EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


Or a fast, flying dragon.


That’s also a great idea


Seems that almost no one wants to continue the mini round. It’s too bad because I already prepared the boss and just need to finish writing the prologue…

I hope that there’s some that’s still interested. I’ll keep the voting open until tomorrow.


Deadly please (again sorry for the late reply)


Alright, so if you want a deadly dragon, get a storm dragon because she got the power of wind.

Here’s my idea on reworking her dragon form:

      Dragon Form

In dragon form, she is a massive Chinese dragon in color of sapphire to amethyst (see picture below), with overall body length of several hundreds meters, she became a dragon that command the storm, controlling the wind around at ease by simply willing so. This transformation only last for 100 minutes and only usable once per day, which will leave her terribly exhausted. However during the dragon form, she could achieve astounding amount of destruction, as her mere presence summon strong gust of wind that may wreck houses or hurl peoples from the ground. She can call forth tornado all over her, may it be just a few ordinary tornadoes, or a really massive tornado to cover her whole body. Her breath also deliver stream of destructive wind, able to sweep clean villages into ruins, possible killing the citizen too. She could also fly as fast as the sound, being strong enough to ram through a fortress and to tank down heavy explosives with mere scratches.

I was gonna go even more OP than this, but because the rest of her abilities (outside of the dragon form) looks so plain in comparison, then I try to keep this simple.


Thank you!! :grin: (Heh, now the rest looks plain…)


You’re welcome. Also, I edited the dragon form a bit by adding info of her speed, strength and durability. Try to check back my ideas, I put it right below the paragraph.


Ok thanks


@AAJamesOFFICIAL Sorry for being so late, I’m reviewing your form now! :slight_smile:

Hmmm he’s living in a floating city with power of the wind. Must be fun for him.

There’s a lot of mention on what is Emowa and what his power can do, however we only knows that his wind power can protect him. We don’t know anything else that he can do. Either his power is very simple or the character form missing a lot of details.



EBG Round 17 - Huaxia

(Characters list so far)


1. Heavenly Woman of the West, She Who Chooses Kings, Wise Woman of Wei by @litericy (ACCEPTED)


2. Da Ji by @The_Mad_Fox (ACCEPTED)


3. Syn, Shadow of Death by @blue_jay (ACCEPTED)


4. Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher by @iamnotasmartguy (ACCEPTED)


5. Zi Qing, The Witch General by @The_Twi1ight_Prince (Will be rechedked)


6. Xigon by @Sandcat (Incomplete form)


7. Layo, Emowa Wind User by @AAJamesOFFICIAL (reviewed, awaiting response)


8. Katrina/Lepus by @TheBiologist13 (Will be reviewed soon)


9. Gwyn by @MistickMage (Will be reviewed soon)



Almost done with KD’s form :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh there you are I been wondering where TF you went


Sorry, been a little busy with college :sweat_smile:


Tfw writing the backstory of Feishun and I got hit by dem F E E L S


I’ll try and make a form today - it’s difficult because my pc’s power supply broke and I have to do everything from my phone now
Betrayed by my own oc xD


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Found an absolute banger of an app


Thought it would be really useful for us


You can post it on your profile then link us to the page @iamnotasmartguy