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Daughters of Fate Book 1 (COMPLETE)

Daughters of Fate Book 2 (COMPLETE)

Daughters of Fate Book 3 Chapters 1 -2 Available NOW!


The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour. It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants. It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything.
It has to-date won twenty-two awards mostly for best fantasy, but also for best overall, humour, best female character, and special mentions for characters and character development.
It was also added to the reading lists of Wattpad’s official High-fantasy, Myths and Legends, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian & Apocalypse, Multicultural, and Adventure profiles.

Summary: Before everything, it’s assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the original conflict.
The planet Huom has been under observation for longer than should technically be possible. The primary watcher, a bitter black-hole, is excited to see that there is finally a proverbial Darkness at the end of the tunnel.
Meanwhile, in the freezing mountains of Empris, Lyeasrakardsul, the oldest living sorcerer suffers from devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — Herschel, a man filled to the brim with strange ideas is escaping a prison filled with strange old men.




A human shaman and healer returns from several years with the mysterious shyani, accompanied by her shapeshifting puma best friend. Back in human lands, the question arises: which world does she belong in?

The friend most important to Vixen in her previous life as a male student physician has come into possession of an old shyani book, and the more fanatical shyani and weyres will stop at nothing to reclaim it and punish Jared. Even though it means going back into the lowlands and facing Jared as a woman, she can’t bear to just look the other way. This should be a short visit, just long enough to see the book into the proper hands and make sure Jared will not be killed for having it, and then she can return to the shyani community that has accepted her as their shaman. And, of course, her feline best friend Dayr insists on coming with her.

But Jared is now a Lord, with considerable wealth and power, and his response to her presence isn’t one she expected. A new perspective born of a decade with the shyani collides uncomfortably with old fantasies evolved through two decades of life among humans. As an honoured guest in a highborn house, Vixen finds herself questioning where she belongs: with Dayr and the shyani, who accept her gender without question but have to make allowances for her differences, or with other humans, in the culture she grew up in even though revelation of her past would mean a major scandal?

Trigger warning: A flashback scene includes an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

This is a complete and edited novel, being shared here after release elsewhere, so the update schedule will be very fast.



In a world without magic, gods and their spirit-creatures live little-seen beside the everyday reality of humans. There are both rewards and challenges for those who become the adopted children of the moons, the few who are of the bloodline of the one woman who fled from the rest… and somewhere out there, the ones she fled from…

Five moons rise over Evanir, and each moon is also a god, one of five sisters. Long ago, they worked together to create a lineage of spirit-beings that were not born but transformed by the mingling of blood. They intended them to be long-lived and to draw their strength directly from the light of the moon who chose each individual. The sisters had different goals in mind - one wanted it to be a blessing for scholars and artists, to give them more time and fewer physical distractions; another wanted each to have an animal form, to keep them more in tune with nature so they could serve as guardians of the wilderness.

But, as always, it takes only one person to alter the tone of an entire group and twist it into a new direction… and it takes only one person to rebel, and start something entirely new…
Moonblood is a series of adventures, some only 3 or 4 chapters, some much longer. There are currently 9, being revised for release in three volumes. They tell the story of a core group of people, which grows slowly over time. Our core cast are directly connected to the moons and thus have various abilities.

New chapters Monday and Thursday.

As with all my work, Moonblood has LGBT+ content.


The Scrolls of Maybe:

CRIMSON QI: Completed and 100 chapters long of the Ancient China Saga Goodness!!!

Tien Lyn, an unlucky noblewoman, has to weather out political and magical maelstrom, in order to stay with her half-demonic lover. Her son, Xi, is a patriotic but cold magic prodigy. He struggles to forsake his ambitions, his first love, and even his humanity - all in the name of victory over the Demonic Horde.

They live in the accursed interesting times. Their ancestries are almost as complicated as their love lives. Ten thousand misfortunes, ten thousand sighs, ten thousand laughs - find it all in the scrolls of adventure and intrigue in the magic world of Tiandi.

Demons, Pirates, Faeries, Mages, one Fenghuang and a Dragon awaiting for you in the very end!

Crimson Qi https://www.wattpad.com/story/149542577-crimson-qi-completed




Ravien, a fighter, a renegade. The betrayed and the blessed is on the run from the people he called family once. Now, they hunt him for his powerful magic. While the mysterious Fox wants him to join their ranks or be killed. Can a man on the run ever find peace? His youth has been spent hiding in the shadows, but Ravien hopes to spend the rest of his life in the light.

