Erotic Book Club (E.B.C) - We welcome you!



You’re suppose to write a 50,000 word novella in a month, or more specifically work toward it. Basically the idea is to get writing.


50,000?? Oh wow :sweat_smile: I’m happy if I manage to write 10,000


Yea I know the feeling, that I was able to get 23,000 words feels quite strange for me. I wrote that one book mostly because: I had an emotional investment in finishing it.


Hmmm… Writing it has never made me self-conscious. I can see how it can though for others, writing about… that. Smut fucks me up though. I feel 12 writing that, so I would never write “smut” … I mean the real literal stuff. LOL.


I mean I guess it’s all in how it’s done. Because I’m revising a novella that is essentially about an American family of “La Guillotine Famille”, the old guard passing it to the new, there is probably going to be a lot that I’ll need to overcome in writing it.:stuck_out_tongue:


And I still can’t get over “Kingdom Cum” … L m a o. I just love creative people.


Thy Kingdom Cum, how glarts taste in a porn novel’s mouth-hole I guess.


It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is suppose to push you towards writing a full novel length story. I think there are prizes but this will be my first year. Most people are already prepping for it. I’m not much of a planner though I feel like I should. Last time I gave myself a month deadline and an 80k goal I hit it but I also had a much clearer vision for my story. This one I feel like I should plan more to be productive and meet the goal.


Hey lovely, you can still join the book club if you wish to. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

It’s Friday and your reviews are due for the weeks selection: When Love is My Cancer.

Please PM them to GoddessV.

Today is also open discussion on the selection so feel free to share your thoughts.

Thanks to @jaymadeliene for letting us review your work. It’s not easy to take criticism on your baby but hopefully these critiques will help you grow as a writer and storyteller.


How is everyone doing? Are you guys finding the book club enjoyable?


I am enjoying the book club! Turns out I kinda like giving constructive criticism. Also it is exposing me to works I wouldn’t otherwise read on my own, and expanding my horizons is good for me.


I agree with that! Especially the part about reading books that I wouldn’t normally read! :smile:


@Medula-Oblongata @LillyMHenderson That’s great guys! I want you guys to have fun. :slight_smile:


Going to see when I have time. My Gothic Romance ranked first in the LiteraryFiction tag again.


Congrats! Mine never ranks first. The closest I have is number 6 for the book club.


I seem to be in this situation where it seems like my most “popular”–I hate using the term myself, as the word popular conveys football players, cheerleaders, other kinds of jocks, and preps–seems to be my Short fiction with historical elements. Not sure I’d jump the gun to say I’m meant for historical fiction, but I find it interesting.


Either way you’re getting exposure, which is great!


I think it’s fun to see the different writing styles and how they are used in different ways and purposes. The first two selections have been so different and unique. I’m loving it so far.


Hopefully we can keep it going. :smiley: