EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


Biography: *links a Wikipedia page*

Gottverdammt you lazy bum (lol jk)

Anyway there’s no introduction or whatever else so we went straight into the combat section. Abilities and disabilities are all clear, so I’ll focus on the army.

Despite being labeled as “OP” due to their sheer number, they’re of course acceptable for the round. Our issue is to find the right faction for this guy. In my opinion, if someone being thrown to alternate universe akin to ancient China and there’s a war happening, and the said man being thrown them brings a heck ton of soldiers, then he’ll just establish his own nation after he overtook some of the weaker villages, and turn them into his HQ to further improve his army, eventually, building his own little empire.

As for now, I’ve yet to study his backstory and background, so his personality is still an uncharted territory for me. I’ll go study the wiki later.

@The_Twi1ight_Prince I’ll review you after this. I still need some more time.


It needs a bit more work, but here it is.


Finally the time has come! :star_struck:


Ahhh it’s been a year since I seen Xigon, and his character form looks more developed now! Most likely due to the development in the prequel. It’s nice to see more of his personality, and the background on why he became what he is now.

Base stats and the weapon, no problem. I expect a lot of talk about his sword, but there’s only one paragraph so far. Did I missed anything? Anyway his sword is a fine sword. For a weapon with no special power, it’s pretty dang strong, definitely not a normal sword.

His ability is like a life magic with side effect of death. Without his ability, Xigon is underpowered for sure. However since his ability affect the life of others, weakening and possibly killing without any possible physical measurement of damage, then he’s no longer underpowered and that’s good. Although he’ll definitely not going to use it unless needed. Seems like he’s going to gain a lot of Ferash Therall in this round, considering he’ll fight… hundreds, possibly thousands.

Anyway, I know that the form is incomplete, so I’ll wait until you finish it. :slight_smile:


Will add you to the queue after I reviewed the older submission :3


ok thks!


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Yeah Shard is a pretty long term character. When he’s introduced he’s still really cold. It’s not until he meets sable that he starts going down the path that you know him to take.


@The_Twi1ight_Prince Sorry for the wait, I’m reviewing Zi Qing now!

Hmmm… a beautiful woman admired like an angel but wish to be a warrior, meets a lonely prince that just wish to have a friend. Together they made a deal that benefit both of them, while the world believed that they’re going to be married. I’m surprised that everything is so wholesome, from the start to the end. With the death of the Emperor, the marriage no longer matters, the Prince got the throne, and Zi Qing become his new general.

Her personality… well, unexpected. No wonder she’s gonna be with Cao Cao with her merciless, calculating, manipulative, smart but cruel side.

Anyway, okay… so demon steel is the hardest material in her world. It’s unclear on how really strong it is and how much damage it can withstand, so I’m just going to assume it’s like, something really strong, probably can withstand a lot of damage. Although it would be better to get more information, since it’s really unclear right now. Also, even if we know that the material are strong, the weapons are just normal weapons because we don’t know how much damage they could give when a weapon is made by such material.

And, even if there’s an explanation that she get stronger and faster in her half-dragon form, we don’t know how strong she is on her normal human form. As the rules of EBG state, if there’s no information, we’ll just assume their capability is that of ordinary human being.

The dragon form is honestly… lacking. She became a dragon, she could only fly, nothing else. She do get faster and stronger, but again, we don’t know anything about her stats.


Hmmm… so he changed to be a better person as time passed :3

Anyway, since I already reviewed Syn properly on the chat thread, I’ll go straight to the nerf!

The first thing that I need, is measurement of damage of all his weapons during Enforcement, since we only got the measurement for his wooden sword.

Anything else are acceptable without nerf, even the ultimates. He’s definitely a formidable opponent, but he’s all OK without a nerf so far.

True Ultimates though… Shining Star need a damage measurement. Last Sinner sounds OP as hell with it being said to carve open a mountain, however I imagine that it’s just carving huge area with super powerful force, not really blowing a mountain, which mean it’s okay?

Lost Will… I will accept this, if he could only use his basic attacks DURING the time stop. Since he couldn’t use Manifest at all, that means, the damage of his weapons goes back to their basic, isn’t it? (And obviously this should also be something that he could only use once in a battle)

Or an even better nerf: Lost Will is only usable once in the whole round, so he’ll not likely to ever use this until the final boss since it’s an absolute last resort.



EBG Round 17 - Huaxia

(Characters list so far)


1. Heavenly Woman of the West, She Who Chooses Kings, Wise Woman of Wei by @litericy (ACCEPTED)


2. Da Ji by @The_Mad_Fox (ACCEPTED)


3. Zi Qing, The Witch General by @The_Twi1ight_Prince (Reviewed, awaiting response)


4. Syn, Shadow of Death by @blue_jay (Reviewed, awaiting response)


5. Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher by @iamnotasmartguy (Reviewed, awaiting response)


6. Xigon by @Sandcat (Incomplete form)


7. Layo, Emowa Wind User by @AAJamesOFFICIAL (Next to review)



Yes indeed

Oh yeah I only listed the bokken and his fist huh? XD umm the Silver Sin can go through stone like water so maybe with enforcement it can do the same to standard steel? As for his dagger probably able to pierce some thick armor?

Hmm well it’s kinda like an assassination technique so it does a lot of damage but he really only uses his dagger for it. Hmmm perhaps each strike being enough to drill a hole larger than a human in a large boulder?

Yeah he doesn’t destroy the mountain more like he can cut to it’s core with this.

The idea was he can only do regular strikes anyways but I’m okay with him only being able to use it once.





Whoops accidentally tagging the wrong user, it’s fixed now :rofl:

Anyway all of them sounds good and accepted! :3

Last Sinner is still pretty dang stronk but it’s his only super destructive attack, so… well, I can accept this with an extra note that it’s just a small mountain. I don’t want people to mistake this as cutting those heck huge mountain larger than 1000 kilometers or something lol


Lol alrighty I’ll make the changes right away


Will be waiting :3


Done :3


Accepted! ^-^/

Now, time to listen to his music! :3


Lol enjoy


Oh also I just wanna mention this to everyone (especially new player, in case anyone need this) that mountain size matters. Because the term “mountain” is so loosely defined, it could just be something like a hill, or a really huge thing.

For example,

Such mountains are much larger than many countries. It’s beyond national-scale damage, equivalent on sinking some tiny islands. Damage required is way above standard nukes, probably comparable to a heavy meteor strike that can utterly demolish nations.

Just a little note on being careful when anyone use “mountain” as measurement. :slight_smile: Because some of mountains are larger than even some countries. And destroying countries could be much easier than blowing huge chunk of the earth that is a mountain.