EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


But- but what’s with all the light speed :sob:


Well I assume he’s going to have to traverse a lot of area or get away from unwanted fights since his defense isn’t that great


Hmm well technically speaking I’m retired as a mod but seeing as Crim is inactive atm would you like me to dust off my old gavel?


@blue_jay @Shadowdrakon99 I took a glance of this guy before, and yep he got heck loads of stuff in his character form. I’ll defo gonna nerf him like no tomorrow.


Yeah I figured, but i would much rather have weaker moves than remove abilities If thats okay


Looking forward to seeing you react to a few things xD


He got heck tons of abilities though.

You know I need to memorize them, and to write them.


Yeah I know ;-; but versatility is what he’s good at, that’s why I didn’t give him super high stats


And I mean, he has to be versatile in this with people who move at Mach speed or have armor that can’t be broken. I feel I did a pretty fair job not making my character just utterly broken, he’s just got lots of options XD where as most of my other characters normally have less but far more OP abilities. Like I said before, his abilities aren’t really too strong (at least compared to the others on the round) but he has a living hecc ton XD


Yeaaaaah versatility is good but he got waaaaay too much

Oh well anyway we will see how it goes later xD

I’ll go read his form soon


raises hand

I’ve been going over Syn and woul like to know how serious you were about that buff xD

Mainly cause I had an idea in mind for the past few days… Well two lmao


Pretty serious? :3

I mean, it’s one of those rare time when your character is totally acceptable, but NOT underpowered either, so a buff is allowed, but not really required.


Lol mkay I’ll draft up the ideas I had for you rn :3


Okie dokie artichokie :blush: I don’t mind as much removing some of his weapons since they don’t really add that much to his versatility, but even if I have to nerf things way down I’d really prefer to have the ability to adapt. Lol it’s still up to you


@Crimson_Scythe Okay so FIRST


Original Version: Using Manifest Syn can create a dome of wind around him to repel standard projectiles. He can stop arrows, bullets, even some missiles in their tracks by willing them to stop before they hit him. With this he can even put some resistance against an opponent’s strike by making them slow down just before impact and granting him a moment to slip away. However he needs to be aware of the in coming hit in order to do this. Eye contact with the strike helps. Cooldown 5 minutes.

So I wanted to know if I could change this ability up a bit to make it a bit better. The first change would be I’d prefer it be a passive ability rather than an active and in exchange I’d be willing to surrender the ability to fully stop something and settle on just slowing it down. (though being able to stop projectiles would still be awesome xD)

The second change I wanted was to eliminate the wind aspect of it, just feels like it limits it you know? So instead of it being a dome of wind, having it be a sphere of influence he “passively” generates. Reason for the quotes is because while it’s a battle passive he still needs to turn it on, but once he uses it it’s on until he either stops it or he’s knocked out.

New version would read like this:

With Manifest, Syn creates a space around him in which hostile actions directed at him are forcibly slowed down. He’s not slowing down the time around him but rather he is using Manifest to disrupt an enemies attacks. He’s literally willing their bodies to slow down just a bit allowing him to have time to avoid an attack. The radius of this sphere however is only 2 meters. Weaker projectiles like missiles will find themselves totally stopped in their tracks while opponents throwing a physical attack will feel as though their body is fighting them the entire time they’re trying to hit him. If Syn makes eye contact with the strike the effect is increased.

Two New Abilities:

Kaleido Blade: This is the second ability that marks Syn as the true master of Manifest by forcing the other half of the Veil to bend to his will. That second half being space itself. This ability allows Syn to strike from multiple angles at the exact same time be breaking the laws of space for a single instant. So even though Syn is technically only swinging his sword once his opponent will be hit any number of times (Crim decides). Each strike is on par with a fully powered Silver Wind strike Cooldown negotiable (would probably have to be an Ult)

Fun Fact this is Syn’s answer to one of Shard’s abilities called Omnimpale ^-^

The Line This is a purely situational ability. Syn will draw a line in the ground and step over it, from then on that line will represent the edge of the world to him. The line is actually super charged with Manifest and will bolster all of Syn’s capabilities by quite the margin (Crim decides) so long as he does not cross back over it. This is what he uses in what would be his final battle against Shard. For this though I think it would simply be a last resort for defense so likely a boss only ability, and will only last for a few seconds.

Fun Fact this was originally supposed to be included but I didn’t know how to word it because tbh I’m STILL figuring out how Manifest works :rofl:


We will see later on what to do with him xD

@blue_jay Okay, so…

Wind to stop projectiles is acceptable, whether passive or not. I see no reason to remove the wind aspect since it makes the ability MUCH more OP… but it’s still allowed.

Kaleido Blade as ultimate is acceptable, I don’t mind the specific number of hits.

“The Line” is arguable because he’s already very strong but considering its limitation then I’ll going to consider allowing this, depend on how much boost that he has. Honestly this one is fine as long as we makes sure that there’s going to be a strict requirement for this one. I’m not sure if he need to literally keep on staying right on top of the line, or can go onward. Is it going to be like one of those “I made this border and I will not go back once I there” and as long as he’s anywhere beyond the line then he’s boosted? Or it only apply exactly on the line?


Mkay I just felt like having it only tied to wind kind of limited it was all xD

Kaleido Blade cool!

The Line: okay hmmm how about he can’t take more than 10 steps away from it? Again given what it does in canon I figured it’d be best to use it as a defensive ability instead of offensive xD So as a way him saying “you’re not getting past this line as long as I’m standing.” Ten steps still allows him SOME room to counter… though not much xD


Okay all of them are fine for me xD


awww dang and here I went and made a bitchin diagram to explain The Line xD



I can imagine this just well, but I appreciate the effort. xD

Also tbh when you said “you’re not getting past this line” it reminds me of what Rayleigh did in One Piece when the Straw Hat crew reunited after the time skip