity?”

Lightning flashed and thunder growls.

“I rather died by the sword and burned by the fire than to see my wings by torn away, to see my freedom robbed from me! I am Gwyn, the LAST free dragon, and I will carry that title to my grave!”

Her voice accompanied by thunders, then with a flash, the lightning bolt struck down the swordsman! Everything was white in his mind, his senses are numbed as he could’t even hear his own scream. It last a mere fraction of a second, and it’s over before he can even blink his eyes, however the scorching heat still burn through his clothes and skins, with his body lose its strength, kneeling down, breathing senselessly, and the shock stuns him. He couldn’t feel anything. Not the ground, nor the air.

However, he’s alive. That’s one thing that he knew.

…The dragon seems to keep her word. Her intention is to knock him down, not to kill him…

…But can she truly knocks him down?

He? Xigon? That already broken down, falling from his greatest pride, and learn to bow down to the greatness of life?

No, he shall not break down again.

Now anymore.

He will not fail, not ANYMORE!

The Memento, his great sword, stab the ground and the excess of electricity nullified into the earth. His body is shaking, however with his muscles strength, and with sheer willpower, he got back up. The scars heals, and in his expression, he’s dauntless, bold, staring back at the silvery dragon with his own eyes.

“Impressive, swordsman.” Gwyn said, her draconic voice reverberates. The swordsman inhales, and he softly speak back…

“If you believe that pain can breaks me, you’re wrong. I’ve seen someone dear to me, a girl, driven to insanity by pain… And it only strengthen my resolve to end her suffering, to set things right, to never stop my pursuit until it ends. Your magic cannot bend me, dragon!!”

His raised into bravery! Roaring like a lion finally awoken from his sleep, facing a larger predator with valor, true grit of the fearless warrior.


Beautiful, Crim! I can’t speak for Gwyn, but, Xigon is pretty spot-on. And you referenced Kolo? Wow.


YES! I can’t believe how this situation accidentally parallel with Kolo! xD


I really like it! :heart::heart: Can’t wait for the rest and thanks for the preview Crim


Crim is it AlMoSt d O n E???


I’m really glad to hear that! <3

@Shadowdrakon99 Almoooooost xD (Anyway yeah it should be done since a week ago but dang boy there’s so much stuff happened recently)


I fall asleep with a big OOF!! xD

Well anyway I gotta go out for my weekend schedule, but for @Shadowdrakon99 that really looking forward for the writing, here’s a preview of our match. I’ll split this into two because otherwise it will be really long, and it will spoils the action part. Instead, the first part is just the funny bits and the second part is when shit about to go awesome.



Feishun is sent flying, crashing against many bamboo shoots until he rolls down from the cliff and entered the lake.

“Cough! That’s rude, young man.” Feishun emerge from the water with a joking tone.

Michael appears from the cliff above, and his appearance evolves further, with his wings gains more color, from dark grey to several shades of blue, meanwhile his eyes completely toned to grey, and his hairs sharpens to be reminiscent of horns.

“Done playing yet, dude?” He said, looking down with his huge sword rest on his shoulder. “Because, you know… You’re surrounded.”

Feishun turn his head, and from all around the lake, elemental creations made by the surrounding materials closing in, and in huge numbers. From a typical golem made of earthly substance, to the smoldering golem, electrifying lightning golem, and every other available elements on the land, forming an array of colorful natural guardians.
“Oh crap, you’re right.” Feishun chuckled as he washed his head, then turning to his opponent. “That ain’t fair!”
Michael shrugged. “Hey don’t blame me, it’s you that’s holding back.”



From the tower of ashes, shimmering light shines, and Michael can feel the energy even from his location. Something is liberated. Something that was sealed is now released, and it’s overflowing through the air, emanates around the lake, footsteps of a certain swordsman heard.

“Well, I certainly didn’t expect you’ll go that far to fight an old man…” An enchanting, clear and deep voice speaks through the veil.

The old martial grandmaster is vanished, replaced by a dashing young swordsman. His skins reflects the beauty of the moonlight, as his youthful vigor returned, with his hair displayed color of the night sky, and his eyes reflect the blue of a serene midnight lake.

“Sorry to test you out, boy… Let’s get serious now.” Feishun Zhao is reborn, and with a smile, his sword pointed toward his opponent.

“Took you long enough, old geezer. You almost killed me with boredom.”

“Well, you’ll be bored no more.”


What’s the status so far?

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90% finished but I’m thinking on adding an extra scene… :thinking:

Anyway I just returned home, need to rest first before writing again.


Alright I’ll have something ready for you on the share thread by the time you’re finished i’m sure lol

Share thread?

Crim made us a new character/idea/plot sharing thread I’ll tag you on it lol

Ohhh I also meant to read your Mal stuff but I fall asleep last night xD So I’ll do it soon

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Yeahhhh booooi not sure if I should separate this into two doc or not?

I was planning to put Dong Zhuo’s battle against the warlord somewhere before the mini boss, but not sure if I should add it here? But if I put it as the prologue toward the mini boss then it would be really rushed and wouldn’t be as enjoyable to read.

Maybe I’ll publish TWO doc tonight then? :thinking: One of them being the matchup and one of them is the extra scene that happen after the matchup.


Lu Bu for miniboss! \ (^-^) /

Eff Dong Zhou xD

Never planned on putting that fat bastard as the mini boss anyway xD

It’s pretty good, minus Michael talking so much. He probably wouldn’t say anything except “Finally” when Feishun transforms. He would use gestures more than anything, and the next level up when his eyes are both grey he would use almost solely his head to gesture

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Oh you’re writing two battle scenes at once? You need help for the dong fight?

I’m only gonna refer to him as dong now pls support me

Hmmm okay I will fix that

@iamnotasmartguy The battle for Dong is easy to write, but I’m thinking on involving all the players too, so you can help by adding your own strategies.

Well, it’s not really needed since you already helped with it before. Your soldiers already stationed to many task, including on the naval battleships.