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In a world where people are divided in four different kingdoms,one representing each element, balance is important.But when one element is altered,it sucks the life out of the remaining.

Rivalry will result into love,and love will be the cause of great destruction.One innocent girl will find herself caught in a trap that will make her the most feared being to ever walk that earth,as the betrayal she endures will be the eye of the storm.Loving the wrong person does come at a cost.

From one thing comes another and the problem has ancient roots.The real sinners stay hidden as they move the pawns and their greed for world domination heightens.Three down,one to go.Who has lost and who’s left to lose?


The Sun’s Tears

King Ardam united all humans in Ligtland under his name in a series of bloody wars. Princess Aebbé of Ardam, haunted by memories of a flash of lightning and burning flesh, became a First Rank Healer of Ligtland by studying under the elves. She returns to her home amidst a seemingly hopeless war. But all is not as it seems, and the greatest danger to Ardamland may be from within.

Khairrim Cadeyrn, the Second of the Council, protects countless secrets. As Lord of Water and Elves, he knows what happened to the dragons, what lead to the Sixth of the Council’s betrayal and murder of the Seventh of the Council, and the dark secrets to King Ardam’s successful conquests. His biggest secret is the one his family, The Council, and Ligtland must never discover.

Princess Laelia Darkwood of Elderlight of the Elves needs to find her path. Sometimes in order to find your path you have to get lost; sometimes you need to build the path; and sometimes your path is destined to lead you to places and people you never knew you lost.


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This is a book me and my friend @Wildwolf708 are writing together and I would love for anyone who is interested to read it it’s on my account on wattpad and I would really appreciate your comments and thoughts on what I can do to make it better.

Isabella has a horrible background in the foster system as everyone she ever loved was taken away from her. After Isabella lost her brother she found that she had the power to leave the horrible world she lived in behind her as she entered that fantasy world of books.


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A Darkening Honor

A daughter’s search for her father. A brother’s quest for revenge. A soldier’s faltering loyalty.

Lydian is the daughter of the Dreambender, a man with the ability to alter reality and pull things from his dreams, who has gone missing from their island home.

Alexei was never meant to be the crown prince. As the third son of a war-embittered king, he was raised and trained to lead the race of men in the Eternal War, and defend his land from the demons and their Darkened who would seek to take it from them.

Callum is a soldier in the king’s army who dreams of a world without war. Meeting a strange island girl leads him to believe his dreams might be possible, but his secrets have the power to change the course of the war- and the world.



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The world’s Monolith is dying and she calls upon what’s left of her distant relatives to come help her get to her final resting place where her she can finally be with her husband. Unfortunately, Sven Sarcanis is a youthful scholar who could only be threatened by his grandfather to help her out in the lieu of doing research. He assumes this will be a boring research trip with an old woman from an era long past will at least be something to brag to his companions about after she’s gone. This trip just got a lot more complicated than he bargained for.


the Dragon Emperor

The continent of Varlaurea, so vast and beautiful with its many tales and legends. Tales of gods and monsters, and tales of ancient heroes, tales of their adventures and marvelous deeds. And this is one of such tale, that I had learn in my journey through this continent, tales of a revere legendary figure from the kingdom of Aulacia, an emperor. Emperor Suk Lam, the second emperor of the Varlann empire, the so called "Dragon Emperor", "the son of dragon."

from "A Journey to Varlaurea" by Chickknight Greenleaf

chapter 4 "myths and legends of Varlaurea"


Fantasy | Adventure | Angst | Romance

You ever felt like life just wasn’t worth living? But you don’t actually wanna die just yet? You’re born into this world just to work. If you don’t work, you die. But you can’t live if you’re always working to survive. So really, was there a point to being born at all?

Vincent Nightone is yours under average young college student. Doesn’t amount to anything. Has no talent, skill and never picked up a hobby. He never went through anything amazing, and nothing terribly tragic. Every single aspect of him and his life is boringly average. He was like a blank canvas.

He was probably the most surprised out of everyone when he realize he had woken up to a whole other world of pure imagination and fantasy. Determined not to bore up this brand new life of his, Vincent sets out on an adventure in hopes his journeys are worth a read at the very least.

The lad stared blankly.

His denial was getting just a tad hard to hold onto. He opened his mouth, slightly tilted his head towards her but his eyes kept focused on the flower—waiting for it to happen again.

“Julissa. You are?”

His widen blue eyes made contact with her, his mouth still agape. “… V… Vincent… Nightone—didyoujust?”

“Questions are limited.” the blonde interjected. “So. I would choose what you decide to ask of me… very carefully.”

That felt like a threat. Vincent took a breath, trying to understand what was happening. “Where am I?”

“Depends on how detailed you want me to be,” she replied.

Well, that already wasn’t a good sign.



From the moment they were born, those strange twins were meant to be together. However, they’re born in a dark cave where the law of the strongest reigns. Will they be able to survive together? Who is this stranger and why does he seem to have a grudge against them? When they finally manage to escape, they have to find a way to defeat him before he kills them. One fate, one heart; in those savage lands, no one will ever be able to separate them, except maybe Death.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163739149-twin-hearts
Status: Ongoing (21 chapters)
Rating: Mature


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