Betrayals will cut deep, while new friendships and dreams will all be shattered in this tale.

This is a complete story.

Sorrow of the Wind


Title: Erivale: The Lost Princess

Description: Amberleigh had been recklessly traveling between realms for years (accidentally, of course) unsure of how or why she continually found herself in a world called Erivale. Stuck in a not so great situation in the human realm, she escapes by literally falling into Erivale once again - although this time is different.

A mysterious man traveling with a pack of wolves snatches her from the edge of death and claims to know her history. He also wants the bounty on her head. Leave it to the cold-blooded stranger to not so subtly breaks the news - Amberleigh was an Elf. Of course, it couldn’t just stop there; she was an Elven princess.

Cue adventures, sword battles, etiquette lessons, and magic Amberleigh will need all the help she can get to make it through. The world of Erivale isn’t as magical as it seems, and a mystery is unfolding - one that threatens Amberleigh’s life and the freedoms of those around her.

The Lost Princess is returning to Erivale, and no one, not even she, is ready for what is to come.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/209485124-erivale-the-lost-princess

Hello all, this is my first novel so I would appreciate any and all feedback as I continue on this journey, thank you!




Jaessa and her family part ways to go on their own adventures and so she sets off for the capital where she quickly realizes there are no friends but many enemies around every corner. Armed with only her words she tries to make a name for herself in the overpopulated city but the King has other ideas which may cost her and her friends their lives.

Across the barren lands of the Sansun, another King with a Crown of Fire is set on total dominion over the land whatever the cost. Neither family nor armies will stand in his way, for he has a weapon of legend.

Who will prevail in this conflict for the ultimate crown?

For fans of Game of Thrones (ASOIAF), Lord Of The Rings and (YA) Fantasy in general

Language/Content used is the same as in a PG-13 /R - rated movie.



Title: Restoration
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, etc
Subplot: Romance
Books: Trilogy
Status: Under Reconstruction

Book 1 has completely been reconstructed/ edited and is within its cleanest state. Roughly 100 parts, maybe slightly less. As such, it has been released and marked completed.


Power is something that is a double-edged sword. It can do much good, but at the same time cause much destruction. Maria, who was once whole, and lived with pride and honor is now in two. One half good, and the other half evil. Both reflections of Maria herself. Now bound to the weaker half, under the name of Cyra, she aims to right the wrong that has been comitted. Though what wrong could that be? Will she succeed? Or will her enemies?

“Even though my intentions were good, that is but an excuse. Such an action is unforgivable…”

“My other half…when will you cease this pointless resistance, and join me to become whole once again?”

“I will no longer live in your shadow, Maria!”

Now a fierce battle begins. What will be unraveled of Maria’s past? Why does her evil half despise her? All of this may be answered.

It’s a trilogy, and all books are connected.

Order of timeline goes

Restoration: Cursed Memories —> Restoration: The Great War—> Restoration—> Night of the Blood Moon

Order of Books

Restoration —> Restoration: Cursed Memories—> Restoration: The Great War—> Night of the Blood Moon

(Night of the Blood Moon is the new installment to the series, and is completely released)

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181681302-restoration


Three Broken Kingdoms


No.1 in the Lost Continent series. Updates every couple of days.

Three Kingdoms on the brink. A war on the horizon.

In the Lost Continent, three races are forever divided: valkyries, elves and humans…

For as long as anyone can remember, tensions between the three have been high and war has always been on the horizon. Indeed, a mere thirty years ago the valkyries and elves tore each other apart in the name of vengeance, each side blaming the other for the deaths of their goddesses. But now as the Empress of Kallias and ruler of all humankind turns to the North, valkyries and elves will have to fight to survive against a threat unlike any they’ve seen before…

War. Love. Hate. Betrayal. Duty. Fate. Revenge. Magic. And above all, power.

Blood will be spilt. Dreams will be crushed. Vengeance will be had.

Three Kingdoms on the brink. Only one will survive the War of Flame and Shadow.




Humanity has fallen. Dark forces plague the Earth in search of the heirs of the Elemental Seraphim. Their goal: to unleash the Fallen God, Kaldaron from his infernal prison. It’s up to the young generation of warriors to rise to the challenge and bring new hope to their dying world.


