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@BriannaRoseC would you be willing to make a cover for her?


Yeah I can. Just need some information and details.


Hi, please message @BriannaRoseC with the details for your cover. :slight_smile:


omg you guys are such lifesavers


They are all helpful here.
This group is awesome. :wink:


I have a concept idea and a title its called what lies between us


Message me so we can talk more about the cover and concept. I love helping and making covers. I am not a professional but I can make nom-minimalistic covers.


Who wrote Temper Deference I want to start reading it


The details of the next book will be posted today. Once I’m home, you should get the update. :slight_smile:


That would be Lila-Mina


Happy Friday!

Please get your reviews for Twisted Desires to me by the end of Saturday.

The next book on the list is Temper Deference by @Lila-Mina that is due two weeks from today.

December is a light month, only one new book, so that people can catch up on our past six reads if they have missed any. Remember if you don’t review someone’s book they are not obligated to review yours.

We will also be posting a writing prompt contest in which I will be donating a $10 Amazon gift card to the winner that will be announced in January. You have all month to write your entry.

Any questions or concerns please contact either me or Vee. Or find us on the LINE app.


The next book to be read has been posted for you guys have a look. Thanks to everyone who has read my book and whose given in their reviews to Clarity. She will be giving them to me over the weekend. I look foward to reading it. :smiley:


wooohooo! I’m so pumped AND pretty scared now :smiley:

@GoddessV @ClarityNMercy I realized that I didn’t provide trigger warnings. If you check the book chapter you made for Temper, I added a couple of them in the comments. Feel free to update the description if you want to.


that would be little ol’ me! I hope you enjoy it.


Omg! I almost forgot. The writing contest for the month!

So, you can write any kind of one-shot you like with a winter holiday theme (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, you get the jist). Max 2500 words. You can use existing characters if you like. Can’t be something written for a previous contest.

Turn it in to me by the 31st of the month. Either though a google doc or link to the story on WP.


HI! everyone there are still a lot of spots for mature romance in this contest if anyone if interested.


Here is my story: It is titled a Mean Girl Christmas.

Let me know if this isn’t where I am supposed to post it. Thanks.


I should have specified to direct message me but it’s okay.


Sorry about that and thank you.


It’s all right :smiley: