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From what I know Wu was still going really strong after Shu was defeated, and Shu was defeated through a stroke of genius by Deng Ai, which took Shu completely by surprise. Zhuge Liang’s plan to defend Shu was actually very comprehensive and strategically sound. It’s just hilarious to see how Jin just stomped over the Wu forces even though their troop quality was the same. I loved reading the last story in my old rotk books which was basically Jin generals winning victory after victory and no one could stop them.


He was faced with pretty large opposition as the other two could put up organized opposition and had strong power bases as well. Wu’s success was owed to the extraordinary transformation of southern China into an economical powerhouse, while Wei owned basically all of northern China which was traditionally the true source of power for all Chinese dynasties. Shu’s survival is nothing short of impressive because it was traditionally one of the worst-managed and uncivilized parts of China, due to poor fertility, bad terrain, hostile locals, and unfamiliar climate. Zhuge Liang’s role in helping Liu Bei consolidate his holdings in such a bad place is a great source of credit for him, but expanding out of Shu was an even greater feat that he sadly could not accomplish, because his enemies were not dumbasses like Xiang Yu, and Liu Bei wasn’t scummy enough to abandon his ideals like his ancestor. Compare Shu Han to other states that existed in the area, and it definitely is the strongest out of all of them.


@iamnotasmartguy @blue_jay Alright I’ll go filter those numbers and see which one that I could add to the list among them.


I agree on some things but I THINK the failure of Shu was unlike the other two they were so reliant on personalities like the 5 tigers, Zhuge, and Liu. Unlike the other two once those personalities started falling they had no suitable replacements.

For instance when the tigers fell who was their champion? Zhuge was, and very few would’ve thrown their hat in with him because he was kinda known for turning on people he’d call allies. (The main reason I don’t like him) Once people realized that he and his strategies started failing more often and harder.

Wu stayed afloat because of how successful it was but Wei was just the home of the smart people who planned for a future not the present, nor did they overly rely on those personalities. Which personally I think is why Jin was so dang successful. Didn’t rely on faces, and it knew how to single out weakened regimes.

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Hmmm… I enjoyed these discussion honestly because I’m not knowledgeable about the three kingdoms story, and this is very informative for me. xD

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Mkay but in short… Jay dun like Zhuge Liang… He’s a grade-A jerk


I only knows him from my roommate and his games, so I didn’t know much of him, but I always see him as the wisest and most well-respected character in the whole series, isn’t he?

So… he’s actually a jerk?


Well he’s wise and very respected within his own kingdom. But one of his biggest strategies he proposed included Shu spitting in the face of Wu quite a few times after they entered an alliance that was sealed with a marriage between Liu Bei and Sun Quan’s sister.

So for ME yeah he’s a jerk xD


Ahhhh now I remember that he played peoples that way. I remembered a scene where someone in Wu, I think during Zhuge’s proposal to attack Wei on naval battle, got one of the person of Wu being punished by someone else, and Zhuge just watch it over because he couldn’t afford disturbance right before the war. (Idk I barely can describe the event since I don’t remember the name of the people or the place)

So I guess Zhuge maybe wise and respected but can be a jerk in gaining strategical advantage.


yeah strategists are all kinda jerks.


Don’t forget when Liu Bei declared all out war on Wu and Zhuge Liang didn’t stop him or advise him on how to fight it.


Speaking of jerks, Yuan Shao


Idk much about the bigger list of the characters, but from what I seen on Dynasty Warrior, the one that looks the most villainous is Sima Yi


Wasn’t THAT bad just overly entitled.

@Crimson_Scythe his son Sima Shi is the evil one and I love the fuq out of the guy


Wait so you liked Sima Yi or Sima Shi?

I’m not familiar with the last one but I do heard (multiple times) from my roommate that the successor of Sima Yi is the evil one, so I guess that’s Sima Shi


I like Sima Shi.

He’s like Sima Yi 2.0


I’ll go discuss him with my roommate later then :3


Yue Jin was my favorite. Frontlines with hooks is fun in Dynasty Warriors 8. Such a badass design as well. I’m going to pretend DW9 doesn’t exist cause they took those out


I just wish his moveset was a little easier to control :disappointed:

But totally agree he’s one of the absolute best designed warriors.


pretends to understand

Oh yeah i totally agree