EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


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Anyone else wanna submit a character?

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EBG Round 17 - Huaxia

(Characters list so far)


1. Heavenly Woman of the West, She Who Chooses Kings, Wise Woman of Wei by @litericy (ACCEPTED)


2. Da Ji by @The_Mad_Fox (ACCEPTED)


3. Syn, Shadow of Death by @blue_jay (ACCEPTED)


4. Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher by @iamnotasmartguy (ACCEPTED)


5. Gwyn by @MistickMage (ACCEPTED)


6. Zi Qing, The Witch General by @The_Twi1ight_Prince (Will be rechecked)


7. Xigon by @Sandcat (Incomplete form)


8. Layo, Emowa Wind User by @AAJamesOFFICIAL (reviewed, awaiting response)


9. Katrina/Lepus by @TheBiologist13 (Currently in consideration)


10. Karate Dude by @TheTrueTerrydactyl (Not sure need a nerf or not)



;^; I’ve been so busy recently, I haven’t gotten around to making a character form…maybe I’ll just wait for the next round when I’ll be less busy, I’m not sure. XD


It’s alright, there’s always the next round xD


;^; If I don’t join this one I’ll definitely join the next.


I could see if any of the people on my thread would like to participate :man_shrugging:


Time to backlog and see how many rounds I missed this year lmao


Tbh, i think it would be better to keep it the way it is, because even if he does use Pointbreak during a Calling Card, he’d be using up his precious Fighting Stance time when it isnt even very practical to do so since it requires him to move to activate the Calling Card anyway (i.e. Crushing Dragon’s palm thrust, him grabbing an opponent for Striking Cobra), and once the trigger is done the Calling Card activates automatically so he cant just do the trigger then charge Pointbreak for the Calling Card.


You only missed the OC round :joy:


Alright then let’s just accept KD the way it is, with all the limitations considered


Because we’re kinda getting stale here, it’s time to liven things a bit!

So far, here’s the major NPC for the game that I planned to include:

  • Liu Bei, granted power of the Azure Dragon, is a virtuous savior of honor and valor. With the power of the dragon, he can now control landscapes, summoning forest and using them for strategical advantages, including camouflage and healing.

  • Cao Cao, as bearer of the Vermilion Bird, known as the “hero of chaos” with fiery ambition, merciless and cunning, he’s a fearsome man that will stopped at nothing. With the phoenix in his side, he bring the most destructive firepower on the game.

  • Sun Quan, with strength of the White Tiger, is a prestigious warrior that’s rich in resource and manpower, yet choose to be neutral. As the tiger embodies the element of metal, he’s practically the strongest melee fighter around.

  • Dong Zhuo, the tyrannical barbarian that’s lucky to obtain the Black Turtle, is a man so wicked that many often brand him as a villain. The ability that he gain from the turtle is the element of water, the darkness of the depth is in his command.

  • Tang Sanzang, the monk, and his almighty companion, Sun Wukong. Although the monk himself possess no power but wisdom and enlightened mind, the monkey is a formidable creature that far surpassed mortal fighters, legend said.

Other characters other than those leaders including Shu’s Five Tiger General and Zhuge Liang. Not sure yet on who to includes from Wei and Wu, but I’m totally includes Lu Bu for Dong Zhuo faction, as he’s a greatly iconic character.


Wu must definitely include Zhou Yu, Lu Su, Lu Xun, and Lü Meng, they were equal to Zhuge Liang at least in their respective talents, though not all of them were as well-rounded as him.


For Shu I’d also recommend adding one of the following:

  • Wei Yan wasn’t a tiger general but he fought like one.

  • Jiang Wei was Zhuge Liang’s protege

As for Dong Zhuo I’d also suggest adding:

  • Zhang Liao he was an officer under Lu Bu who was said to be equal to Guan Yu

  • Cheng Gong the only strategist that Lu Bu would sort of listen to

  • Lu Lingxi if we’re talking about the games than she was an AMAZING fighter

  • Diao Chan may not have actually existed but she would’ve been Lu Bu’s mistress as well as the only thing really keeping him loyal to Dong Zhuo.


  • Zhou Yu he was THE strategist of Wu.

  • Lu Su was his protege

  • Lu Meng like I said before is the one credited for defeating and capturing the Guan Family.

  • Lu Xun was the last big strategist of Wu alongside his friend Zhu Ran (they liked fire attacks)

  • Gan Ning was one of the most feared officers of Wu

  • Zhou Tai was Sun Quan’s faithful bodyguard.

  • Cheng Pu or Huang Gai were veteran warriors who got things done regardless of what was asked of them.


  • Dian Wei was one of Cao Cao’s famous body guards who apparently wouldn’t even back down from Lu Bu in a one on one fight

  • Xu Zhu was the second of Cao Cao’s famous bodyguards who apparently could beat any man in a test of strength.

  • Xiahou Dun Cao Cao’s cousin who much like the two above was extremely loyal to Cao Cao and was probably among the feared Wei officers because of how steadfast his loyalty was.

  • Xiahou Yuan was another cousin who was a rival of Huang Zhong one of the 5 tiger generals

  • Jia Xu was THE strategist of Wei and was known for being pretty ruthless if not cruel in his strategies. (known for isolation tactics) (other strategists include Guo Jia and Xun Yu)

  • Yue Jin was like the Gan Ning of Wei before Lu Bu was defeated and Zhang Liao was recruited to Wu

  • Cao Pi was said to surpass his father in every single way


  • Sima Yi it’d be weird not to include him since he was the last great rival to Zhuge Liang


Unpopular opinion: Zhuge Liang wasn’t a good strategist at all, even Cao Cao was better


You know what, scratch that, Cao Cao was actually such a good politician that it bought him success in military victories as well


Later in life no he sucked, when he was younger he was accredited with a lot, like being the one to create the Three Kingdoms Era. He’s also one of the reasons I don’t like Shu overall.


A lot of its success can be attributed to him, but a lot of its failure can be attributed to him as well. For a man who singlehandedly ran an extremely weakened state after Liu Bei’s death he did a hell of a good job defending it and turning it into a great power, but he wasn’t good enough to unify all of China.


Still can’t be compared to the real chads like Zhang Liang and Xiao He who had much less to work with and and even worse man of a ruler to answer to.


It’s not like that was an easy thing to accomplish by any means. From what I recall it didn’t happen until all the prominent leaders died off. (hate defending this dude btw)