EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


Squandered his position as most powerful warlord in northern China, 10/10 would not follow again


Again overly entitled lol


It also astounds me the first people to bring lasting peace and prosperity to China after the Three Kingdoms weren’t even Chinese, just a bunch of nomads who tried to roleplay being Chinese


so ummm… what round is it? lol


@BookRyt Just check my previous reply for the link


Sweet, I know who I’m going to enter. I’ve been waiting so long to put in a character that’s not from my story, Michael of the demon hunters. Animals are his thing, he can talk to them and more than that control them, but for the most part he doesn’t have to because animals naturally love him. He seeks peace and has a high empathy, but he loves beating evil and he’s actually super manipulative to the point where he almost can’t stop.


Hmmm that’s a new character that I never heard before, I’m interested :3


Oh wow it’s kinda dead ain’t it?


Well there’s two EBG threads, and we’re doing a mini round since few days ago. Which is why this one is pretty inactive until the mini round is finished. xD

The mini round will be finished tomorrow, so this thread will be back alive again soon!


Ohhh I see. That’s a pretty cool idea, hopefully Shadow Spyre gets that busy someday! It’s probably going to be a lot easier to moderate when there’s more people since I’ll get more notifications about the chat.


EBG is not really that busy nowadays. Anyway we should should work together, so our community will grows even bigger! :3


wHat nOOOow


We wait. The OC round just finished so this round SHOULD start back up again soon.


Oh, okay. Cool.


Hey Crim I’ll probab be able to have my form up later tonight



…I also need to finish my form, oh lord I forgot…


Oof man


Finally done with Michael’s form! I think… anyways, whoop! It’s long so moderators beware lol. I’m going to have to recheck the general strategies I have laid out to make sure I didn’t forget anything.


I’m assuming you missed the power level ey? Lol


Lol nope, none of my attacks out strength anyone else’s, I just have a lot of them