You really don’t need to watch any of the new series at all the movie tells you everything you need to know lol

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Hmmm I’ll consider that then :3

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I find out that when I need motivation for an epic writing, the best result is to use my fave song, or some song that I can enjoy, instead on using the song that befit the story. Lately I keep on repeating this video while writing the battle scene, and the result is an awesome adrenaline pumping that really fueled the action in my imagination.

It’s not specifically fitting with the theme of the round, but still it’s way too awesome that I can loop this for like twenty minutes and gets a huge heap of writing done in epic quality. :rofl:

Not sure if I should share this as song recommendation when the battle scene published later, but one thing for sure, I’ll keep on using this for my writing.

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I recommend White Rabbit by Egypt Central for scenes where Michael has gotten angry at the politics of the land or just at the powers in general, or when he is talking about his friends.

Another song that he would just have playing a lot is Shark Attack by Grouplove


Will check em later, thanks! :3

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I’m really struggling with matchup of Blucher/Imperia and Katrina/KD somehow.

I can write Imperia but it’s hard to write Blucher since it’s about an entire army and I barely have any information on how Blucher could handle her. I know what the Prussian doing to improve Wu as a nation but it doesn’t do shit against his opponent. So I’m just making up my own strategy on how Blucher and his army deal with her even though none are really effective.

Meanwhile as for Katrina and KD… I don’t know why, I just struggled? :v

Either way I promise to publish this today so I better get some inspiration to finish their battle.

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I thiiiiink I actually need help with these two battles. Someone tosses me ideas.

For the first match, I’m trying to find a scenario where Blucher actually stand a chance against Imperia and she didn’t just oneshot him in a direct combat.

For the second match, I really need… any ideas. I can probably write their match but for some reason that I don’t understand I’m not inspired.

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Perhaps we should put a high limit on army users from now on?

Why? o.o

Seems they struggle with these kinds of fights cause the army can’t be very strong cause there’s so many and the leader can’t be very strong either cause they have a literal army. See the dilemma?

Yeaaaah and they’re really hard to be written too. I mean, an army could be powerful if done right, but right now, they’re pretty much walking sandbags. Since the round is based on Dynasty Warriors series, we already have tons of powerless fodder army guys in millions, and they did nothing either.

Either way @iamnotasmartguy believe that Blucher is the best submission for the round and he said he’s giving his best here, so there’s must be something great that he could do.

I think I find the reason why I struggled with writing KD… I used his butterfly stance at the wrong time, which makes it useless! :joy: smh Katrina in speed mode is faster than KD’s fastest stance. Should have went for the bull or the cobra at that time.

Okay I’ll fix this soon, then do something about Blucher. After that, I should be able to finish the battle scene, and hopefully, before the morning sun arrived.

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You can watch any assassin’s creed combat video and it should give you a good idea of how Blucher fights.

Most likely he would surround himself with soldiers at all times, and let his jägers posted on the rooftops and houses to do the actual killing. The aura shield might protect her against the first twenty or so shots, but even by 19th century standards bullets can deliver considerable impact. If Blucher can trap her in a narrow street where the only way out is up, and maneuver a company of musketeers in, she’s going to eat a whole barrage of bullets. That should break her shield. If that doesn’t kill her, they would charge in and just swarm her.

And if that still doesn’t kill her, then it would be a great time for Blücher to blood his new landsknecht regiments. This still relies on her being trapped in narrow streets. If Blücher can keep her stuck in one place, landsknecht companies can start charging down the street with their pikes, and basically swarm her. And if that still doesn’t work, horse artillery firing grapeshot directly at her should destroy the shield and her at the same time, and probably everyone else in its path.

The less violent way would probably just be Blücher telling everyone to stand back and challenging her to a duel because she’s already shown herself. The other troops would probably open fire once it doesn’t look good for Blücher, but no guarantee of killing her.

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Welp I just finished the battle and turned it into an art by heavily focusing on military tactic and psychological warfare between the two characters.

Anyway, these… well I can prolly apply these tactics but I believe I already did good.

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OK sure

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Can’t believe I haven’t discovered Sabaton before this.


Oh yeah I forgot to mention the Prussians probably think they’re actually in China, so they now believe that China was filled with superhumanly strong people in the distant past.

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Would be funny because the parallel is so close to Ancient China unless everything is goddamn fantastic and the geography is different now.

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Sorry to disappoint you guys again but I’m already so sleepy, so I’ll probably fall asleep before I can publish this battle scene, even though it’s so close to the finish line. :cry:

As an exchange, I’ll try to publish the battle scene tomorrow WITH the bonus scene.


I’ll wait. :slight_smile: