EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


Okay so far people go to…

  • Wei: Heavenly Woman of the West, Zi Qing

  • Wu: Syn, Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher

  • Shu: (No one so far but my character will be here later)

  • Monk: Katrina

  • Unknown: Da Ji, Xigon, Layo, Gwyn, Karate Dude


Lot’s of unknowns…


Da Ji’s alignment will depend on who pleases her 1st with a drink or she can just wander. She prefers to have a good time than fight, so who ever pisses her off first can possibly be her enemy.

Dong seems the most that Da Ji would target since he’s a tyrant. This another possibility.

Another one is to join the Monks since she feels guilty for what she did to the ones in her world.

She doesn’t want to burn anyone if she doesn’t have to. If enemies hurt and push her far enough, she won’t hesitate to wreck them till they yield/can’t fight or fry them if they won’t stop


A lot are in their own path, not bound by anyone. It’s allowed on the round, but we just need to makes double sure on whether they have alignment or really on themselves.

@The_Mad_Fox That makes sense. I’ll keep these in my notes. xD


I apologize for note submitting a character yet, my pc broke a few days ago.
I’ll try and make one from my phone later :3


Oh yeah I need to think about who Gwyn will align with…

It might be the monk.


Hmm I’ve been thinking about it and Syn might not be 100% with Wu. He’d agree with their family thing, but Wei is also super efficient. While he’d definitely sympathize with Shu’s rotten luck too.

BUT Dong Zhuo has fuq’n Lu Bu and Zhang Liao and Syn would want to learn from a strong warrior. That being said Shu has the Five Tiger Generals. Wu has friggin Gan Ning and Lu Meng, but Wei has Dian Wei and Xu Shu…

Pulls hair and flops around on the ground

Which one!?!?!


Btw just wanted to say there is a Da Ji in the warriors games based on the 3 Kingdoms :3

She’s quite the evil witch :open_mouth:


@Aero_Gottesbesitz It’s no problem, we’re not in hurry :3

@MistickMage Hmmm… maybe, maybe

@blue_jay Dang! You sure know a lot about the three kingdom story :astonished:

Also my roommate, which pretty much a BIG fan of the romance of the three kingdom as well, and the one that taught me about all these stuff, said that “your friend forgot about Zhou Tai of Wu” when I read your post out loud :joy:


Sooooo I took a quiz from Romance of the Three Kingdoms X as he played the game on his PS2 and guess which characters turned out to represent my personality?

ZHAO YUN!! One of the Five Tiger General of Shu! (And one of the most iconic character on the Dynasty Warrior series, pretty much the cover art boy)


So chad he was the first to use the empty fort strategy before zhuge liang was even a thing


So chad he took on Cao Cao’s best cavalry alone just to save a kid whose dad valued him less than his generals


So chad he tricked an entire Wei army into retreating cos they thought he was covering a Shu retreat even though he was miles away


This Da Ji is basically the opposite. Instead of a sadist for tyranny, she’s a masochist for freedom

@Crimson_Scythe should clarify that what i meant by target Dong Zhou, i mean someone she’d want to destroy


Yeah Zhou Tai is cool but Lu Meng captured the Guan Family and Gan Ning was feared by the soldiers of Wei lol

Also I know a bunch cause I’ve played all those warriors games xD

@The_Mad_Fox I seeeee lol



Takes quiz

XD I got my fav!!

Gan Ning!!!



@iamnotasmartguy yassss I got the awesome guy

@The_Mad_Fox Better to makes that clear, and you can even put that on the form

@blue_jay Hmmm I see, I see xD

Also woot seems we’re both getting what befit ours :3


Perhaps you can do nerf/questions now


To be honest, I was waiting for you to respond to my post first. I wouldn’t know if you seen my message or not, if there’s no response coming.

Anyway yeah I planned to do the nerf and questioning today.


Also I was wondering on which Dynasty Warriors game should I use for my reference, because my roommate only got DW5 meanwhile the latest game is DW9, but the newest game seems to be way above the standard of the round to be taken as example.

Perhaps DW8 is the best? Or not? Idk, so I need someone who knows DW series to gives me an opinion on which game should be taken as our example, because when the matchup open, I planned to post a gameplay video of EACH of the important characters.