EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!




@TheTrueTerrydactyl Okay so I’m checking your form again and although he got a lot of stuff that he can do, he’s still on the acceptable power level without a nerf needed, because each of the stance got cooldowns, and each of the Calling Cards can only be used once per battle.

The only question (and possible nerf) is regarding Pointbreak… because, this can empower anything, depend on what he planned. This is fine by itself, even when combined by his power, but could this empower his Calling Cards? Or the standard power of the stances?


Dw 8 is flashier despite being older. DW9 isn’t quite as flashy because the developers tried to ground it. So I’d probably go for DW8 or Warriors Orochi 4


Alright thanks :3


Though if you wanna throw in some fantasy elements to them you can check out Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce because they all have a transformation of some kind lol


Well the thing about Pointbreak is it requires you to stand still and only empowers your next movement. Since a lot of the calling cards require movement to trigger, pointbreak cant really empower them but instead would empower the trigger which would be useless.

And yes they’d empower the standard power of the stances but you have to remember he still has to stand still and doing so isnt practical with all except Crushing Dragon and maybe Striking Cobra


Hmmm then I guess it’s okay to accept KD without a nerf… :thinking:

But I think it’s better to add a nerf so that Pointbreak cannot be used on the Calling Cards. Would you be willing to add that on the bottom of Pointbreak’s section? Or do you think that it would be better if we just keep things the way it is, without any nerf?



tfw your enemy can change the current of the wind so your ship burned

(As told by my roommate, he’s a big fan of Zhuge Liang)


Tfw when the enemy general defects to you but their boats are only filled with straw


Tfw when you’ve escaped a long way from the battlefield and you need a rest but Zhang Fei appears out of nowhere


Tfw when you’ve escaped from Zhang Fei and lost even more men but Zhao Yun appears out of a forest


Tfw when you forced your army to march through wet roads and mud and abandoned almost everything they had been carrying but a red-faced bastard with a giant beard charges down the valley


Tfw when you escape by playing the victim


My roommate just praised your understanding regarding this subject


I grew up with rotk man, Cao Cao’s flight from the Red Cliffs was the most B moment ever


Bruh then this round could be really your round to shine if only you go all out


I alr have, compared to a regular general of that time period Blucher and all his general staff can be considered military geniuses. Teamwork makes the dream work


When your opponent is in superhuman level that can demolish huge boulders on their own, even millions of soldiers with the best of strategy, will still gonna be bulldozed. Pretty much like what happened in Dynasty Warriors.

Although, you have Sun Quan and his stronk warriors on your side so maybe a good military tactic could do something great here.


Sun Quan has absolute beasts of strategists like Zhou Yu, Lu Meng and Lu Xun, in terms of military might he’s up there with Cao Cao