EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


It’s only available on phone tho it’s quite inconvenient


Okay i FINALLY finished up KD’s form



Oh lord even the link is orange… xD

Anyway I took a glance and uhh… the font is very small, it’s hard to read… o-o Perhaps it would be better to increase the font size to the standard size?


I think Blucher should be aligned with Wu. It has an abundance of natural defenses in the form of rivers and valleys, and is run by some very effective statesmen. He will also be supported by very talented generals, and his army can be fed satisfactorily as the agricultural yield in southern China is very abundant. The industry in southern China may also support the engineering needs of his army by at least making bullets. If time permits, he can even start arming all of Wu with firearms and cannons. This is in contrast with Shu, which is lacking in resources and is easy to defend, but difficult to attack from. Wei is out of the question because Cao Cao will not allow someone like him to win victory after victory, and the cavalry-heavy armies of northern China are incompatible with his kind of warfare. In addition, given the kind of military expertise and training that the Prussian army has, it can effectively defend the rivers that border Wu, making it nearly impregnable. Sun Quan is also very appreciative of talented people and can put up with his excesses.


How would the matchup even work for him man


Also I added his generals to the order of battle


I increased the font size now sorry :sweat_smile:


That’s a good analysis! Now I’m convinced that he should be in Wu for the round.

Also, the matchup? This is basically one person versus an entire army… I guess?

Anyway will check back your form later.

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Okay thanks now it’s readable although still hard to read :joy: I don’t think I’ll review him yet due to my irl issue so I would need to ask you if it’s possible to highlight the section names (especially names of his special moves) with bold font? To read the document being plain without any format is exhaustive to my eyes.


Sorry, i’ll do that once im done with classwork~


No problem and take it easy, I’m not in hurry :slight_smile:

Beside, soon I’ll go offline, most likely for the rest of the night.


Okay i did it


I’m adding him to the list, and will review him after the rest :slight_smile:


@TheBiologist13 Hello there sorry for the wait, I’m reviewing your character now!

Hmmm… a kindhearted mother hit by devastating loss, growing vengeful, but she simply seek the peace of mind. Seems she’s the first to join the monk faction.

Her stats is solid good to go, so let’s see further. She got focused energy that manifest as aura for various buff… and they are… wow she got A LOT of abilities! o-o

…Okay so… she really got a lot of stuff, I liked this, and she’s definitely up there on the top competitor of the round so far… xD

I’ll try to find what to nerf later.


@MistickMage It’s your turn, and hey it’s Gwyn again! xD

Now that she’s in proper character form, she sure got a lot to show. Your skill on making character forms improves much and I really enjoy reading this. She got many cool abilities, they’re pretty awesome. You measure her power correctly and everything looks good, so Gwyn is accepted the way she is. Congrats! :slight_smile:


Oh yay, that’s a first!

I’ve been with EBG a year… wow. I wish I could find the original character for to compare, but it was on the old forums.


Lol yeah, Katrina’s/Lepus’ revolves around versatility, which is why she has a lot of abilities compared to others. She’s pretty much jack of all trades, master of none. She has armor-weakening skills like Centaurus, but they’re much weaker and she can’t break armors. Her skills can disrupt breathing and heartbeat like most poison users in Mist, but for a shorter duration with less intensity. She can buff her durability like Scutum in Mist, but it’s not as strong. And many more…


@MistickMage Consider this a milestone! ^-^/

Yeah it’s been a while. More than a year for sure.

@TheBiologist13 Very interesting. I’ll be looking forward to nerf her for the round, soon.


@TheTrueTerrydactyl Hello I’m back!

Hmmm… the font is readable now, but the spacing between the lines of paragraph seems to be so thin that it’s hard to read… well it’s okay anyway.

So, a character looking dude, that is Karate Dude! His backstory is tragic, that which changed his life, now swore to vengeance and becoming the most powerful warrior. And so he did, until all the cosmic craziness and he fall down to Koromehi. He engraved his name in history, at least.

He got a lot of stronk stuff and he remind me of characters from some video game that I knew… perhaps… yeah I think he remind me of Udyr and Lee Sin from League of Legend. The first guy used fighting stance based on animals, and the second guy looks just like him, as in he’s bald and he’s a martial artist. :rofl:

Anyway I’ll do nerf and questioning later because I got no time right now, my internet connection is still dead. But I got enough time to read his form to the end, and I especially enjoy his quotes. He’s so wise, more than what I expected! :astonished: I feel like he’s going to be a great ally for my character, Feishun Zhao… maybe they could be an ally. :thinking:


I was thinking maybe you can give someone an army and they duke it out on a given battlefield. I can provide one


Sure, show me the way