A Queen’s Will (SoT Book 0.5)

Queen's Will cover

For centuries, the Mer have suffered from Llyr’s Affliction, a deadly infection brought on by the God of Sea. The Affliction only affected Mer that lived amongst Llyr’s territories, causing their once beautiful appearances to distort into deranged monstrosities. The pandemic has caused the Mer population to drastically decline and pit family member against family member.

Queen Raina is determined to bring an end to the Affliction and stop Llyr’s relentless punishment against her people even if that means her death.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/187593361-a-queen's-will-book-0-5-the-secrets-of-tarot

A Celestial Requiem (SoT Book 1)

2019 WATTYS WINNER, completed

“A Celestial Requiem” tells the story of a young woman, Mingxia, who lives in Shangzihua, an impoverished village that lies on the outskirts of Wuzhen. Ever since she was a child, she experienced nothing but distrust and hostility. They knew she wasn’t human and they were fearful of her capabilities.

Mingxia tries to quietly live out her life in the shadows as an herbalist to show the villagers that she can bring about a positive change, but fate won’t allow her. She’s tormented with dreams of a mysterious woman and a prophecy about the Tarot that she is expected to fulfill.

To make matters even more complicated, the Crown Prince enters her life and she can’t help but feel a strong, unbreakable connection to him. Mingxia must struggle with her feelings for the Crown Prince and her identity all while coming to terms with a prophecy that could jeopardize the future of the realm of Naestrirea and its mythical inhabitants.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/161267751-a-celestial-requiem-book-1-the-secrets-of-tarot



While falling in love with the prince she has vowed to slay, Princess Eralis must learn to stand up for herself and those she loves. Fighting through betrayals and backstabbing allies at every turn, will Princess Eralis finally find her fairytale ending?


Some people think princesses have everything. They are beautiful, confident, and favored by all. But, Princess Eralis doesn’t feel like your cliché princess at all. She is the Princess of the Light Kingdom, yet she has the dark powers of her enemy. At every Royal event, she is shunned by everyone, her parents pressure her to be someone she’s not, all while trying to save her broken Kingdom amid a war.
But, when she accidentally catches a mysterious shadow prince lurking around her room, she is whisked away to a world where she can finally fit in. The only problem is, the prince that she has started to form feelings for, is the ruler of the Kingdom she has vowed to slay. She knows (thinks) the prince loves her…but is he willing to choose love over his Kingdom and end the war? Most importantly, if her parents found out…she’ll never be able to be herself again.




LINK https://www.wattpad.com/803378105-limerence-prologue
Username @Careless_Whisper
Genre Fantasy

“Time and space have always been and will always be linear.” He begins in a hushed tone, his slow strides cracking the tree bark under their feet as they walk along its giant edge reaching far above the city.

“It’s always creating new vibrations of existence between all of us,” he continues slowly, leading her down the enormous branch, it’s height familiar to him.

She gulps her fear and doesn’t look down.

He points to the world beneath their feet, “on this continuous, linear existence. Isn’t it safe to say that THIS is it?” and presents her the place she never dreamed would exist, yet here it is right under her nose.

“What do you mean?” She whispers, a lump seeming to form in her throat.

“This is the beginning of the end, Chloe,” he softly traces his long thumb along her cheek bone and up to her ear, an unwelcoming sensation that makes her want to puke.

“You are the only one that can bridge the gap.”

His venom, red eyes form spits as he stares at her, “you can connect us all.”


Everyone assumes that they are born into the life they live because it’s circumstantial, unplanned, and chaotic, like most normal people.

Chloe never questioned her life, until a total stranger abducts her for ominous reasons, and shows her that there is more to this realm than meets the eyes.

On the run, Chloe must come to terms with her origins and fight for a destiny that was planned for her all along, both the good and the evil.

The blood of the worlds rests on her back, and she needs to know why.

Follow Chloe’s journey as she discovers her true purpose in this [science fiction/ fantasy/ supernatural/ thriller]

[Began September 10th, 2019 | Ongoing]

Highest Rankings Achieved:

|#57 New | Jan 10th, 2020|
|#1 ForbiddenLove | dec 30th, 2019|
|#4 FantasyAdventure | nov 9th, 2019|



A tale of magic, dragons, kidnappings, stars, past and present, and a little dragon girl named Brightheart. She grew up under the care of a dragon, but when Rustblade is attacked by another dragon she must go to learn magic at the castle. The headmaster, a knight, tells her about the were-creatures and dark dragon who made her life the way it is. Some of her friends are kidnapped. She goes to rescue them, and she joins the war of the were-creatures so she can return home to Rustblade’s cave.

