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Title: Unite and Vanquish
Summary: Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war with one another. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness as the royal family of both these clans possesses the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. But little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost: the cost of instant bloodshed of the opposite clans.

Attempting to end this conflict once and for all, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, accepts a peace treaty in which she is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro, who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Anna has become aware of an even larger threat looming above everyone’s head, including hers. As a result, the rival clans have to figure out how to put their differences aside and work together to eliminate this threat before it eliminates them first.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167233051-unite-and-vanquish✔️

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The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour. It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants. It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything.
It has to-date won twenty-two awards mostly for best fantasy, but also for best overall, humour, best female character, and special mentions for characters and character development.
It was also added to the reading lists of Wattpad’s official High-fantasy, Myths and Legends, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian & Apocalypse, Multicultural, and Adventure profiles.

Summary: Before everything, it’s assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the original conflict.

The planet Huom has been under observation for longer than should technically be possible. The primary watcher, a bitter black-hole, is excited to see that there is finally a proverbial Darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, in the freezing mountains of Empris, Lyeasrakardsul, the oldest living sorcerer suffers from devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — Herschel, a man filled to the brim with strange ideas is escaping a prison filled with strange old men.

What does all this have to do with arsehole Gods, hairy Dwarfs, frustrated Afreets, curious Knomes, lizard-women, and nude Áettar? Perhaps Nothing, perhaps Everything… but why can’t it be both?

P.S for some crude hand drawn maps and infrequent updates you can visit my facebook page, Nick East. Also, since I recently finished the first draft of the story, I’m now looking for beta readers, for that dubious honour. PM me :slight_smile:



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Daughters of Fate Book 1 (COMPLETE)
Daughters of Fate Book 2 (COMPLETE)
Daughters of Fate Book 3 Starting Soon!


Now Complete!

Read Here!

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Never trust a survivor until you find out how they survived.

After two Great Wars in Fiore, millions died to Shalar; A weapon made and utilized by the Demon Kingdom, Ethstetica. Long after being hurt by those he trusted and allegedly losing those he loved, he met Ki’Ana, the Second Demon Princess. He decided to abandon his past life and dedicate himself to protecting her, unaware of the threats he could bring upon her.

But, Ki’Ana has issues of her own, and a blessing bestowed upon her by the universe has become a curse she struggles to bear. All is not what it seems, and the pair must determine who they can trust.

Slowly, conflict is conjured by violent acts, causing for measly arguments to turn into unnecessary fights. Humans, demons, angels, elves, spirits and even Gods become insatiable as their hunger for power rises. They begin to go to extreme measures to fulfil their ill intentions, ruining Fiore’s hard-earned peace.

With the pair now plunged into lives of deceit, blood-thirst and greed, the winds of destiny will hit them like a storm.


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(Click image to go to story)

When Dauner finds out about the side of his past he never knew, his whole life comes into question as he is plunged into a deep dark abyss of mystery. After losing everything he cared for, he’s left with no other option than to continue fighting in the death game for survival. Along with his trusty companion, Gozen, he goes on an epic adventure to find the truth to its deepest, darkest depths.

Dauner Light was adopted by the prime minister of Dreia, Rei Nangier, who named him Kōzoku Nangier. His adoptive father who lusts after power devotes himself to making sure Kōzoku sits on the throne. Despite Kōzoku’s disapproval, Rei arranges his engagement to princess Shelly, the only daughter to king Nelos. Kōzoku who has no intention on going through with the wedding tries to make his parents change their minds. Kōzoku, being the greatest warrior of his generation however has one weakness. A weakness so influential on his decisions that his parents intend to utilize in order to make the marriage go through. In the end, everything crumbles as his greatest secret, one he himself wasn’t aware of is revealed, forever changing his life from that of a noble into that of a death row fugitive who fights to protect the people of Dreia.

Genre: Fantasy
Author: David Jr

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Title: The Black Forest

Status: is a completed novel and being updated regularly every Friday

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure


When Hazen Solvaya and her parents travel to Hornberg, Germany to visit family, she has no idea that her arrival will set in motion a thousand-year-old prophecy.

With the prophecy set in motion, Hazen is ripped away from everything she’s ever known and thrust into a war-ridden land, with death ever-present.

As Hazen journeys the world of the Black Forest to the elves of Casvara, she is faced with the knowledge that Ezra-- a fallen elf corrupted by demons, wants nothing more than to see her dead.

She must discover who and what she is in order to survive. Before the darkness consumes not only her but the lives around her.

Her fate, and the future of everyone rest on her shoulders. As the dragon inside awakens, and the final battle awaits on the horizon.

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194254801-176-k278894 The Crown Prince

Title: The Crown Prince

Status: The story is ongoing, there are nine chapters uploaded so far.

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure


Hild is a Valkyrie, sworn to protect the interest of the gods in the nine worlds.
But there is a darkness coming …
Whispers say the enemy will die a certain death and that the royal children will do it.
That puts the Royal family of Midgard in grave danger.


Link to story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/154053382-the-blackwyrm-chronicles-journal-1-a-misadventure (Start here if you haven’t read journal one yet.)

“If you’ve decided reading this journal was a good idea, you’re either incredibly brave or you must be riding the short bus right now.”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Greetings! You are holding my journal, dear reader. Be warned: I really couldn’t give a shit, but some dumbass celestial being told me to put a warning in this forward to make the reader aware of the fact that the stories in this journal are “crude” and “screwed up.” Ha! I really don’t care! This is my story, so I do what I want! Anyway, prepare yourself for the mindfuckery that is my journal. The name’s Helix, Helix Maestro Blackwyrm. I’m not your average, everyday peasant-err, person. I’m anything but average-I’m special, in every single way, and I have special friends that make my life both interesting and really difficult at the same. (Cause isn’t that what friends are for?)

Together, we go through a series of strange, hilarious, and downright outrageous events. Whether we’re dealing with a group of irritating bandits, trying to appease an angry dragoness before I become her next meal, or punching in the face of a very irritating demon lord, This book is not your usual story of knights and dragons- it’s soo much more than that, my dear reader.

Prep yourself for the madness that is…


Yours truly,

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Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/203108983-a-strange-fire

After Alira narrowly escapes the clutches of the Trojic Sovereignty, she finds herself stranded in the Verge – a land long isolated from the outside world and its magitech. With the help of a local shaman, she must escape her pursuers and deliver the information her comrades fought, and died, to steal. But there is more at play than just the war; Alira’s single-minded quest may reignite a conflict that predates civilization.

Updates Saturdays at 11AM and Wednesdays at 5PM.

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Fire and Gemstones


Princess Topaz believes that she is doomed to live life under her mother’s strict tongue. Being born into the ancestry of infamous Dragon Hunters and conquerors will make even the most rebellious at heart feel under pressure. Topaz lives in fear of the shadow she is stuck under and longs to stray away from the road that has been pathed out for her. As her friendship with Reuben Keller; a Dragon Healer, continues to develop, more truths begin to unfold about the people she thought she knew.


Ravien, a fighter, a renegade. The betrayed and the blessed is on the run from the people he called family once. Now, they hunt him for his powerful magic. While the mysterious Fox wants him to join their ranks or be killed. Can a man on the run ever find peace? His youth has been spent hiding in the shadows, but Ravien hopes to spend the rest of his life in the light.

Betrayals will cut deep, while new friendships and dreams will all be shattered in this tale.



Sorrow of the Wind

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After a powerful beast destroys Sonya’s village she must build herself a new life and face the creature once more.

On the continent of Neria, massive beasts called “Burrowers” travel underground, breaking up out of the ground to decimate entire civilizations. Villagers draw their last breaths choked by smoke, splintered between bloodied teeth, and buried under crumbled debris.

Although Sonya is a talented archer, when a burrower claims her village as its next prey there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Everyone she’s ever known and cared for dies and she barely escapes into the forest with her bow, a map, and her pet Leeka. Sonya finds her way to Ceran, a village of new beginnings, in hopes that she can earn a living and find a new place to call home. But making a new life proves more difficult than Sonya imagined. The best money in Ceran is made by becoming a “Chaser,” or a beast hunter, and fighting monsters is extremely dangerous.

This time, when Sonya faces the same creature that demolished her world, there is no escape; she must either be strong enough to defeat it or die trying.


Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/149972165-chasing-beasts

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A disturbance in the night and an unlikely stranger force the exiled master rogue Dagorat into a perilous quest. Along with his oldest friend Cyril the Wise, he sets off to retrieve a powerful weapon stolen by the dark mages of the Golgent.
Together, they brave the journey across a continent to Dagorat’s former home of Easterly, where discovery means certain execution. Along the way, he uncovers hard truths about his past, and finds new hopes for his future.
But the rising threat of war means those hopes tremble on a razor’s edge. Can he ever find his way out of the shadows and into the light?

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Dear readers. Did you enjoy Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen? Are you looking for another fix to sate your desire to flee away into a far away land? A sprawling world, aged thousands of eons, shaped by minds too similar to our own and governed by imperfect hearts. Do not worry, there are many such worlds, but this one is calling out to you! It always needs more souls to fuel its existence.



Beyond the Void is the beginning point where stories of many worlds long gone and worlds yet to be born begin to unravel. Cycle after cycle has passed and countless more are ahead, and this one burns the brightest of them all.

A dreary age has lasted far too long and torpor has seeped deep into the hearts across the continent of Tavran. All races pray for change and golden ages of the past but they have no strength to bring it about. Neither does anyone have the strength to accept the truths and turbulent power about to be unveiled.

The prince of the Eternal Empire of Tavran desperately attempts to reclaim the legacy of his predecessors. This struggle for dominance draws in other souls, cursed by vicious powers and even more desperate hopes. A scoundrel from the Freehold of Whitefall, the High King of the alyar and the last refugees from the home world of humanity find their paths torn towards the Imperial Capital of Ironcourt. In the hearts of all the races of Tavran, the result of the prince’s vain fight holds the key for a better, new age. No one suspects that it is merely a puny reflection of the real events about to transpire in the Imperial Capital.

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Frozen Flame

This is book 1 of ‘the War of Fire and Ice’ chronicles.

An old age is setting, a new age is dawning…

The world of Fire and Ice has been at each other’s throats for centuries. As new rulers rise to power, the peace that has barely lasted between the two, looks as if it’s ready to break. A deathly secret, found deep within Ice, may be the deciding factor to the vicious battle ahead.
Thorn, a powerful soldier with a dark past, has been captured. Vowing to keep a secret that may decide the world’s fate, he experiences pain and torment. However, when his family gets involves, he realizes his choices may endanger their lives.
As each ruler fights to achieve their wishes, and Thorn’s family become more and more at risk, the inevitable war fast approaches. Death approaches.
And sometimes death is the only answer.

Genre: Fantasy (Epic/High and Dark) - Romance, Mystery, Thriller etc.
Ongoing - 1 prologue, 46 chapters
I hope you take the time to check out my story! :blush:
Imagination, dreams and reality become one … Sylvia Shadow

Enter the world of Fire and Ice here

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Title : Ericverse

Author : JeffreyPalinJr

Link : ‪https://my.w.tt/M6wWdr7IN1

8 Chapters

Age Group: Teen and up

Genre : Fantasy, High Fantasy

Blurb : A guy named Eric gets to create his own world.

I hope you check it out, thanks.

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