EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVIII - Epic battle for your characters!


@Crimson_Scythe and @TheBiologist13 Okay so I read over K/L and for the majority of my reading I was always thinking that she’s pretty underpowered isn’t she? Even when I got to the end of her form with all her buffs taken into account I still thought she was pretty underpowered.

Then I remembered that K/L doesn’t have ANY cooldowns, her abilities all stem from her management of her blood. Given that she passively regens this powersupply by 5% every second she could potentially spam EVERYTHING!

Now her seemingly low damage output translates to a constant source of damage output which actually makes her extremely dangerous for an opponent. She can actually probably tangle with any of the top tiers of the round and still have a good to fair chance of winning, again because she doesn’t have any cooldowns.

Judgement: All good. Again she can’t deal out a lot of damage at once but she’s not meant to. She’s a marathon runner, not a sprinter. Longer battles definitely favor K/L and she’s most definitely not one that someone to be underestimated considering she can keep up a constant assault.


Alright thanks for the review! ^-^/

She was submitted early so she seems OP at first. Now she’s totally acceptable. xD

(Also you tagged the wrong person)


No problem and I fixed it.



Now I’ll going to finish my character form and-


This form gonna be long… hopefully not gonna reach 20 pages.


Your character forms are so long.

Actually, everyone’s character forms are so long in comparison with mine.


I only have 3 pages


Yep, my character forms are typically above 10 pages.


@Crimson_Scythe Music recommendation


My forms are usually much shorter, 4-5 pages at most


remembers his first form ever being like 23 pages 0_o


Dang this is some pretty good music… I can imagine some badass characters walking toward the battlefield and ready to wreck the entire army by their own.

I think I’ll use this later, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Okay my character form is finished, and no it’s not 20 pages long, but still nevertheless really long. Be warned, this is 18 pages long, with the first 8 pages are reserved for his introduction, backstory, and such thing, meanwhile anything beyond is the combat section and bonus info.

I’ll try to nerf him more later.


So, right now, for those who aren’t accepted yet…


Crim isn’t it like… 11 at night where you live O.o gets some sleep m8 and I’ll look at your character Form


Crims a vampire


Oof skadoodles


Crim, Feishun seems to be perfectly acceptable ^.^/ actually, if you wanted you could buff one of your ultimates to be a little stronger given the power level and the durability of the opponents you are up against.

@blue_jay what do you think?


Nah it’s 9 right now, and I already get my afternoon nap. xD

Also @MistickMage is right, I am a vampire.

As for Feishun… lmao this guy is already OP af and probably need a nerf, so there’s no reason for me to buff him. Feishun is pretty much one of the most OP submission right now, if we exclude yours of course.


He really isn’t that OP when you compare him to other submissions lol. He has some strong moves but over all he would be pretty much beat by almost any ultimate from anyone else.

The reasons he could be OP are his attacks at the speed of sound, but overall they don’t do a whole lot of damage to any of the people on the round so far, and his Durability all seems to be in order.


He already got advantage in speed and technique. He’s deadly but not meant to be tanky, which is not necessary when he could already evade a lot of things.

Let’s see the list… from the Heavenly Woman, Da Ji, Syn, Blucher, Gwyn, Zi Qing, Karate Dude, Xigon, Layo, Katrina… my guy could have beat any of them in 1 vs 1 although he would struggle against many of them. My point is that he’s already far stronger than many of the submission. However if you really think he need a buff, then I’ll go ask for the players on what their opinion of my submission. There bound to be someone reading the doc soon.