(updated every Sunday)


Dear Readers!
Did you enjoy Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen? Are you looking for another fix to sate your desire to flee away into a far away land for an eternity? A sprawling world, aged thousands of eons, shaped by minds too similar to our own and governed by imperfect hearts. Do not worry, there are many such worlds, but this one is calling out to you! It always needs more souls to fuel its existence. Beyond the Void is the first part of an epic/dark fantasy world inspired by Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen and Japanese media such as Berserk, Claymore and Dark Souls.



Beyond the Void is the beginning point where stories of many worlds long gone and worlds yet to be born begin to unravel. Cycle after cycle has passed and countless more are ahead, and this one burns the brightest of them all.

A dreary age has lasted far too long and torpor has seeped deep into the hearts across the continent of Tavran. All races pray for change and golden ages of the past but they have no strength to bring it about. Neither does anyone have the strength to accept the truths and turbulent power about to be unveiled.

The prince of the Eternal Empire of Tavran desperately attempts to reclaim the legacy of his predecessors. This struggle for dominance draws in other souls, cursed by vicious powers and even more desperate hopes. A scoundrel from the Freehold of Whitefall, the High King of the alyar and the last refugees from the home world of humanity find their paths torn towards the Imperial Capital of Ironcourt. In the hearts of all the races of Tavran, the result of the prince’s vain fight holds the key for a better, new age. No one suspects that it is merely a puny reflection of the real events about to transpire in the Imperial Capital.


Silly Little Castle

In the part of the world known as the Bay of Sorrows, two great powers, Aupana and Sellexu, are on the brink of war. Foxes is charged with delaying the Sellexun invasion by holding the last forgotten border fort between these two ancient enemies. But Foxes has been raised to know that the war between two human armies isn’t the end game and that there is an unseen power that threatens more than nations.

For these things, and more, Foxes is driven to seek out the truth of the encroaching threats and expose them to the light of day. In the process, she drags her friends and new found allies along with her, in an attempt to save their world from the threats that loom.


Title: Humans and Monsters: Pride and Wing

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/39041295-humans-and-monsters-pride-and-wing

Blurb: A story divided from two sides. On one, obviously humans; the other, monsters. They live separately, far away from each other. They are different, neither know of the others’ existence. However, a tale will be told upon two individuals.

Their story will be met with peril, safety, security and loss. They may only stay locally, someday abroad. They may go to where their equipment varied wildly from their own. Are these individuals will be meeting in peace? War? We may never know.


TASK flower cover

Never trust a survivor until you find out how they survived.

After two Great Wars in Fiore, millions died to Shalar; A weapon made and utilized by the Demon Kingdom, Ethstetica. Long after being hurt by those he trusted and allegedly losing those he loved, he met Ki’Ana, the Second Demon Princess. He decided to abandon his past life and dedicate himself to protecting her, unaware of the threats he could bring upon her.

But, Ki’Ana has issues of her own, and a blessing bestowed upon her by the universe has become a curse she struggles to bear. All is not what it seems, and the pair must determine who they can trust.

Slowly, conflict is conjured by violent acts, causing for measly arguments to turn into unnecessary fights. Humans, demons, angels, elves, spirits and even Gods become insatiable as their hunger for power rises. They begin to go to extreme measures to fulfil their ill intentions, ruining Fiore’s hard-earned peace.

With the pair now plunged into lives of deceit, blood-thirst and greed, the winds of destiny will hit them like a storm.



Zanarkin Rune

The world of Zanarkin once flourished through six living crystals that brought life and retained powerful magics. From the majestic high elves to the mountain dwarves, many races became ruthless, greedy, and fought over the crystals for their power. War broke out and in the end, the crystals paid the ultimate price and died. Leaving the world to slowly wilt into oblivion.

Sage Loxley, a skilled archer & loyal servant, framed for the murder of the royal elf family of Altessa and his own kin is forced into ostracism for the rest of his life…until he met her.

A beautiful mysterious stranger belonging to a race that had rumored to go extinct long ago. Together with a young elf prince and a drunken dwarf chef, they set out on a quest to save a friend and discovered a rare phenomenon that could ultimately save the world.

…A seventh living crystal.