EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


I can’t listen to his normal music, the video is unavailable for me

The second music is pretty awesome and catchy :3

The third music felt so dramatic, and emotional… o_o


:sweat_smile: I’ll add more detail to her powers and weapons


Can you watch it this way?

If not try this link:

The second one I used because of the shamisen solo xD

The third one is meant to be emotional. It’s probably Hero Shard’s most villainous moment because he has to kill one of his “son’s” friends. But aside from that he has to actually deny Syn his entire life goal and kinda makes it like Syn wasted his whole life.

It’s basically like someone taking your life’s dream and work in their hands before stomping on it. :frowning:


The Youtube link still didn’t work but the Bandcamp worked, and the music is pretty nice! It’s like some kind of action RPG music in early part of the game :3

Hmmm… yeah I can see why shard is a villain in Syn’s eyes. He did a really terrible thing to his and his family… even if he now became a hero for mankind, he’s still a murderer in Syn’s eyes.


I’m really excited to start fleshing Shard out some more. He’s going to meet Sable in the arc after the upcoming one. ^-^


He’s not a great man like Napoleon, he ultimately needs someone to issue orders to him and to follow. And plus also his army would die very quickly if he does not have a reliable base of logistics which he cannot possibly take at once when they are dropped into this world.


Oh yay I’m excited too! ^-^/ (Even if I didn’t read the book yet)

@iamnotasmartguy Okay then I’ll go align him with one of the four leaders, depend on his personality and the stuff on his biography, after I study that wiki page.

@The_Twi1ight_Prince Anyway please tell me when the form is updated. :slight_smile:


Oh btw Syn will align with Wu since they’re a faction that had a lot of ties to family.


Aye :3


@Crimson_Scythe I could use some help with my form… :sweat_smile: I need some help with Zi QIng’s dragon form


No need, I’ll summarise his entire life for you.

Blucher started out in his career as a Swedish hussar, but he was captured by Prussian hussars, and their commander was so impressed by him that he was allowed into their ranks. He then served the Prussian crown until Frederick the Great dismissed him for insubordination. He spent some time as a farmer until Frederick’s death, after which he was reinstated. He gained some success during the French Revolutionary Wars, and he rose rapidly through the ranks. However, during the 1806 campaign against Prussia, the outdated Prussian army was trounced by the French army, and Blucher had to surrender as well. He was dismissed again when he expressed himself too openly against Napoleon during his invasion of Russia, but during the 1813 German War of Liberation, he was recalled and placed in a high command. He distinguished himself repeatedly in the German campaigns and defeated French forces repeatedly, and during the Battle of the Nations his army was the one to storm Leipzig and inflict Napoleon’s most crushing defeat. He was also very active during the 1814 invasion of France, and during the celebrations of the end of the war in London, he was cheered by many wherever he went. During Napoleon’s return to power and the Hundred Days’ campaign, he was recalled from retirement and led the Prussian forces against Napoleon. He and the Duke of Wellington were the only two who could hold off Napoleon till the Austrians and Russians arrived. Napoleon attempted to defeat them in detail, and while Blucher sustained a defeat at Ligny and was severely injured, he soldiered on and led his forces to the aid of the British army at Waterloo, contributing to the final defeat of Napoleon. After the war, he was invited to London again to be formally thanked for his role at Waterloo. He died in 1819. He is one of the only two German soldiers to have received the rank of Field Marshal


What kind of help that you need? Is it about deciding what the dragon could do?

@iamnotasmartguy Thanks, I’ll go think about his allegiance tomorrow. From what I seen so far, he can fit into any of the three main faction. Perhaps either Shu or Wei… but there’s also possibility within Wu, considering that they’re seemingly good at managing their resource.







Alright I’ll go write my suggestion now if you’re okay with that

@TheBiologist13 @MistickMage Will check the forms soon! :slight_smile:


Before I go further with managing this round, I plan to continue the mini round. It’s a good moment because meanwhile everyone writing character forms for the current round, we can finish the mini round at once!

The question is… should we really do that? :thinking:

I’ll go ask public opinion regarding this. What do you think we should do with the mini round?

  • Continue the mini round
  • Abandon the mini round

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Oooo, possible tag partner for Da Ji


Go ahead (also sorry for the late reply, I had school)


Okay, so you want a tanky dragon, or a deadly dragon?