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Fantasy | Romance | Adventure

When Taly was only six years old, a horrific fire swept through her village, stealing away her home, her family, and every memory of her previous life. Fifteen years later, she finds herself living on Tempris, a derelict island on the fringes of the once-mighty fey empire. Living as a human among a race of powerful and immortal mages, Taly is treated as barely more than an animal. They even have a name for her kind: shardless.

Still, Taly considers herself lucky. Taken in by a prominent fey lord, she’s lived a comfortable life. But when an accidental brush with magic causes her to see things - ghostly apparitions that give her small glimpses into the future - she quickly finds herself in a very dangerous situation. The Sanctorum has returned to the island, executing anyone showing signs of time magic. If they find her, they’ll kill her… and anyone that tries to protect her.

Fearing discovery, Taly leaves home, abandoning her old life and everyone in it. It’s just too bad her best friend refuses to let her go… And despite the risk, Taly finds that she doesn’t really want him to.

Now Taly’s life is about to change again. An ancient evil is rising - with its eyes set on conquering Tempris. In the face of this new threat, will Taly be able to keep her secret? Or will she be forced to face her fears in order to save the people she cares about?


His hands moved down to cradle her neck. “I only have one request if you’re going to keep me in suspense all day long.”

“What’s that?” The movement of her lips drew his eyes down.

“Let me kiss you again?”

That voice, breathy and low, set Taly’s heart racing. His lips twitched at the corners – he could hear it. Now that he could use his magic, he knew exactly the kind of effect he was having on her. But he didn’t move. He waited.

Her choice. She set the pace.

Taking a shaky breath, she jerked her head. Yes.





On her coming of age day Arwyn learns she has to marry in order to become Queen. Wanting to marry out of love she runs away, dragging her best friend along with her. Their world is turned upside down when an old elf asks them for a favor. Arwyn never thought doing something kind would throw her into the most dangerous and exciting adventure of her life. Soon, she finds herself in a race against time when she starts to unravel the secrets and mysteries of her homeland: Alorne.

Read Alorne here!


Title: Dragon Heart

Best friends and dragon leaders Bella and Kelly get more than they bargained for when a rescue mission goes wrong. Accompanied by a shady apprentice they journey together to meet long-lost family and wonders not from this world on a perilous question to find a hidden, ancient prophecy in the form of a poem that could either fix everything- or break it. Will they find it in time to bring back the light?
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Athena is a young princess heir to the Kingdom of Baldev with only her grandmother, The Queen left beside her. She is set to be one of the most powerful queens in the entire six kingdoms. Will the Kingdom of Baldev, the Kingdom of Gabor, the Kingdom of Apollo and the Kingdom of Zale remain at peace for another century, or will others delight of land and conquering result into war? And what if Athena’s scandals and arising tense relationships impact her succession and her reign as Queen? What will come in her way; war, romance or both?

The Reign of Athena is a fantasy novel which involves the historical context of the realm, allowing the readers to have an insight into the fictional world. To ensure the readers have a clear understanding of the realm, a fictional geographical map of the kingdoms is provided in the beginning chapter.

All Rights Reserved ©

This story is ongoing.




“If you’ve decided reading this journal was a good idea, you’re either incredibly brave or you must be riding the short bus right now.”

In the Kingdom of Alysia, a mildly unhinged-Templar by the name of Helix Maestro Blackwyrm does what he does best. You may be asking ‘what is it he does best’? Well, he excels at handling -almost- every problem that arises in a clear and concise way without improvising or almost getting himself killed, (And that’s on his good days.) Along with his group of equally-unhinged friends, Helix deals with all manner of problems. Naturally, he decided writing some of his various excursions down was a brilliant idea. If you enjoy a good old fashioned fantasy read with just a hint of madness added in, then this story will be your bread and butter,


https://www.wattpad.com/story/173144914-the-blackwyrm-chronicles-2-my-little-campaign-of (Work in progress)

"You doubt my powers?"

“Nope, you’re just too stupid to realize that I’m gonna kick your ass.”

The Blackwyrm Chronicles continues with its second installation. After the events of the previous journal, our friendly neighborhood Templar has been busy exterminating pesky demons. Slowly but surely, Helix and co. are drawn into another adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. If you enjoyed journal one, you won’t regret continuing the series.


image https://a.wattpad.com/cover/4268267-352-k898407.jpg

Acacia doesn’t like to kill. She knows how to fight when the need arises, but never before has the need truly arose. She lives a quiet life with her family and paintbrushes, away from the dangers that come with being the sole Black Mark. A mark that designates her as someone who could bring back the Dragons, control all four elements, and bring peace to a world run by a corrupt king, a manipulative queen, and a prince known for murdering entire towns via his father’s legion of Vampires for the smallest of crimes.

After learning of the Prophecy at an early age-a Prophecy left by the Dragons, foretelling of six lead by one bearing the Black Mark, before the Dragons entered into their mountains never to be heard from again-she wanted to ignore it; she’d rather pretend that one day she would wake up and it would have disappeared from her arm, than accept that her life might not be hers to control. However, when Prince Atius shows up in her small town with an army in tow looking for her, she must make a decision. Stay and risk her family’s lives or leave with Kane, a man she was engaged to, and accept her place in the Prophecy.

No one can make her become the savior Myriad so desperately needs. It’s a choice she must make on her own. But does accepting her destiny within the Prophecy really mean sacrificing her freedom? Or is there something more important to gain through acceptance?

**A new chapter is posted every Friday: https://www.wattpad.com/story/4268267-the-marks-saga-the-blue-mark-book-one


A Celestial Requiem


“A Celestial Requiem” tells the story of a young woman, Mingxia, who lives in Shangzihua, an impoverished village that lies on the outskirts of Wuzhen. Ever since she was a child, she learned nothing but distrust and hostility. They knew she wasn’t human and they were fearful of her capabilities.

Mingxia tries to quietly live out her life in the shadows as an herbalist to show the villagers that she can bring about a positive change, but fate won’t allow her. She’s tormented with dreams of a mysterious woman and a prophecy about the Tarot that she is expected to fulfill.

To make matters even more complicated, the Crown Prince enters her life and she can’t help but feel a strong, unbreakable connection to him. Mingxia must struggle with her feelings for the Crown Prince and her identity all while coming to terms with a prophecy that could jeopardize the future of the realm of Naestrirea and its mythical inhabitants.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/161267751-a-celestial-requiem
New chapter posted on Saturday~



❖ A runaway with nothing to complain about flies about feeling bored, until a tyrant who was supposed to by lying low starts doing things again. Things both interesting and unnerving.

❖ A social butterfly, delighted by the chance to meet new friends, returns to a place of both fond memory and mystery. She has never let it hold her back that her species was supposed to have died out three hundred years ago.

❖ When a great forest burns, a traitor’s child is swept south by the waters of a flooded river. The landscape in which he finds himself - in fact, the entire world he lives in - is in the process of changing rapidly for the worse… and nobody knows why.

When the three cross paths in a forest none of them call home, they stick together. Two kinds of winter are advancing and survival is an art form. It is not immediately clear that their stories, and the ominous changes around them, might be connected.

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It’s 1861 in a far off world that is about to be torn apart by war. The Lithin Empire has conquered nearly everything, and a stubborn rebel known as Diann with a dark past, a scarred wannabe-philosopher, and a fugitive noble, are all that stand between the empire and the last free kingdom. Along with a healer, a messenger, and a stuttering ambassador, they’re determined to stop the empire.
But in the capital, the heir to the throne, named Kygrima, is struggling to stop her own mother from destroying the fragile empire her father has built. She’s aided by a trusted guard, a very odd noble, and her mentor, but she feels more alone than ever.
The execution of one of Diann’s closest friends sets in motion a chain of events that lead from a rebellion to a revolution, and eventually to all-out war. Betrayals and plot twists lie at every corner, secrets litter the path to success, and magic and gods constantly appear. Diann and Kygrima know only one of them can win, but will it be the empress or the rebel? And what will be the cost be? For, if there’s anything they both know, it’s that everything has a price.



The Melting Crown

Cel’s the daughter of a tyrant king. When her father is murdered, she inherits his curse, a coal-black spot on her back that will slowly consume her body. Before she seeks revenge for her father’s death, she must follow his trail of breadcrumbs to the cure. But even two years after she went into hiding, presumed dead by her enemies, she might be recognized. The last thing she needs is to blow her cover, because even Candle Magic, which allows her to control the minds of others, will not be enough to defeat Astalia’s army or the new royal family, if they find out she survived.

Asexual Main Character. Revenge Fantasy. Professional character art included with chapters. Updates Daily.



Heirs of War

The heirs to three kingdoms inherit not only the thrones but also their parents’ prejudices and wars. As Luka-the second son to the king of Arlos-struggles to decide which battles are worth fighting and which blood feuds are justified, the bitter past unravels itself. Already one kingdom has crumbled. While war brews between the two that remain, even the deepest of his loyalties come into question.



Decription: Feral beasts from the long desolate Kerthal Waste slip north into civilization. The banners of the Talons have been raised for the first time in six hundred years. The Cult of Sharian grows in great numbers. An enigmatic bard befriends a pair of siblings and reveals to them wonders they never could have dreamed of seeing. These separate events draw unlike people closer and together will unknowingly decide whether the fragile realm will finally be mended or broken.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/157959256-his-champion's-gifts-book-1-on-paths-of-crimson

Wattys 2018 Shortlister MOONRISE Fire isn't all that brings light in the darkness. When an advanced alien race appeared and stormed the skies, the world learned that it wasn't alone among the stars. And when celestial dragons slid across the heavens to defend the planet, the world finally believed that gods existed. Only twenty years have passed since the aliens were forced to retreat. The dragon gods have since disintegrated to dust. In their absence, Maeyune Ereni strives to continue their responsibility--to protect all life as the moon dragon's chosen warrior. Trained to fight since the first days she could walk, nothing will stop her from defeating her next enemy. But succeeding will prove rather difficult if her supposed ally--the dangerous and defiant sun warrior--kills her first. Top Tags: sciencefantasy #1 epic #5 sun #1 moon #12 strongfemalecharacter #1 Author's Profile Story's Profile


The Mad Queen

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Ascension fatidica

De los barrios bajos surge un asesino de reyes, el cual es el único con poder para cambiar las cosas, en un mundo donde la realeza tiene inmortalidad, poderes mágicos y físicos conferidos por esta. Aprovechándose de esta inmortalidad muchos reyes han pasado a ser dictadores y Atlas, el asesino de reyes, ha decidido derrocarlos.


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Ghosts | Magic | Intrigue | Romance

In a world where the powerful “reap” the lives of the vulnerable, Catirna Elkela is the Whitemaiden—a healer with the once-in-a-generation gift of healing death itself.

For twenty-five years she’s been in hiding, fleeing from heretics who would corrupt her power and use it to reap lives, rather than restore them. But Catirna has made a terrible mistake…one that has shattered her life, stolen her gift, and taken most of her loved ones with it.

When her adopted sister Alruna contracts a deadly curse, Catirna must resurrect her lost gift in order to save her—but it isn’t until she’s abducted by the heretic powers themselves that she discovers the curse’s true origin, and that the key to its healing lies deep in the past she refuses to face.

For the ghosts of the past have not been laid to rest, and one ghost in particular appears to be very much alive…

Rated Mature for violence and moderate sexual themes.

Later that night—after a long, unbroken silence, as both she and Alruna slept on their mats—Catirna dreamed of Partirix, the prophet who had chosen her.

He stood across from her in the font, his red prophet’s cloak draped over one arm. Between them stood the large godwell full of water from the Holy Spring, water for sewing together the body and the soul—water for smoothing the frays and seams of one’s hava, the binding force of all that lived. Partirix reached down toward one of the side-pools of the godwell and scooped up a floating candle. His eyes lifted to Catirna’s as he rose again, candle in hand. Deep blue eyes. She focused in on the shape of his lips, the curve of his nose, sensual and familiar.

His lips parted—he was begging something of her now, but she couldn’t hear him. Behind him appeared the moonlit forest, a mound of earth, then an open door, where he stood on the threshold of the old hill-cabin, holding out his name-vial, begging her into the shadows…



The Trials of Telassar: The Throne of Roquar

Book One of The Trials of Telassar trilogy.

Eighteen years ago, Zana and Prince Saurec killed King Quar of Roquar and ruled in his stead. Sixteen years after Saurec’s death, Zana has reigned by herself. There are four years left before the throne officially becomes hers. The only way she can be stopped is by one of Quar’s grandchildren claiming the throne of Roquar.

But are there any heirs left to confront Zana?

Five Stars – Barnes and Noble



The Trials of Telassar: The Rogue’s Apprentice

Book Two of The Trials of Telassar trilogy.

As war with Roquar edges closer and the Black Plague continues to decrease the Riverquoian population, King Gillan begins to search for allies. His ambassadorial team travels to the other countries of Halan, looking for aid. But the voyage brings old memories to light that Stride Emberlas would rather have remained forgotten, and the truth about his heritage begins to be revealed.

The rougish bounty hunter that was hired to fight against Zana has a startling announcement to make that will change the future of Halan. Kena Cheyin will need help.

Someone will have to become the Rogue’s apprentice.




The Gate Keeper

The Gate, the one thing stopping an ancient evil returning to the realm of Veridun. The Key, the one thing that could ever unlock it.

When the Key is stolen, Nyal Belthorne, a powerful warlock who only ever wanted to help people, must team up with the Gate Keeper, a demigod determined to get the Key back, no matter the cost. As they travel the realm they learn secrets about the history of Veridun and the gods that created it, all in a rush to retrieve the Key before the Gate is unlocked, and Veridun is thrown into peril.

This book is completed