Okay so Michael’s personality should be fixed now. His battle comes close to an end.

Da Ji versus Zi Qing, also Gwyn versus Xigon, are both finished written.

The rest are nearly done as well, just need some more inspiration.

Meanwhile, the bonus scene that is Dong Zhuo against the three warlords is far from finished. Maybe I should upload the bonus scene for another day, and focus on the matchup for now.


Yeah do that it’s only been a month after all lol

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No it’s actually just two weeks, right? o.o

It usually took a week but I said I was a week late, so two weeks.

Hold on lemme check… uhhh…

Okay two weeks with extra few days xD


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I know I’m lazy on this round but there’s no way the battle scene will took a month xD

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Hmm for some reason it seemed longer

Yep I just woke up actually xD

Got another special event this weekend, this time on the real world, the reason why I’m terribly tired yesterday because I got a lot of stuff to carry back home. Chat thread if you wanna see the pic.

And oh for the battle scene, it’s still going. It’s just that I need to go out to the mall again, soon in few minutes, then will be back three hours later, and need another one or two hours or rest. Assuming I’m not feeling terribly tired then I should publish the battle scene immediately.

Kay I’ll check back in in roughly 3 days :rofl:

Noooooot gonna take that looooong xD

For players that have been waiting for so long, here’s another snack to enjoy until the main course ready to be served somewhere later by the night. :3

Did I mentioned that Syn vs Wise Woman + Cao Cao is anime as heck? Because it is. It’s so epic that their fight is my fave battle to write for the entire writing. Here’s the intro to the final part of their battle, and I genuinely love the epic proportion of the scenes.

@blue_jay @litericy

The Final Part - Intro

The night has arrived in another battle, that happens in another day. In that dark night, pulse of fire keeps on emerging to cast the world ablaze.

The warlord of Wei, the legendary hero of chaos, find himself struggling against a nameless vagabond, a white-haired assassin of Wu, fighting the warlord by himself, even with him being accompanied by the infamous heavenly woman, that she need to take over the battle.

“For an insolence fool who dare challenge the mandate of heaven, the wrath of the dragon is upon you. Heed me, Avatar of Kings!”

The Wise Woman release energy that shapes an astral image of Shenlong himself, conjured in rainbow spectrum, iridescent and dazzling. She who summoned the dragon of light is now within the belly of the beast, and she commands it to crush her enemy that’s merely an ant by now. The white-haired assassin gaze upon the gigantic dragon of light that towers high upon the night sky, his roar shaken through the burning grassland.

“…You only brings me a larger target for my blade.” Syn replied coldly against the iridescent glare. The dragon open its mouth, blinding white reminiscent of an ultraviolet ray radiates from within, as if he sees the sunrise arrived early.

Sensing great peril about to go down, the white-haired assassin leap high, jumping against the empty air as he acrobatically spins to dodge an incoming danger. In his eyes, the white light rush down toward the end of the forest, cutting through the mountains, before a sharp noise thunders loudly, the flame of heavenly judgement burn through the land, and in white light his vision overwhelmed. The Avatar of Kings release its first attack, decimating several mountains and leaving tunnels that carve through their sides, cutting open the valley with smokes.

Doom released at that night, but the shadow of death never falter. He kicks back the high air and dives down toward the mouth of the dragon! The Silver Sin is swirling in razor sharp wind and tornado unleashed as he strike down the rainbow creature! The grasses and trees shred into mush, yet the Wise Woman remain untouched.

She pointed her finger toward the man, and the sky heed her call. It comes too fast, merely its flash seen, but its numbing pain shocks through the nerve in an unmistakably sensation of an electrocution. Lightning struck the white-haired swordsman, now he’s vulnerable, though Cao Cao! He swoop in like a phoenix coming from the sky, with wings of fire, he delivers his passion into the earth as pillar of inferno! Once more the land cast into flame, the pillar engulf everything in incandescent of the twilight.

Then, the air rebel against the flame! In unbelievable sharpness, the Silver Sin blows open the pillar. He shall not fail a trial of flame, and he shall not go down so easily.

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Seems good to me

That’s… underwhelming :neutral_face: I’ll try to makes the next scenes better

lol sorry I only have my phone right now. It was good Crim really it was I swear lol

This is really good :0 :exploding_head:

I absolutely love this so far. The battle scene looks to be shaping up really good from what you’ve shown us. I look forward to how this will progress

Ohhhh I see xD

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Thanks! :3 I honestly think there’s many great moments for the battle scene of the round and hopefully they’ll be awesome

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Okay lol so I’m back in my dorm now :3

So seems like Syn got a solid hit in on Cao Cao or WW is realizing “oh shizz if I don’t do something this guy’ll kill my dude!” xD

Either way the dragon attack just reminds me of the next 10-ish seconds here xD


Based on the previous scene, yes Syn nearly land a fatal hit on Cao Cao (I did not shared the preview for that so you’ll see it later on the full version)

Also DAMN! That video is AWESOME!! o_o I never really enjoyed watching Dragon Ball when I was small because the visual is boring, but this is pure awesomeness.


The whole movie is amazing it’s like 45 minutes of fight lmao \ (^-^) /


Ohhh it’s the new DB movie? I might consider watching it but yknow I haven’t catch up with the series for something like, idk maybe 10 years? xD

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